Anwar..Now 916″BO..HONG”~ Malaysiakini

There is always a difference between “A full tank and a halftank.” In this Malaysiakini report which has Sin Chew Daily: We did no wrong. The editor in chief has also come up in support of the reporter while to us Ahmad has made a call to see the PM and DPM for a closed door meeting today at 12.40pm at PutraJaya. Even the Army chief has come out to put a stop to this stirring up of racial sentiments. To us in our earlier report we have said,”ENOUGH and STOP IT..!!”

Let the matter rests and let the BN find solutions to solve all its problems. Ahmad even said this,” The most important thing now is national security.” So we say maturity in this difficult circumstances will overide all adversities. Both Sin Chiew and Ahmad are FULL TANKS and the noises should stop now. It’s better as nobody benefits if Harmony and Tension DETERIORATES.

As I was having my evening meal with my friends from UMNO Sarawak, they said to me,”Don’t you think Anwar is BOHONG on his 916 concept. Question is Why..? First its 4 MPs, then Jeffrey Kitingan came with 13 after his win at Permatang Pauh, then the lists shown as 42, PKR Chief of Sarawak  Dominique even said Pakatan Rakyat coalition could now count on more that 40 MPs to cross over from Barisan Nasional in his earlier press conference on 3rd september. Now they say they have 32 gone down as most of them have “Jetset and Hijacked” to Taiwan. Its all TIN TALK and HALF FULL for all of us to believe. Of course I would love to see Anwar looking in my eyes and say,” Audie do you believe me now.” No need even See Chee How PKR legal advisor will tell me ,”I told you so….”

You know I would say at least we have written about it from “Lompat Jauh,Triple Jump,Submarine volcano’ etc etc. Another joke in Hocken language as we know that in Malay “BOHONG” means Lie. However in Hockien as my UMNO friend puts it laughing loudly when told BO means “NO.. HONG means WIND’. So now 916 is no wind or another one interjected BOH the tea brand ONG strong..Anwar everyone is either too stress or worried that you might pull out a Rabbit from the Hat but while we are having our Berbuka Puasa now, its NOWIND and STRONGTEA.  

Its has been a stressful day for all and there are no hard feelings as we have taken words to destress the wonderful day God has given to us in Malaysia. We just hope that there will be many more days like this in Malaysia and as Anwar likes to say,”A NEW DAWN” while Pak Lah will say THANK YOU BN.

22 thoughts on “Anwar..Now 916″BO..HONG”~ Malaysiakini

  1. Simon Heng says:

    Simon thinks Anwar’s Sept 16 is not happening but I wonder why BN is so jittery about it. So much so BN has to send it’s MP away on lawatan – tak perlu – belajar.

    Anwar bohong or not? I do not know but I sure know certain people are peeing in their pants. They should understand it’s only money and power, we cannot take these two to our graves.

  2. Queen Isabella says:

    Great story. You make me laugh. been reading your articles vey imaginative and creative writing. keep it up. Like the 1016,1116 amd 1216. good one

  3. john boy says:

    Enough of all the half tank talk. We in Sabah also had enough of Jeffrey’s 13 MPs crossing over. Mana? sudah pergi Taiwan bah..

  4. Adam & The Ants says:

    And ask the Malays in the opposition to come out in defence of their non-Malay brothers and sisters and warn the Umno Malays, in no uncertain terms, that they take to the streets at the risk of facing fellow Malays from the opposition who will defend their non-Malay brethren to the last drop of their blood. I, for one, am ready to stand by my Chinese and Indian comrades. So let Umno be warned.




  5. hostage88 says:

    The last laugh is usually reserved.

    I love to see the end and look into a lot of critics eyes.

    At the end of the day, it boils down to seeing hypocrites in action.

  6. Jon Good says:

    Enought is dear frends. What we want is something NEW & Moving Forward to happen. But Wait….so far no happening. Is it going to happen soon or just a matter of TIME???
    Ha..ha…life goes on. BMW ..Best Man Win..

  7. MG Sekaran says:

    nice blog….funny….needs lateral thinking….I want an alternative…at the right time…I do not have a hang up about 916…those are numbers….provided it is not in 2010!….

  8. hadi says:

    Who say 16 September is a bluff? 6 days from now we will cross the line. The battlefield is set and the target is Putra Jaya. First diversion to Taiwan and will remain there on call for reinforcement. Psywar will continue with CHANGE as the battle cry using cyber blogs as agent of change. Time to be notified on receiving the password “crossover”. Win or lose the exit strategy is keep calm as Rakyat is the boss. So Malaysians have fun and make dunno je.

  9. chong wan hing says:

    With most of the BN MPs away on 16th of Sept. I have my doubts on the crossover as claimed by Anwar. Maybe he is shitting in his pants now and thinking very hard about the next move. I hope I am wrong in my assumption and pray that I am wrong.

  10. PeoplePower says:

    For all the Pakatan Rakyat supporters,

    Many sign shows that the 13th General Election will be coming very soon.

    Do you ever wonder why the Ahmad issue can drag for so long and keep on be the headlines in the Main Stream Media which control by BeeNd?

    The Ahmad case is one of the sign for UMNO to woo for Malay voters and MCA & Gerakan to woo for Chinese voters.

    The UMNO Supreme Council will meeting tomorrow to discuss the punishment on Ahmad.
    But the outcome is very clear! Ahmad will be either suspended or sack by UMNO.
    Ahmad is just a chess for UMNO to letgo but inreturn to woo for Malays supports.

    Then the MCA and Gerakan can proudly tell the Chinese community that they had successfully voice out to UMNO about the racial issue. They are no longer the ‘Yes Man’. So the Chinese community will have different view on them from now on.
    And UMNO had take action to it member to show to Chinese community UMNO is not a racist party.

    On the other hand, the UMNO will also take this issue as a warning to the Malay community that the Malay must stay united inorder to remain strong!

    Pls tell others don’t be fool and fall into the trap set by BeeNd govt on this sandiwara.

    Once there is a defection regardless on 16th Sept or later, BeeNd govt will dismiss the Parlimen.
    For the state govt control by PR, most likely will not follow.
    That will be great as we can concerntrate on all the parlimen seats.
    We want to make dorah bodohwi and najis loss their seats this time round.


  11. Anwar Supporter says:

    Audie61, like your posts, is make me great for a day for some of your posting here, but nevertheless believe me one thing ” anwar will have many more 916 to go” just like i say i will have lot more 916 to go. 916 for 2008, 916 for 2009, 916 for 2010, 916……….

    but please do not under estimate the power of anwar and the people’s power the “WIND of change”. 916 will come in another 10 days, the political situation will change or not is still lot of ???????? .

    Will all the best to Anwar, his supporter and Pakatan Rakyat.

  12. Liamsi says:

    Issue of MP form Sabah & Sarawak crossover is just a diversion, who knows out of the blue Pak Lah and the Gang crossover. Right now he is being force to step down from within UMNO and the support of 13 UMNO division in Pulau Pinang show that they are not with Pak Lah

  13. Anwar Supporter says:

    Dulani’s Blood, All i know is during Anwar as DPM & finance Minister Fuel price stay at RM1.10. Now AAB as PM and finance minister Fuel price is RM 2.55

    who is outstanding to your knowledge?

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