Najib No Control..??

It is all happening in Putrajaya in the corridors of power and the “Seniors are taking it out on the Juniors“. It’s a fact and PM Najib is sitting down, watching from the sidelines and keeping a watching brief.

Could there be “ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES” in store for everyone?

HELL seems to have caved in after the two former PM’s Tun Mahathir and Tun Abdullah Badawi’s infamous and tongue twisting exchanges in the massmedia over the “Awakening” book everyone seems to go for “free for all” It all started with:-

Tourism Minister Nazri had attacked Rohani Women,Community and Family Minister with this,” Rohani is from Sarawak. Probably her focus of work does not cover many of the peninsula aspects… the ministry is used to the management done by those from the peninsula,”

Sarawakians in totality were disgusted and unhappy with the statement but remain calm and collected as everyone knows his character and personality. One could easily just answer back,” So Nazri you don’t know Sarawak too well too and you don’t need to come to Sarawak or for that matter be Tourism Minister for Malaysia but Peninsula Malaysia Tourism Minister.”

At least our Sarawak Minister has the decency now to even “POLITELY ask all bloggers to stop writing about Nazri and his thoughts and don’t prolong the issue. There are too many things to do instead of dwelling on this,she added

When one episode  stops another ‘bickering starts” This time its between Home Minister and  Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office  P Waythamoorthy.

It does not seem to let up and it would get worse before its under control. 

Will the Bloggers get involved in this too?

The extracted article,”If you like to criticise the police; if you like to give negative comments to the police, please resign and lead your own NGO. Be the NGO leader…

On this matter, let none of us sympathise with criminals,” Zahid told a forum in Bandar Sunway today on crime prevention.

Meanwhile in an immediate response this was said,”Waythamoorty, who is also the Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia leader, shot back at Zahid’s claim that he was interfering in police work, saying he could not remain silent on the issue.”

PM Najib after the first 100 days have now to contain the Seniors from bullying or over reacting to the juniors in his administration. He needs to bring them into his office and like a Principle tell them to behave or ship the ones who cannot stop criticising or misbehaving OUT.

The Rakyat pays and voted them in to be administrators for MALAYSIA and not paid to be ‘quarrelling,bickering,misbehaving and unleashing their loose tongues against each other somemore” cabinet ministers or deputies.


4 thoughts on “Najib No Control..??

  1. 6388 says:

    As many predicted 1 Malaysia will never materialised as there are 2 classes of citizens in Msia,Bumiputera and Non Bumiputera.
    New slogan Endless Possibilities,how many millions will be spent again to promote it.Hanya in Bolehland

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