Malaysiakini portal has this report Still no peace,rival factions goes on roadshow. Secretary-General of Larry Sng’s faction Sidi Munan says they are  going on a roadshow which will kick off with a big gathering in Sibu in central Sarawak on Aug 1. Faction leaders will be in Sibu to speak on current issues facing the party and the state.

It seems that they have refused to recognise Dr James Masing ,the state land development minister, as party president in spite of a recent letter from the Registrar of Societies (ROS) recognising him as the rightful leader. Or is it…?  22325 members and 19 Divisions with Larry and 15293 members and 9 Divisions with James needs the answers. Whats more the 4 New MP additions in PRS before the General Elections, Joseph Salang (partyless) Aaron Dagang (SPDP) Masir Kujat and William Nyalau (both PBB neutral appointees). Was Larrys membership terminated from their faction? PRS has eight state assemblypersons,six members of parliament, 37618 members and 28 legitimate Divisions registered with ROS. 

Our earlier report on July 2nd had this,”According to inside sources, Larry Sng’s membership is a foregone conclusion. “The supreme council is merely to endorse the decision. As a matter of fact, a letter has been drafted and will be sent to the Chief Minister informing him that Larry is no longer a member of PRS and his post as assistant minister should be replaced by one of PRS’ State Assemblyman,” said the sources.

Isn’t this going against the administration of the Chief Minister? It is reliably learnt that CM will be keeping Larry in his administration as CM likes what he sees in Larry as he  seen as one of the hardest working assemblymen and a core part of the cabinet setup.

As President of the party James says they have more pressing matters to discuss and Larrys membership was not discussed nor his Assistant Ministers’s post. We need answers and that is what one of the divisional chairmans demands? No use of talking of getting the membership files or getting ready for TDC,roadshows,State Elections? What about councillorship,political appointments,reshuffle and candidates list for the State elections? No ROS reply ,no talk and the party will lose most of its “foot soldiers” says a youth chief who attended the meeting. 

The political scenario after the GE has many divisional executive members looking over their “SHOULDERS” MCA,Gerakan has lost long serving and capable leaders and members who sees that there must be “changes’ in the BN leaders mindsets. PRS would be no different and we can confirm that a long serving YB has approached Keadilan Sarawak. 

  1. What is taking the ROS so long?
  2. Is a letter so difficult to draft?
  3. Do they need to get the AG to clarify the contents? 
  4. Is PRS an exception as the GE shows that BN has losts to many seats?
  5. Is the 6 PRS MP so invaluable to BN?  
  6. Or are we barking up the wrong tree as the faction leaders have cut a deal?
  7. Will we see James and Sng “embrace” and “shake” hands?

The ROS has not given a written reply to the party headquarters and the general concensus is that many in the “Law fraternity are in agreement that the ROS letter to PRS has been widely interpreted to mean in effect the party’s supreme council with Masing as president prior to the sacking of the six SC members has reverted to status quo.”

Earlier we wrote that 19 out of 28 Parti Rakyat Sarawak Divisional leaders met in the party headquarters on 8th April 2008 and wrote a letter to ROS to demand the following:-
  1.  A written letter from ROS who is the “Legal President of PRS”.
  2.  In respect of a confirmation from the Registrar of Societies on 7th September 2006 of YB Datuk Sri James Jemut Masings violation of Article VIII(15) (b) of the constitution of PRS.

The grassroot members want to move on and they just cannot as the ROS letter is not forthcoming and this will bring more trouble to PRS who is a coalition of BN. Keadilan has made inroads and it is not a ‘serious threat” as yet but political analysts are counting and looking at 28 seats which are the “Grey” and “Black” areas.Nothing comes as a surprise anymore. Are you………?

Sarawak is embarking on a year long 45th year independance celebration from 22nd July 2008 to 16th September 2009. When the celebrations dies down the real tests will appear for the state BN. There was also talks on the ground that should PRS merged Larry will even join SUPP as it is also a platform to continue his political career.How long more will he lead the 19 Divisions is another good question? 

For now many who have thought that the PRS problems are already solved with the “merger ending the crisis”will have to wake up to another nightmare soon……………..The ROS delaying tactic will not help BN Sarawak politically anymore. Times might have stood still for “some” but the voters and people have moved on….

Tradition”1 out of 3″UMNO VP will be DPM..

Malaysiakini correspondent Rahmah Ghazali has this report :Shafie confident of winning VP race. “I am confident the support for me still exists, otherwise I would not have been the supreme council member for four terms,” Meanwhile in a media conference Rural and Regional Development Minister Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib also offered himself as a candidate for the position in the party elections in december.

So far by head count there are 15 other Umno leaders who have so far stated their intention to contest the vice-presidency. It is getting really overcrowded don’t you think.? The more the merrier as it is a democratic process we say. We also know that those selected will be within striking distance for the country’s second most powerful job when Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hands over the top job to his deputy, Najib Razak, in two years.

Both these leaders have made their intentions known. Shafie said “I have offered myself to become one of the vice-presidents … I will not back out,” while Muhammad said “I intend to strengthen the party in the face of new challenges,” 

There will be others who will come up with their candidacy manifestos,gimmicks and leaflets to inform the 2500 delegates or so from the 191 divisions who will choose the 3 persons for the Vice Presidents Posts. The 3.5 million UMNO members have started the process of electing office bearers for the new term starting with branch meetings from July17th to August 24th. Divisional meetings will be held from Oct 9th to Nov 9th where the 191 Division heads and committee members will be chosen. The AGM will be from December 16th-20th. So who will be the next “DPM from the 3VPs” from December 20th…? Till then…..”

Anwars Fault “PAS-UMNO” Coalition failed

Finding Faults..? Malaysiakini Syed Jaymal Zahiid has this report PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim had used his influence in PAS to derail the possibility of Umno and the Islamic party forming a joint government to rule Selangor in the wake of the March 8 polls. In a posting on his blog, Khir said Umno had offered its arch-rival PAS the menteri besar post during a dialogue session held shortly after the elections. Much has been said about failed coalition and  we do not want ot be caught in the cross-fire.

Seems that there is always a fall guy when somethings goes awry. We are all human beings anyway and to blame it conveniently to Anwar, it just goes to show that Khir Toyo is not up to his calibre or standard. They always say get the right time to fight back and it seems this outburst is to get some “sympathy” votes for his Supreme Council position which might be in trouble come the UMNO Assembly in december. I’m all ears if there are other reasons and both of us are politicians though I was not a MB before. In Gods eyes we were born into the world together,maybe I’m not fortunate yet. My time will come.

What a dream he seems to have? Did he have a dream that Selangor will fall to Pakatan Rakyat? Let the new man Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib who is UMNO Information chief do his work and try his bests to wrestle Selangor back in the future. Khir damage has been done and actions now speaks louder.Meanwhile if you think that MALAYSIABOLEHLAND has got better this isn’t that bad. “My dream is that one day, we will see Abdullah, (former premier) Dr Mahathir Mohamad, (deputy premier) Najib Abdul Razak, (PAS spiritual leader) Nik Aziz Nik Mat, (Anwar’s wife and PKR president) Dr Wan Azizah (Wan Ismail) and (PAS president) Abdul Hadi Awang seated at the same table. On the same table…? Who is Dr.Azizah she is Anwars wife and you are saying “Anwar ruined it”. Is this politics..? Or did I have just have had an EVIAN water..hehe

Moreover “My dream is to see that the Malays once again become the backbone which will stabilise the politics in the country,” he added. Don’t push your luck Khir. We have Abdullah as the Prime Minister and  he is very moderate and his reforms in judiciary,corruption is bearing some fruits now. On another note Muhd Taib has indicated that he is offering himself as a candidate for the Vice President and he wants to see the party moving forward to serve behind the Abdullah as PM and Najib as deputy. Kudos to him and this type of politics shows maturity and the people will accept. The blame game is a thing of the past and it is like a broken 45rpm record.  Even within UMNO the delegates know who can springboard the party towards greater challengers….Maybe his time is up…you don’t have to agree with me you know…

Locals thanks”Blogs” for their Roles in Bakun issues

Tony Thien Sarawak Correspondent for Malaysiakini has extensive coverage on this “Bakun Evictions Report” and it has woken up both the Government Legislators and the Opposition YBs. Tony’s headline report: About 200 members of the Orang Ulu community from six settlements in and around Bakun dam in central Sarawak gathered at Kampung Sambop on Saturday to discuss ways to adopt a unified stand to stop their ancestral land from being taken away from them.

State PKR assemblyperson for Padungan, Dominique Ng Kim Ho, who was invited to attended the dialogue at Kampung Sambop, told Malaysiakini today that what was happening in Bakun was also happening elsewhere in Sarawak.The community has also taken a strong exception to a statement by State Land development minister Dr James Masing who said the natives no longer had NCR because they had been compensated and their rights had been subsequently extinguished.

A spokesperson for the community was quick to inform us “There is no such thing”. However they would like to thank uchu keling and audie61(yours truely) for helping to highlight the issue until it appeared in the Local Sunday Posts 20th July 2008 which has the headlines” The Useful role of Blogs” oh Yea,I forgot they thank Malaysiakini too.

Uchu keling and audie61 had this

  1. Where are the Dayak representatives when needed most?
  2. Sungai Asap has Parti Rakyat Sarawak in a quagmire”?

According to a local legislator who requests anonymity he said,” Blogs play a useful role now in this technological savvy age and if they carry the right messages it will be a great tool for all politicians. Politicians needs also the right information quickly and they will address the problems or issues accordingly. ” Have we got them scrambling or what………………?

Terengganu”In the News Again..?”

(Menteri Besar Terengganu Datuk Ahmad Said)

Malaysiakini portal has this report  headlined: No Terengganu Awards this year which says for the first time ever palace would not be handing any form of awards in conjunction with Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin’s birthday. Terengganu state secretary Mokhtar Nong said that sultan’s birthday bash would be carried out “in moderation”. That was of course good news as the Sultan knows that his subjects are feeling the “economic”pinch and the palace should lead by example.

Then came this” Terengganu government to purchase 14 Mercedes E200 Kompressor as official cars for its executive councillors and senior government officials.” DPM Najib know  that the government is already in the “HOT” news for all the “political” and “economic” issues defended the federal governement’s policy of using the national car “Proton Perdana V6 Executive”. The cabinet will discuss whether the move was appropriate.

Meanwhile Menteri Besar Ahmad Said defended the Terengganu State Governments move saying that it was meant to save costs in the long run as the maintenance of the Proton Perdana cars was too high. Ahmad has never been too far away from the news after the GE as he replaced Idris Jusoh as Menteri Besar eventhough Abdullah wanted him.

 Even the State UMNO liason committee in a news report (dated 24th of March) wants to strip Kijal assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Said of his party membership for disobeying the instruction of its leaders. Former MB Idris said he received strong backing from Abdullah and Najib to be retained as Menteri Besar. The rests we know is history as Ahmad received the letter of appointment as the new Terengganu Mentri Besar from the Regency Advisory Council.

Is it another showdown between the State MB and the PM and his deputy? It could be easily solved and no problems are too big to discuss. The right signals have to come up from the cabinet discussions or it will be splashed all over again in the national tabloids. In www.terengganu it has also as a costs destination for investors it offers “Unparalled Competitive Rates” amongst the lowest costs of doing business in Malaysia making the State a preferred investment destination. Kompressor E200 its only a small matter right…..? Or could the MBs statement be used to tests his support for higher positions in the UMNO General assembly…?