NEW “Sarawak Party”-SARS

Its in the news again. Affendi Jeman protem chairman has sent the applications in for  registering Agenda Rakyat Bumiputera Sarawak(ARBS) He was quick to point out to audie61  on the phone that there are indeed certain quarters in Sarawak who opposed  the formation of the party.

There are voices who even said,”Ingin.ingin jadi YB tetapi Kacau Daun saja” and a close associate even said that he has heard from various sources that “Affendi is now very indecisive as he is seen wearing two caps now( protem chairman of JPUNS too-Jawatankuasa penaja UMNO Negeri Sarawak.)  

audie61 asks Affendi,”Why just Bumiputera only?” The reason being that there are a lot of Chinese mixed ethnic races who feels that they would be deprived of this new political platform.This is the rallying call of Sarawakians at the moment.  It was this statement ,”we ,as a “penaja”(promoters) of ARBS,believe only the rakyat of Sarawak have the right to analyse and decide the future of ARBS.

 He was tongue tied for a moment but as a politician he wriggled out of it and said that we will AMEND  THE CONSTITUTION  to suit the people/voters. Mixed parentage constitute to a very largepercentage of the total population of Sarawak and they will determine whether you are able to win the seat or not. 

If ARBS is given the legal rights to start a party by ROS they will go on the ground and inform the people of their vision,mission and struggle. Of course we would even try to coax Rayong and Adit if their intentions are similar to us. That was when the brainwaves worked overtime as we spoke on local politics involving SUPP and PRS for the time being. There are no clear cut solutions to problems besetting human beings or parties but it is in the bests interests of the whole TEAM if all is well and solved constructively.

Fancy this-Its just food for thought to the BN Sarawak government in putting together the YB rebels  into one camp and let them look after the 4 constituencies. (Dudong,Ngemah,Engkilili and Pelagus) Whats wrong with just one swing of the pen the ROS will register the party on the advice of the Chief Minister.

There has been too much bickering amongst the component parties and even now the Youth Chief of SUPP Sih Hua Tong is being dragged into the picture. It will get ugly as if this virus is not stopped it will escalate out of control.

Nothing concrete on the matter of SARS party being put together just yet. Larry on his part as a very accomodative YB and looking at the bigger picture then has met up with Adit and Johnicol Rayong during the PRS crisis period to lure them into BN/PRS. Stop of shortchanging anyone Dr.Soon would be an appropriate leader for this entity SARS as it will enable SUPP to stop all this nonsensical bickering and infighting between the leaders which has seen the Chinese support waning and SUPP might just be wiped out in the next State elections.

WHY SARS– initally the founding members will be the various YBS names which are Soon,Adit,Rayong and Sng. This is to prevent any arguments on who should lead the party as Dr.Soon will head the party with Adit as Deputy, Rayong as Senior Vice President and Larry as Secretary General. The other positions will be filled by each YB contributing  6 names each which will see a full Supreme Council be put in place when the ROS approves the registration of SARS-Party It will be appropriately be known as Sarawak Alliance Reforms Socialist  Party. 

The virus will have gone one full circle and now we are more attune to H1N1. It is indeed a solution which the cM might just be considering which we are not aware of. However audie61 have had the benefit of even talking about swapping seats earlier and also a Borneo Party. This might just turn out to be a reality and some smses sent out to various component party members have received very positive responses and they are looking forward to whether it will MATERIALISE.

Nothing is impossible  in politics and strange bedfellows  have emerged as sleeping under one roof.


6 thoughts on “NEW “Sarawak Party”-SARS

  1. incredibleHulk says:

    Form new party!! its been a while since we see new coalition in Sarawak. Its a trend in Sarawak for new coalition to surface every few years.. hahaha.. Goodluck Soon,Adit,Rayong and Sng…Follow Sabah’s footstep.. Have small coalition parties..

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