DAP “Speechless….ATHEIST OK Bah.!!”

The country’s civil servants are now taking the brunt of politicians and general public at large from trying to push their message across in terms of scholarships,race and religion.

Malaysians have grown up no doubt and while we grow up they will be many obstacles which the country will faced.  Some good laws, some obsolete laws while some needs to be revised and looked into by our parliamentarians and state legislators. 50 years for a country to put everything in order is indeed a very short time.

Not all things will be fair to the naked eye but obviously the people who implement and deliver what the policy holders deliberate must also know that there are a lot of ‘sensitive issues which must be dealt with amicably”.

Malaysia is a multi racial,multi cultural and multi religious country where Malays,Chinese,Indians,Kedazans,Ibans and other ethnic races live together and surely they will be differences but we accept that we need to live peacefully in accordance with the Federal constitution. If we move slightly away from its origin


We are not about to lecture the DAP on this issue but we need to address this issue by angling it correctly instead of politiking on it.  Yea,DAP is a political party we know and without a doubt its like scoring points 1 Up to the gallery. We all know too you are doing your job by publicising it but one must remember this is a highly sensitive issue.

Lets take up my case and see whether I make sense or not. We all were young once,brash,radical rebellious and at times uncontrollable. I do come from a staunch Catholic background and when we were young we followed everything our parents threw at us in accordance to our faith and the many no no’s which are ‘blasphemy’ if we break them. I confessed my sins every month without failed. If I did not I imagined I will be attacked by the “devil and his followers

Religious festivals,prayers were all kept in checked. Sunday Masses were a must and all attempts were made not to miss them. When the boy grew up thats me coming from overseas the boy changed to a man and started questioning. I stopped going to church on Sundays and even had a good ‘three hours session being lectured” with my uncle who was parish priest  of St Josephs at that time in 1984. He is still a Priest but now the Parish priest of Blessed Sacrement BDC in Kuching Sarawak. (you have my permission to asks him) At the end of the blistering and hard counselling I was given a chance to speak.

I said to him in front of my dad. Why should I go to Church? It doesn’t make me any holier than thou.? I also said Why was I not given a choice of religion? Why was I baptise to the faith? Then I could see the anger and the astonishment from their eyes.

My dad replied,” Oh Yeah, when you are born if we know you are going to be like that we might as well save the money spent on milk for a better purpose(Want to know the exact words.We might just as well KILL YOU or starve you and leave you for DEAD. no need to waste the duit susu  ).See whether you could be like what you are today” Today I see it. Our parents wants the bests for us. They can give us a religion to follow but in the end its up to us to CONTINUE PRACTISING IT. We have our own choices but its up to us.

As for the DAP Komtar assemblyman he is trying to do the bests for his child but it could be a genuine mistake and it also could be put right by seeing the officer in charge. We also do not know what really transpire between him and the NRD clerk on duty. Do you know what actually happen..?? Was the CCTV on??

I must say when I changed my IC earlier this year I tested the NRD lady. Of course I was cheeky and naughty and she took it. She was putting the RACE in my IC I said,” Rojak.. she said,”cannot ..how come I said mixed blood so I put Sino/Melanau.  She changed to Chinese so I took it eventhough my name had an extra name behind( ….. curious dbl click here)

{The only reason why I changed my old IC was that the immigration officer in Sabah when I entered say this is the last time we allow you to use the old IC and now we have Mycard.

I have a tendency to love to go against the system to tests it fully and I was reminded by the former Home Minister who said,”we can still use the old IC until such time it outlived its usage and will be obsolete. I remember telling the officer I am after all a Malaysian with or without a Mycard. He accepted and after trying my luck in and out of Sabah a number of times it I might just run out of LUCK and I could be turned back to Sarawak for reasons like being a ‘ bad element/hat“. So I became a good boy again. Really…!!!  :p

Next it came to Religion I put ATHEIST . { One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods} She said sure or not and I said alright. She doubled checked everything before she put into the system and I asks her NICELY AND COURTEOUSLY boleh kah repeat?

I said not Atheist but a Catholic. I have a choice to lie and should even have capitalised on the system if I wanted while the little girl had no choice.Parents up and down the country will no doubt look into this matter now more seriously and carefully.

To be Speechless I don’t think so. Stand up and be Corrected.Help and assists to put it right more like it YB. We have already told you that Malaysia is still very much a young country and we need to help our civil service at times too. The laws that govern the country can be put right through the proper channels and through the Legislative houses i.e in Parliament.  The laws might be outdated and thats why you are in position to asks your colleagues in Parliament to do something about it. We told Hannah Yeoh your Selangor DAP YB too and the same goes for you.


WE HEAR YOU…………..    

Below:-The internet portal article which has created a STIR  but the Bersih 2.0 rally on the 9th July 2011 seems to have overshadowed it all.

More cases of rejected attempts by parents to register their children with the National Registration Department as ‘Anak Malaysia’ have poured in.

NONEThe latest case is that of Komtar assemblyperson Ng Wei Aik (right), who was dealt the same fate as his counterpart in Kuala Lumpur Hannah Yeoh yesterday when he registered the birth of his second daughter Ng Caryn.

Caryn, born on June 11, was registered by her parents as “Anak Malaysia” for race and “Belum Ada (none yet)” for religion.

But when the official birth certificate was issued to Ng, the two sections were written as “Chinese” for race and “Buddha” for religion.

Ng, who is political secretary to the Penang chief minister, is “speechless” that the NRD, without consultation and without his approval, has chosen the race and religion of his own child.

Rather than blaming the officer, Ng targetted his complaint squarely at NRD’s rigid system, expressing disbelief that his child was “ordained” a Buddhist when he clearly stated that she does not yet have a religion.

He was equally upset that Chinese was chosen as the child’s race instead of Anak Malaysia.

“Why should she decide this for me? This is a serious matter…why we cannot have a choice for our own children, to register them as Anak Malaysia without a religion yet,” he said.

“This is the spirit of 1Malaysia and should be encouraged. Our future generation should have the liberty and freedom to decide their own race and religion,” he added.

Appealing against NRD’s ‘unethical act’

Responding to a Malaysiakini article yesterday highlighting that the NRD issued birth certificates without the ethnicity of the child between 1996 and 2000, Ng said it was not necessary to state those two elements.

The issue of ethnicity in birth certificate registration and other official forms was raised after Yeoh, Subang Jaya MP, failed to register her daughter’s race as ‘Anak Malaysia’ earlier this month.

Like in Ng’s case, the NRD officer rejected the parents’ request and chose ‘Chinese’ as the race of their daughter Shay Adora Ram.

The NRD has clarified that the race of the child must stem from either parent in a mixed marriage and that no ‘mixed-race’ registration is allowed.

Though he recognizes that he is ethnically Chinese, Ng still thinks he should be given the choice to select his own race as Anak Malaysia.

He said he was appealing against the “unethical act” of the NRD officer who, when asked, told him that a child must be registered according to the father’s or mother’s race and religion.

“Our system is outdated and corrupt until there is no flexibility for us to decide our own faith and religion,” he said.

“I do not want to force my future generation to follow my race and religion…I do not want them to be like (those) who did not have a choice before” he added.


15 thoughts on “DAP “Speechless….ATHEIST OK Bah.!!”

  1. That’s why I said think before we do something…DAP jangan terlalu sombong and proud kerana memenangi beberapa kerusi namun di sebaliknya cakap kosong macam tin kosong….sejak menang GE pun bukannya ada buat apa2 pun..jalan dan pembangunan makin teruk adalah…orang tua bercakap atau tegur kita marah…padahal itu untuk kebaikan kita..betul tak mr audie…hahahahaha …life is like that…sometime kita kat atas sometime kita kat bawah…why have to gaduh2…rite???congratulation audie61…your story make peoples buka mata dan minda

  2. very well written audie.. Our country should have more people like you then we will really be 1 Malaysia!!! Malaysian should consider people like you into the system or even parliament then we will see 1 Malaysia progressing towards 2020..

  3. I’m totally impress and agree wit diz articles..sebagai Anak Malaysia I’m so proud wit u Mr.audie61..two thumps up from me..trnyata di mana terletak nya keadilan kta..where our justice..where is our freedom..we have our own priority to choose..everyone have da right..see,did DAP do the rite thing wit the ‘anak malaysia’ dat have chosen them as their “pemimpim”?? Nothing!!! No improvement!!! So, our choice and decision will affect our children later on..so people out there, plz read diz and diz is really2 gud…

      • Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

        :roll: Itu dpm moohiding kena setuju I am Malaysian 1st la n bukan Malay 1st…….n new born babies from mix races must be allow to choose as ‘Anak Malaysia’ …..instead of 1 Malay,1 Chinese,1 Indian,1 Kadazan,1 Iban n many more from racist B-eNd laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :roll:

        Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  4. Sekarang baru la saya tahu… Haha… Thanks to Audie61…
    Yuppp… I agree with that… We have our own voice, our own choice to choose which is the best for ouselve.. More improvement we make, the better future we can have, the better life we can get… So it will be fair for all…

  5. DAP tak ada cara lain. Mesti beritahu rakyat dengan cara ini. Kalau tidak mana ada rakyat undi DAP dan Pakatan. Hidup Pakatan.

  6. Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

    :roll: All the media/papers are control by B-eNd bumNO n this is the only way to tell ALL about B-eNd very DIRTY tactics (phantom @ hantu voters) that are behind all this @#$%%^*()*%$#@ PUKE!!!! Anyway RAKYAT know what to do from other FAIR n alternative media that tell the TRUTH n not like those racist toilet paper kutuSAN@sai!!!! hehehehehehehe :roll:


    Ho :roll: Ho :roll: Ho :roll:

  7. ….sure bodoh betul semua puaka puaka YANG NAK TUNJUK PANDAI …motif lain tidak ada konon nya dia lah lebih pandai…. tapi tak tahu orang ketawakan dia ..hahahah

  8. Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

    :lol: nagypt menangislah bila PAS keluar dengan 1 JUTA pengikutnya di BERSIH :arrow: http://bit.ly/ihS9wS :lol:


    Ho :lol: Ho :lol: Ho :lol:

  9. Anything can happen in Msia. We can have Datuks as directors of sex video and shown them to the public,what moral value does the society of BolehLand has ?

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