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916 is supposed to be the “GREATEST EVENT” for some in Malaysia’s history when the Federal government changes “SHIRT”. Short of saying,”Taken over.” Anwar who seems to be throwing stones at the window frames of Putra Jaya and has also added in the ‘kitchen sink’ wants to negotiate now. When there is a call for a meeting of top officials as reported by Malaysiakini portal and agreed by Pakatan Rakyat leadership council which requested Anwar to meet the Prime Minister it augurs well for the country.

I have often said that the country does not need uncertainty and unstability. We have legislators from both houses and there are all,”Peoples Representatives” and Malaysia needs you to chart her future instead of too much politiking. 916 was conceptualise by the opposition to rattle the government and as much as they want to deny it,”It worked” To me 916 was a cleverly thought out “POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT” like COCA COLA’S  1969 slogan inplanted in ones brain “IT’S THE REAL THING”

These two statements by Anwar if its to be dissected and analyse carries with it a strong political message,”

  1. It’s about the future direction of this country without specifically speaking about the transition.”
  2. The priority is political stability. It’s not an issue of deferring, we have the number to move and we will move according to the mandate.


To us its the Aftermath of 916 which everyone will turn to. That window of oppurtunity which Yong Teck Lee likes to call it closes and I couldn’t agree more. Aftermath is an agricultural term meaning the grass growing after the first cut of hay. No wonder the BN MPs were shipped of to “Taiwan” says my niece of 12 years old as she interjected in our conversation of the agricultural study trip. Must be Aftermath..! Yea Aftermath..! You are correct,you are correct. It is very clear that even at dinner table this “916” is being discussed.  

Abdullah did say a couple of weeks ago that the BN will not just crumble under the onslaught of opposition calls for a change and peoples power to take over during September 16th 2008. If I may quote from a local daily in which Datuk Amar James Wong as a delegate to the Malaysia Solidarity Consultative Committee that this is the date ‘SARAWAK gain independence” Anwar uses this date to entice the people of Sarawak and Sabah to say,”this is the day MALAYSIA was formed.” It has been politicised says the former Sarawak Cabinet Minister who is now 86 years of age but he played a pioneering role in Malaysia’s formation and placing the nation in the eyes of the world. With his wittiness and bagful of useful phrases and proverbs he sees 916 as a stepping stone where the line is being drawn for a Equitable Malaysia.

If and when Anwar does meet PM it will obviously be after 916. Imagine this scenario and it might just happen,” I’m sure PM will say to Anwar “916” was brilliant and you had me working overtime.I’m still here and lets see what you have to say now that its the Aftermath. You still want to come out with another concept and programme. ” Ada Lagi Kah..? ”

Abdullah might suggest this to Anwar ” GE 13″ Stabilty is ensured and the ISA arrests is stopped and we are both happy. You are afterall like you say Anwar “Prime Minister In Waiting” -Tunggu lah GE13″. All is well for Malaysia and lets shake on that and you play your role as opposition to check and balance the government while I administer the country to the bests of my ability. Fair Anwar and Lets take a picture for the Press boys. Headlines,”Malaysia Political Uncertainty Lifted”

This will be good for the country and foreign investors,stock exchange,tourists cancellations to Malaysia will be renegotiated, the effect to the economy will be tremendous and the confidence and morale of the people will be noticeable. UMNO,GERAKAN,MCA, will have their General assemblies and all political parties will engineer their houses together for only one thing,”WIN THE PEOPLE OVER TO PUT THEM AS PARLIAMENTARIANS OR LEGISLATORS IN THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS”

If its so simple I will not be writing this article for you. Politics is afterall the “ART OF INFLUENCING OTHERS.” It’s never been less interesting in Malaysian politics and also so called local Sarawak scene.


Take Parti Rakyat Sarawak. my party for that matter. We have been embroiled in POWER STRUGGLES for over 2years and though the ROS as stated in Malaysiakini’s report,” the Masing faction has claimed victory over the rival faction, and a recent Registrar of Societies’ official reply in response to the department’s show-cause letter has given the party the reprieve.” Meanwhile Larry Sng 29-year-old assistant minister still maintains his position of not recognising rival Dr James Masing as the party leader but he also wants his supporters to carry on their struggle until victory is achieved.

Where is this heading too? What is the aftermath of all this? Obviously there are many who want to say enough and we want a “HOME”. They are so “Afraid” and ‘Selfish” if they can’t even compromise and get to the Bottom of the TRUTH. I want to write but it will be a whole book. Its a simple message to me. 

ROS recognises,the State and Federal government recognises what else is there? The truth James is the President as all adminstative matters concerning party matters from the State and Federal are channelled through him and we need to instill in our minds that the battle we went into has been won by James. Even Taib CM and his uncle Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakub after 20 years of not seeing eye to eye hugged and made up. Why..? It’s for political stability and its very matured politiking which ” Harvard ” doesn’t even teach.

Now Anwar wants to meet Abdullah. Good signs don’t you think. Even my 27 year PRS Batu Lintang Divisional Secretary Priscilla ak.June ( picture orange shawl far left) said to me last night,”Bila Boss kita balik rumah.? She added ,”PRS belongs to the people who joins the party for its aims and objectives as much as DAP,PKR ,UMNO,PAS,MCA,PBS,LDP,Gerakan,PBB etc to their followers.”

Political situation has won over adminstrative and constitutional matters and ROS will not want to prolong this case but will hope the parties concern just take it for now and if there is a COURT CASE to be taken up by the injured party it will take years. 

I always say there is a cut off period and the aftermath to some is the hardest thing to swallow and it will be like a lump on their throats.  Anwar would point to a whole lot of events that has happened which has derailed his “916 Concept” Abdullah has also made his defence and Anwar will just have to lick his wounds and soldier on to the next battle that is”GE13″

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17 thoughts on “The Aftermath…”916″ ~ Malaysiakini

  1. cinta Malaysia says:

    The problem is, Sabah and Sarawak politicians are so decimated that they are no longer coherent in so far as the Federal leaders are concerned.Both states for the last 45 years have been clamoring for increase in oil royalty to spur the development in the two states and their rights to govern independently without the barnacles of the Federal politicians.
    Here we are presented with all what we want on a plate by Pakatan….i see foolishness in us not taking the chance!

  2. evelyn says:

    916 Brilliant I must say as it has woken up the whole country. PRS too much infighting better join PKR or DAP. Anwar and Abdullah meets OK but there must be a transition shake hand too right. 2 years for Najib but Anwar will say i give you two months hahaha

  3. zainal says:

    Keadilan not giving up the pursuit. We have been derailed by BN going to Taiwan. They say take the money vote for Keadilan. We will come into power GE13 in two months time. Najib wait for your turn.

  4. palani says:

    We will all ensure that Pakatan will take over soon and if the KING decides we will have GE13. Good then we will wipe them all out once and for all. BN will CRY……..

  5. Eugene yee says:

    True what you say the aftermath of 916. I enjoy your logical thinking. There has been too much politiking and I for one has had enough of it. Get it over and done with and we know if there is another need for a general election we then fight it out. If not get the country back on track.

  6. bondoun says:

    Somehow I still don’t believe 916 is going to ring true, but there’s a lot of huff and puff still going on. And after the recent move by BN to punish the messenger, that’s it for me. The criminal is being let go without much of a punishment … what is going on here.

    Najib heard the ceramah and should be held liable for not putting a stop to it right there and then. That is the problem with our leader … I hope we can get on with GE13 and move on with new respectable and caring government!

  7. khalib says:

    Probably “916” is the right catalyst for a great shift of our mindsets.We may be seeing a giant shift in the political understanding and political interest and commitment of our people irregardless of which party they belongs to.They know the differences already.”916″ is a brilliant political catalystic idea.It help to refine our political views and objectives together as a team.”916″ produces strong and dedicated ,well tuned opposition coalition.The aftermath “916” is a valuable gift for all Malaysian.We are here to move on.

  8. Banker says:

    Allow me to give you and your party some advice.

    Jump and leave the party to Larry.

    In my opinion, who would want a chinese to lead a dayak base party.

    I am very sure your grass root base feel this way too, but have no avenue to voice it due to the complex nature of domestic politics.

    Jump before it is too late. I was informed the Chinese faction even tried to go to Matang Pauh to help DSAI Campaign.

  9. Banker says:

    This sums up how able thing East malaysian thinks:-

    Very true!!

    If you have work in West Malaysia whivch I did not 15 years, you will agree that we are all pawns and our wealth gleefully stolen without any gratitude by the barisan Nasional Government.

    Mr CM, please have your say!!
    PRS and all the political parties please have your say now.

    Failing which I sadly tell you the rakayt will dump all of you coming next GE and State elections!

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