Pakatan Harapan and Those Hungry for Power.. Malaysians will say for now”Don’t Go Breaking MY Hearts…!!”

Elton John and Kiki Dee will be singing to you, “DONT GO BREAKING MY HEARTS……!!!!”

We can condemn, we can be disillusioned, we can be unhappy, we can counter, we can be unsatisfied, we can be angry and the lists will go on.

But in all truth and reality what the Prime Minister of Malaysia Muhydddin Yassin and his cabinet plus his advisors have done must be commended on the action of the “EMERGENCY”

There will be naysayers in the public domain who will say we are polishing some “B%&*S” but most Malaysians will deep down be grateful that “extreme politiking” on grabbing power must stop during the upsurge of #COVID19 cases in Malaysia.

Many Malaysians are more concern of putting food on the table for their families and their overall safety.

This is not the time to be overally clever as some are like “DR.GOOGLE” who can have answers to everything.

Sorry, the social media platform must not be utilized to spread all the nonsensical statements on how the PM of Malaysia wrongly advised his Majesty the King on the IMPLEMENTATION OF THE EMERGENCY till August 1st 2021.

We can debate and have all our legal views but MALAYSIAN LIVES MATTERS as per the people who are in the Administrating the Country.

The Opposition and those who have a bone to pick with PM Malaysia had their chances to “oust him and his cabinet” but due to their political ignorance and over Politiking they missed their chances during the ‘Tabling of the Budget”

Enough is Enough and let us in audie61 BE BLUNT and RUTHLESS to say to them,”If it affects their love ones than they will WAKE UP TO THE REALITIES OF THE BRUTALNESS OF #COVID19″

Do we want to see DEATHS at our doorsteps?

Malaysians of all races, religions, culture want the Government to try to stop the spread of the Pandemic and Godwilling the vaccine when its introduced will curb the “deadly feeling”

There are so many articles and statements dished out like Buffet spread in the political battlefield and Malaysians for now are fedup as the #COVID19 and the FLOOD WATERS are of major concerns.

Its not about who will be the Prime Minister at PUTRAJAYA for now.

The King have declared the “EMERGENCY” and let us all as True Malaysians work together to help each other during this Pressing times.

We hope and pray that we will all do that and let us leave the politiking when the situation eases.

To that we hope that the Almighty Creator will Bless Us ALL.

Some of the articles which has irked many in the public domain are listed below:-

  6. Plead with King to revoke emergency, Anwar tells MPs (

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