No Quarantine the Cause of Spike in Numbers of Positive Cases

Sarawak Positive #Covid19 cases is well under control as the Sarawak GOvernment through Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has kept a tight leash on the Mandatory Quarantine on arrivals from Sabah. Other Foreign Nationals were also not excepted from this ruling.

The Pandemic is into its 3rd Wave and Sarawak’s policy as per Professor Dr. Datuk Seri Sim Kui Hian who is also the Minister of Local Government and Housing has not changed.

Sarawakians will feel relieved that the Sarawak Government and SDMC has exerted its powers to exercise a tight control.

Extracted from an internet portal with thanks

PENINSULAR Malaysia may not be facing a new wave of Covid-19 infections now if they had adopted Sarawak’s policy – requiring all arrivals from Sabah to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine.

Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian said since September, the state had imposed the mandatory quarantine for those returning and coming from Sabah.

“If West Malaysia had been following Sarawak, (to have) compulsory hotel quarantine for anyone from Sabah in September, probably there will be no such outbreak,” he wrote on his Facebook.

Dr Sim said the policy to enter Sarawak will not change despite Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba saying that those who returning from Sabah will no longer have to go through the mandatory 14-day quarantine and only required to do a swab test three days before departing.

Dr Adham said the decision was made by the National Security Council after seeing the number of Covid-19 cases in Sabah dropping over the last few weeks.

According to Dr Sim, the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) acting chairman Tan Sri James Masing had said the SOPs to enter Sarawak will remain the same, whereby all arrivals from other states and countries must undergo the 14-day quarantine at designated centres and hotels.

He said Sarawak is surrounded was Covid-19 ring of fire from West Malaysia, Sabah and Kalimantan and this was the only way to keep Sarawak safe.

“We will continue to exercise our immigration autonomy power and will not follow the West Malaysia policy,” he said.

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