Revealing the “Troublemakers” in a Tradeoff Deal for the Next Parliament Elections.

The Title speaks for itself. Do we need to say more?

A staunch PBB member who doubles up as a political analyst in local politics talked to us and he said,’there are many aspiring YB wannabees and detractors who are putting their names just to create confusion also very much hell bent to gain political mileage by defaming and giving false reports to improve their very own image for their own selfish agendas.

Do they care too much for the Commander in Chief and CM Sarawak who will be going for his maiden outing?

To me, he said they act more like Vultures trying to gain some meat which will benefit themselves.

So we asked further who in question is trying to create all these unnecessary scenarios? The mass media has unearthed a delicate and troublesome situation which has made PBB members in the area vociferously denying the intended PRS replacement and it has up the ante for the support to the Incumbent Assemblyman.

Do you know he further reiterated that he was informed that the PBB Chairman in question is now VILIFIED plus completely DISTRUSTED by his own members.

1.Why would he betray his own party in PBB for PRS ?

2.Wonder what would have happened to him if this is not the local political scenario?

3.In Reality could he be used intentionally to shake the ground?

When he checked his sources on the ground he was made to understand that it seems that a politician with a Hidden Deep Pockets even though who was soundly defeated at the last General elections is still trying to stir the ground and springboard himself for another chance to be considered again.

Political Perception will create rumours and PBB members will not be taken for Fools. They all know WHO HE IS and it is better for him to stop and to fight the enemy outside and not within.

This is exactly like the quote he said,”“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

The tipping point according to the locals is that it was totally unnecessary for PRS to be involved. The rumours are spreading like wildfire and it has created more than fireworks.

This has come about even after PBB Vice President and Tourism and Sports Minister in Abang Joharis cabinet Datuk Karim Hamzah in a recent interview with an Online Portal,”There should not be such things as “traditional seats” as all rights remains with the people of Sarawak.”



So why has the local PRS coalition partner suddenly decided to name someone who is not from PBB or PDP to be considered for the seat in DUN Pakan.

Is the Incumbent Assemblyman not winnable one might ask?

This assessment below would be suffice to inform the coalition and party hierarchy that the present incumbent has really worked the ground ever since 2016 where he won marginally by 416 votes from his previous high of 1197.

1.GPS will be all the better for Mawan to be retained as candidate FOR PRN12 as he is a proven entity and a political fighter who will deliver the seat to the Ruling GPS coalition.

2.Certainly,there will be others who would want to throw their hat to be chosen and replace the incumbent but PRN12 being the maiden election for GPS it will be foolhardy to do so.

3.The incumbent assemblyman has been doing his ground campaigning,assessed the landscape and have been relentless in countering the opposition moves to ensure he as the incumbent YB from GPS will still be represented in this constituency and will not allow the opposition to gain a foothold.

4. The incumbent has delivered most of his projects he has promised to the people and the CM was impressed even by the development and very well constructed road system in his official visit on the 23rd July 2020 to Pakan.

5.When he chose PBB to be the party of his choice when he won as a direct BN candidate the incumbent today can proudly claim to have won over many Teachers,Headmasters, Tuai rumahs,Penghulus,JKKK’s and Women Bureaus who were not too friendly towards the Coalition prior to 2016.

The PBB member said lets recall that the Direct candidates with 11 new seats on offer for 2016 elections have a choice to choose a party of their choice when and if they are elected as an assemblyman.

The incumbent assemblyman together with five(5) other assembly persons in Datuk Gerawat Gala(Mulu) Rosey Yunus (Bekenu) Paulus Palu Gumbang (Batu Danau) John IIus (Bukit Semuja) and Miro Simuh (Serembu) applied to join PBB in 2016.

PBB appointed Mawan as SupremeCouncil ex officio member on November 3rd 2018.

One must be reminded that the coalition party presidents and members present were present and were unison in agreement that the elected representatives can choose the party of the choice.

The evidence is there for all to see. PBB prior to the appointment has only 939 registered members and today it is a very strong entity locally with over 5702 members.

Surely,over 5702 members are not willing to give up the seat just for someone to make a trade off.

Could this trade off work one may ask. It has motivated them to deal.

We in PRS support PDP to wrestle the seat back from PBB. PDP will assist PRS in its quest to wrestle back the lost seat of Julau Parliamentary which is now in the hands of PKR. The infighting within the coalition in the area affected PRS greatly and they were unseated.

The time is now for a trade off and the ground has reverberated and now is the right and ripe time to make their moves to ensure PBB is dislodge and not even considered.

Isn’t this Perfect timing?

However,they have forgotten that PBB will not take things easily when their incumbent is being attacked in this move giving the opposition ammunition to use against the GPS coalition.

A phone call was made to the incumbent assemblyman who is as always on the ground and he said,'”Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones and remember the commander in chief in his maiden election will want to win most seats comfortably.

The PBB staunch supporter has this to say when we ended our conversation and reminded PRS that they lost 3 out of the 6 seats in their last outing GE14. That’s 50% and just concentrate on your present State seats instead of trying to Trade-Off .

These words used by Karim Hamzah Vice President in PBB will long be remembered by the wannabees in the run up to PRN12,”IF YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING,YOU DONT DESERVE TO BE A CANDIDATE THERE AND YOUR PARTY DONT DESERVE TO BE THERE.”

Lets continue to #staysafe and #uniteagainstcovid19 and follow the Standard Operating procedures.