Sarawak Bloggers Lead, Aid Welcomed…”

In the aftermath of the Japanese Sendai Tsunami,foreign aid are quickly coming to assist their fellow humankind. Its good says a Japanese spokesman but they ‘outsiders” don’t know the country well and they only need to aid us while we lead to make the victims lifes better and help them in our own ways.This was what we heard from one of the television stations.

Even the USS Ronald Reegan has been sent by the US government to assist in the aid of the Japanese people in their hour of need. audie61 and the crew in our prayers are with the families of those who losts lives and have their homes completely devastated.

Our article today will be devastating to some while others might be rubbing their hands with happiness. Our dinner last night with Adenan Satem with a number of Peninsular bloggers was an eye opener. The minister told the bloggers that we need to know the history before we ‘spin’ or get excited by writing articles. In addition you need to know the geography of the country. 

Sarawak is a vast country with as many as 27 ethnic races and the whole peninsular Malaysia can fit in nicely into the state. Though our population is small around 2.7 million as compared to the Peninsular Malaysia the state has a total land area of 124,450 square kilometer. For the information of those outside the state the major cities are Kuching and Miri while the smaller towns are Sibu,Limbang,Bintulu,Samarahan,Bau,Lundu,Serian,Simunjan.Betong,Sri Aman,Kanowit,Song,Mukah,Tatau,limbang,lawas etc.etc. 

Many bloggers who are not from Sarawak don’t even know where the hell these places are. Some who have been here and done business in this state might just know the towns mention but some might not even know where Ulu Telian is.

Do you know where..??

Point No.1 goes to sarawak bloggers to lead. They know their topography and their landscape.

In the past few months there has been an influx of Peninsular bloggers from the BN and also from Pakatan group who have been seen moving in and out of Kuching. There has also been a number of workshops,seminars gearing the new third force “new media” to get themselves ready for the State Elections. 

 Pakatan group has enlisted professionals in the industry who are more than capable BN Sarawak boys of running for cover. Thier websites like Hornbill Unleashed,Dayaknation,dayakbaru and their ever growing usage of facebook to filter the necessary information down is very crucial.

 Point 2 for Sarawak Bloggers to lead. Sarawak component parties in PBB.SUPP,PRS and SPDP has given a green light to start a BN Sarawak UMB to counter the allegations,accusations,and other untrue local stories which has appeared in the Sarawak blogsphere. Appropriate measures of getting the proper organisational struture is in place and is slowly being unleashed and will be full blown at the mosts appropriate time.

 The Presidents of the party has even given the letters to the Prime Minister Najib Razak that the party has endorsed fully their names and their part in the cyberwar.

Don’t tell me now,the Presidents of the 4 sarawak component parties don’t know what they are doing. Are you doubting them..? Or I say, you do want to head the UMB for the respective party but unfortunately you have been overlooked…hmmm (They have all signed their letters to approve the appointments)

The Head of the UMB Sarawak by consensus has been given by the three UMB component heads to be under Aziz Adenan who is also the head of UMB PBB. There has been many unkind words of unpleasantness and there has been voices that some of his team are being poisoned to work elsewhere. A posting in this article will ultimately kill their lifeline off and they will curse audie61 till the end of their days. They know who they are and it doesn’t need an expert to point out their URL. They have even sent emails to a government agency who themselves think that the UMB BN Sarawak is headed in the wrong direction under the UMB head.

Even now they are so many pro peninsular BN bloggers poisoning each other and some has even reached the shores of Sarawak. An article by spin and lies) has left a bad taste in our mouth that is UMB BN Sarawak.

We have never doubted the leadership of Aziz Adenan and we will send him for roasting if he is not fighting for Sarawak rights in the blogsphere. Many know what the PM Najib has said in the SUPP rally that he will assist and the UMB BN Sarawak is putting together a team to engage the opposition Pakatan.

audie61 has even put out a few feelers in our articles,”Show us the money” which are directed to the ruling component parties that we need assistance too in terms of allocations.

The bloggers cannot think and fight on EMPTY STOMACHS. Can you now…?? They need to be taken care of and when their needs are being looked after their minds will be very clear to engage in the political  cyberwarfare. They always say,” An empty stomach means an empty mind”  You are agreeing with me right…!!

Point No3 Sarawak Bloggers to lead..Federal issues are not so hot in Sarawak. Local issues are the ones which will be fought in the hinterlands/longhouses/villages of Sarawak. Peninsular bloggers who were here last night talked so much about who have they taken down and how they do it.

Their unknowing arrogance is not something that Sarawak bloggers will take kindly on and if their attitude of these bloggers are not checked it will be very detrimental to the State component parties. Believe me….!!!!

The UMB Sarawak bloggers under Aziz will be able to lead Sarawak as our bloggers know how to engage in Iban,bidayuh,local sarawak malay,melanau and othe r languages which the peninsular bloggers will find it difficult. They are welcomed to assist and aid but they too need to know the meaning of AID. Please check……  

Point No4 Sarawak Bloggers to lead.. Who knows better than the component parties bloggers. Peninsular bloggers dont know where SPDP N69 Batu Danau YB is from do they..? They need to read up the area and they will not know how to come to the area unless asssited by the party boys or the agencies that require them. The point is that the component parties bloggers under the UMB BN Sarawak flag will know better what and how their YBs needs help.

In a recent meeeting with the relevant authorities and think tanks the Sarawak UMB team has been told in so many words that they will lead the battle and the rests will only aid. Pakatan bloggers are also relying on their local counterparts to give them information so that the news will filter to ground zero. UMB BN Sarawak welcome all the help that is offered but we need to be cruel to be kind and when the battle is firecely fought the outside bloggers needs to understand that we are not sidelining them.

A blogger even cheekily said that at the dinner unknowingly “the by election in Sibu the machinery of the SUPP team was not as expected.” SUPP knows their weaknesses and they are rectifying it and Najib has promised assistance and maybe ‘someone” smelt the “colours of money and try to capitalise on their weaknesses.

The Chief Political secretary to CM said,” bloggers need to write with passion and soul” and if they are in for the money only in the short term they will not be recognised by the component parties as an integral part of the communications and information bureau arm of the parties concerned. Blogs are not meant only during times of confrontation or blogwar but also useful to pass information to their divisions and cawangans/cabangs whatever names they are in their respective party constitutions.

That above is Point No5 Sarawak Bloggers to lead.. “Sarawak bloggers will have the soul to write.

Point No6 Sarawak Bloggers to lead.. There has been too many different versions of bloggers from Peninsular accusing each other of some management and monetary issues. We are not accusing anyone but the fact of the matter is that Sarawak bloggers dissatisfation are well under control by their respective party UMB heads.

We do not want to be dragged into their issues as such and PM Najib and CM Taib knows what is going on. The component Sarawak party leaders in George Chan,James Masing and William Mawan are also well informed and they are watching closely at all this unfolding in front of their eyes.

The UMB BN Sarawak was mooted to give the chance to every aspiring party members to fight for their parties concerned in their constituency and also to assist the BN Sarawak in totality. There is not much time left for infighting within BN Sarawak bloggers and UMB BN Sarawak calls on their BN Peninsular counterparts to respect the wishes and respect we give them but please do not overstep your welcome.

We try as much as possible to be accomodating but when the line is crossed without respect shown we will still be nice but the extend of our niceties will be felt. Our UMB BN chief has put his foot down and please show some respect as the Party Presidents have.

 Don’t listen to wild rumours and audie61 will not for once support him if  we cannot work with him and if he is does not show respect to the other component parties within Barisan National Sarawak.

 Our final word is “lets work together for the betterment of the State and the country as a whole. You know who we are now and please come through the proper channel to have a piece of the action in Sarawak blogsphere.

Any more Points needed…????


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22 thoughts on “Sarawak Bloggers Lead, Aid Welcomed…”

  1. Blogger King says:

    Nice, simple n PEDAS. Tapi BRO ur writing is in Omputeh. Do u think those blogger from west Malaysia Paham? Later they thought u praise them. Worry diaorang tak paham u cakap apa. Ask UMB BN to translate in Bahasa or better still bring them naik bot panjang jangan nak enjoy or aim our local girl saja

  2. Sebanaku2u says:

    Is true what Blogger King said. Nice, Simple and PEDAS. You really fight for all the Blogger BN Sarawak !!!!!!! Bravo. Wah this time what YB Fadillah said to fight the right enemy really inspire you Young Man. Bantai mereka! Bantai not Hentai ok. Have a pleasant weekend. Here raining make Sebanaku2u wanna to sleep first. Maybe later ada idea to write Spicy Article. This one is not yet Spicy enough…….

  3. sarawakiana says:

    These malayan bloggers shouild stay home. Sarawakians good enough and i should say better. They know how o speak Iban or any other dayak language. Stay where you are and dont waste our time.

  4. zainuddin says:

    PKR bloggers anytime will make mince meat out of the BN cybertroopers. They are rubbish and Sarawak should not welcome such shitty rubbish an irrelevant good for nothing scums.

  5. beritamu says:

    Pada pendapat saya peperangan cyber di antara BN dan PR di swak bukan satu perkara yang serious.Dengan siaran yang luas dan menckupi seperti TV,radio,media cetak ,BN sebenarnya tidak perlu bimbang.

  6. peninsular blogger says:

    Wah…so cocky la u all ha…good2. If u all so good…why issues not rebutted properly in the new media. Aziz father = old skool…does sarawak nothing!

  7. abuya says:

    setakat yg saya kenal aziz adenan pula ,saya yakin tulisan ini adalah tulisan aziz dan diminta audie61 siarkan (kambing hitam). ada beberapa ayat dalam tulisan ini adalah ayat yg biasa digunakan oleh aziz sepanjang saya mengenalinya.

    aziz sejenis manusia yg terlebih sudu dari kuah dan ada gaya ala-ala kj dan pak lah.

    semua org tahu aziz dah mulakan satu gerakan utk mengangkat bapanya sebagai CM. aziz cuba gunakan blogger2 utk bunuh karier politik org lain yang blh mengancam bapanya. itu pasal dia nak kawal semua sarawakian blogger.

    sekiranya berlaku perpecahan antara blogger2 kesalahan perlu diletakan kpd aziz. dia yang mulakan segalanya.

    kalau aziz benar2 seorang ketua yg bertanggungjawab dia sepatutnya panggil semua dan bincang. bukannya menulis dgn secara terbuka begini dan cuba wujudkan garis pemisah antara blogger semenanjung dan blogger sarawak.

    selamat maju jaya kepada aziz. teruskan usaha dan kempen utk mengangkat adenan sebagai cm

  8. paska says:

    Good Evening everbody… Bravo to Audie… Defending our Sarawak Blogger… All the UMNO, PKR,DAP and PAS better you all thing at Semenanjung only…. We here all the blogger ready to serve Barisan Nasional for this PRU13… Campaign for country not for money… Tidur rumah tanam jagung sahaja…

    Keep it up Audie.. We all support you!!!!!! Live PBB and Barisan Nasional!!!!

  9. rimau atas kerusi says:

    As we approach a critical time in our State’s history, we have to remind ourselves that it’s not so much about our ‘role’ as it is about our ‘goal’. I read that somewhere, once. But I think it applies to our current situation. The Malaya bloggers are a class above our Sarawak bloggers at this point in time. It’s a fact. They started first, so that means they got off the blocks first. And as far as I can see, their command of English and/or Bahasa Malaysia is also above average. It’s also a fact that even though we can match them in terms of the latest technology or digital trickery, it’s the all-important low-tech factor of producing riveting and mouth-watering content that makes them the formidable political force that they’ve shown themselves to be. Of course, having a journalistic background doesn’t hurt either.
    I do agree with you though that Sarawak BN’s bloggers need to take the lead, but it doesn’t have to be in the context of the relationship with bloggers from Malaya. If our bloggers really write with passion and soul, then that alone should provide our bloggers with a sense of belief in their own abilities to take the leadership role.
    As for me, I’m fascinated with a little website called Sarawak Report. It is a highly-organised, highly-focused machine that also has above average content developers. When it comes to spinning, I have to tip my hat off to this little website. And like the Malaya bloggers, this little London-based website doesn’t preach to the choir either.
    Hopefully, we can have a little website of our own to spin the spin of this little website, while avoiding a massive headache in the process.

  10. Papa Gomo says:

    isy…. bro audi?? terasa aku……huhuhu……

    kita dari semenanjung nak membantu BN Sarawak, lain niat tak pernah ada pun. Harap u All di UMB BN Sarawak jangan syak wasangka terhadap kami Blogger dari semenanjung ini. Perjuangan kami untuk kemenangan BN dan tidak lebih dari itu.

    Kami pun di Sememanjung tidak tahu di panggil untuk membantu UMB BN Sarawak ataupun tidak, kalau di jemput maka kami akan hadir. Jika tak di jemput kami bantu sahaja dari semenanjung.

    Harap jelas.

    Untuk Komen

    sarawakiana says:
    March 13, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    These malayan bloggers shouild stay home. Sarawakians good enough and i should say better. They know how o speak Iban or any other dayak language. Stay where you are and dont waste our time.

    We all Blogger From Sememanjung cuba membantu UMB BN Sarawak dalam memenangkan BN Sarawak pada PRU in. Jika di jemput kami datang jika tidak maka tidak lah. kami menghormati Negeri Sarawak dan rakyatnya. Harap jelas dan Faham.

    • beritamu says:

      Apakah pandangan Papa Gomo terhadap nasihat para” pimipin BN,Sarawak “keapda rakyat agar jangan percaya kepada bloggers yang merupakan pembohong besar masa kini menulis tanpa fakta-fakta dan bukti.Atapun dengan ayat dalam bahasa Ibans yang berbunyi ” Jako Bloggers Diatu kelalu Bula “.Diambil dari kenyataan Alfred Jabu,Timabalan Ketua Minster Sarawak.Nemu nuan ari Laut

  11. duit says:

    To be a good blogger you mesti friendly either both pembangkan atau kerajaan. Unit media ni pun satu, Aziz lah, Faizal lah, ini budak budak pbb,prs,supp,spdp banyak boleh buat benda yg lebih baik dari mereka ni.. ini semua pasal mau duit.
    terima kasih

  12. beritamu says:

    Most of the BN leaders have lambasted and criticised bloggers,categorising most of them as great liars disseminating news,allegations,speculations and rumours irresponsibly . Constantly, they advise Rakyat not to trust or believe what they obtained or read from these blogs.As today,why is BN so desperate to set special unit so called” BN cybertroopers ” with doubtful allocations to encounter attacks and accusations made by irresponsible group,PR supporters in cyberspace.Taib,James Masing and Jabu collectivlely agreed that ” Jako enggau berita Bloogers diatu kelalu bula ” Thus, to me BN is so worry and concern what is going on in cyberspace at the moment .For this reason, many of our YBs dont even bother to have their own blogs and other means of electronic contacts.Similarly, All Swak BN component dont have proper and up-to-date websites

  13. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: Sarawakians should form their own Good n Caring Government by their own Peoples Power 3rd force or new party n not under this RACIST + USELESS CORRUPTED to the anus B-eNd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON THEM!!! :roll:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  14. Mata Kuching says:

    Pakatan should include in its manifestos to cancel the imposition of 10% sale tax on 4-Ds sold in Sarawak as the tax imposed by the BN state government was never been properly accounted for and that no such tax was imposed in West Malaysia.

  15. Mata Kuching says:

    Calling all Christians from all nooks and corners of Sarawak and Sabah to kick out the UMNO controlled BN for overstepping its authority and misused its political power and mandate to oppress and suppress the Christians.

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Bishop of the Malacca-Johor Diocese, Paul Tan, has decried the impoundments of the Al-Kitab as an outright violation of religious freedom.

    Thirty-five thousand copies of the Bahasa Malaysia version of the New Testament were impounded by Customs at Port Klang and in Kuching in March 2009 despite government assurances that the Malay-language bible would be permitted.

    The Al-Kitab is used mainly by Christians in Sabah and Sarawak.

    In a statement today, Bishop Paul Tan slammed the detention of the thousands of bibles at Port Klang and Kuching as a “flagrant example of the hypocrisy of people who treat the 1Malaysia concept as a vote-winning slogan rather than as a platform on which to unify the people.”

    “The action is a violation of the fundamental right of freedom of religion which is guaranteed under the Federal Constitution and is espoused by Pope Benedict XVI as a right that protects the dignity of the human person and his or her freedom of conscience,” he said.

    Last week the home ministry denied allegations that it had confiscated 5,000 copies of the Al-Kitab imported from Indonesia.

    The ministry instead explained that the bibles were refused entry into the country because the shipment didn’t fulfill the ministry’s requirements. A letter of refusal dated June 26, 2010 was sent to the importer but the cargo has yet to be claimed.

    The ‘Allah’ issue

    The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship has accused the ministry of acting on its own accord in detaining the bibles as the cabinet has already approved the release of the consignment.

    The detention of bibles is based on a 1986 government ban on the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslims. This word, however, has been used for decades by Christians in Borneo.

    The “Allah” issue flared up in late 2009 after a High Court decision to allow the Catholic publication, Herald, to use the word in its English and Bahasa Malaysia editions.

    The home ministry has appealed the decision but until today, no date has been set for the appeal to be heard.

    “The Catholic Church together with the Christian leaders of the country at the Kuching Declaration will not retract its decision made in 1989 not to relinquish its right to use the word ‘Allah’ in its rituals of prayer and worship, and the dissemination of its teachings to the faithful,” said Tan.

    “This right is grounded on history, etymology and now by secular jurisprudence. We respectfully ask for its recognition by authorities that they match deed to word as otherwise sloganeering becomes mere posturing, and words become platitudes.”

  16. RichBoxII says:

    On thing is sure, BN Cyber Troopers, if you care to really see their blogs is all mostly very crude and they register names similar to Pro-PR Bloggers to confue people. That is the level of intelligence that I notice. This is the trend that is rampant as generally people who work in the civil service are rejects from the private sector.

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