Taib “Leap of Faith”

The succession to Sarawak’s CM glittering throne is again up for grabs. Many are questioning the CM for his ‘waiting game’Justs when is the appropriate time for him to let go?


He won the State elections handsomely especially with his party PBB with a 100% return out of 35 seats. 13 seats which fell to the opposition are the semi/urban Chinese seats of SUPP while rural seats two in SPDP and one PRS can be attibuted mainly to infighting and wrong choice of candidates.

One school of thought said,’Why should he go when he has the mandate of the rakyat for another 5 years term.?” He has delivered for Barisan National but there are “some” overzealous leaders who are working overtime to see an end to Taibs  rule. They certainly have been plotting daily and making Taib not only feeling “angry” on a number of occasions already” but also purposely revealing chunks of unbelievable mayhem of articles which seriously are ‘disturbing his peace of mind”

When the ‘shit first hit the fan” many legislators and strong link business partners took amongst themselves to rally and fight for their dear leader. Some when even as far as getting the right messages across which we just need to remind them with words as,”Hidup Taib” etc etc.

 Do not need to be reminded do we.?

Taib doesn’t need to be forced out which would be rather humiliating. Frank Sinatra would be very proud of him if Taib justs do it his own way. The song lyrics are very clear ,”And Now the end is near and I face the final curtain…”

Don’t worry Taib needs only to take the leap of faith and wink his eyes to the RIGHT and there will be others who would be joining him to retire gracefully. More would certainly just exit at the right time as a New Successor in place would have mean ‘replacements” are certainly in place.

Taib has said that he will live in good time and knowing the character of the man many are justs using all methods and ways to try to oust him out. The top leaders might not be in directly involved in the scheming and hatching of the plans for succession but indirectly the trail does lead back.

Do you recall this article in September,”Zaini Hassan who wrote in Utusan where he made a “ subtle call to Abdul Taib Mahmud today to step down in order to save Sarawak BN, telling him to heed the lesson the Terengganu BN learnt in 1999.” Justs lasts weekend another Utusan Malaysia reporter played the same kind of music but disguised to provoke CM Taib.

WE ALL KNOW where its coming from. Clear isn’t it?

Politics is all about Power and given Power to some of them they will try to take out the next person who they see as a threat for their survival. They will derail,deprive and disband the forces surrounding the leader and will remove him when the minutest of opening presents itself. Taib is already seen as having absolute control over the affairs in the State and will not ‘bow’ easily to threats,intimidation and fear tactics which he has mastered nearly 50 yers in service for State and Federal.

He is buying time to ensure that his pet project” the SCORE is not been shelved but carried out soonest before he calls time. His closest aides are telling him to take his time eventhough he himself feels that all is in place for him to justs take the Leap of Faith.

Certainly there are many names (see below Sarawak Trilogy Part 1,2 and Final) and calibre persons who will step in to see to the smooth transitional and move forward Sarawak State. Whoever takes over from Taib will not have it easy as he has used his political astuteness and manouverings to helm the State for well over 30 years.

You will have your own favourite Son of Sarawak to take over but do you know who is the anointed one yet…??  Wait..Taib has yet to take the LEAP OF FAITH




 3. https://audie61.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/sarawak-trilogyroad-to-22nd-floor-finalwhose-my-boy/

16 thoughts on “Taib “Leap of Faith”

  1. hulk says:

    Not easy to take the leap of faith for someone like him i guess. Can he be appointed TYT immediately or does he need to wait ?? Immunity doesn’t come easy…

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

    :oops: If this old wolf ‘pek mo’ lau heow follow his ‘bomoh’ advice n go now…..then he will be ok……if not then he will be KO soon….ai yo yoyoyo :oops:

    Ho :oops: Ho :oops: Ho :oops:

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: This greedy ‘old wolf’ must go and close his final curtain after listen to this beautiful song….n don’t make others remind you over n over again….just go ASAP when u still can…… :roll:

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