“FEAR and WONDER”-Perfect Combination

Malaysiakini portal http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86026 has this headlines,”Cops to question Anwar tomorrow.” Tian Chua the information chief of PKR said “Anwar has been issued with a summons by the police to be questioned at 2pm on Monday,”  Great..! Monday 14th of July is going to one heck of day. Over the past month or so we have witness so many happenings and diversions. Why is it so ….

  1. Vote of no confidence motion against PM in Parliament
  2. ACA enforcement officers nabbing Immigration scam officers and persons involved.
  3. Anwar to go to the Brickfields police station for his statement to be recorded 
  4. Court order to arrest Anwar and his supporters if they are spotted in the vicinity of the parliament.
  5. Swearing on the Quran to prove their innocence by Najib,Saiful and Anwar
  6. Ezam warns Anwar linking him with political conspiracy over the sodomy report
  7. Balasubramaniam statutory declarations 1 & 2 
  8. Saiful accuses Anwar of Sodomy
  9. MCA top two not running for reelection
  10. RPK Statutory declaration against Rosmah
  11. SAPP’s no confidence motion against PM
  12. ACA quizzes AG and IGP
  13. PMs succession plan June 2010
  14. Fuel hike of 78cents

When there is an amount of fear being pressured one will wonder what is coming next. All this political strategies will slowly unfold into a bigger picture and it’s a matter of time before someone cracks under the mountain of political stress. It is such a perfect combination and only the strong hearted will survive. We will take our seats and let the curtains be drawn for the political show of the year in Parliament ,”MALAYSIABOLEHLAND“……Tickets please.!!! Dont’t be late….

“Sharkman” SAPP in tandem with “Lioness”Co-ordinated Group..?

Malaysiakini portal http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86024 has this headlines: Roadblocks set up amid protests fear. Why is this so..? Tian Chua’s  “information ministry” must have done their job. He went on to say “The government is paranoid. We just called our supporters to witness the debate, but authorities think it will be a mass gathering. There is no need for the roadblocks,”

There must be more…. I don’t think that a vote of no confidence against the PM would neccesitate such actions by the police. O.K. It could also be that words have trickled through the barricades that besides (Sapp) parliamentarians Eric Enchin Majimbun and Chua Soon Bui who have  pledged their vote for an opposition motion of no-confidence against Abdullah there are others joining the bandwagon. Or is it just another show like AXN’s “fear factor”..?

The Lioness and his co-ordinated group will surround the parliament speaker ( who after feeding his cow and sheeps in his farm in Sabah ) will decide tomorrow whether to allow the debate to go ahead. This will also be the time to Judge (Sharkmans prodigies) by their actions, never by their words.

SAPP have to come good or else these words,”Never trust a Politician would come true” Also the duo must have been very hurt by the comments that appeared in the “Daily Express Sabah” by PBS deputy President Maximus Ongkili who called SAPP a “political bitch” for not withdrawing from BN since it support opposition motion against PM. It is now all up to “Sharkman YTL” and his prodigies to bite back.. 

It is a known fact that governments everywhere rule by fear and as contradictory as it may seem they fear the people they rule. It’s the numbers game that makes a government strong and if the 140-82 equation is being tilted it will create a different scenario and the playing fields might be narrowed down. It is power,gain power for power’s sake and to stay in power. There will be awesome responsibilites to go with it and the “Elephants”(earlier article) are not ready to give in yet.  

The Lioness with her co-ordinated group and sharkmans duo will go after the Speaker tomorrow and demand explanations if he decides not to even open it up for debate. Tomorrow will add yet more drama in Malaysiabolehland….don’t you think so..? Or will the Lioness ROAR the loudest……..

ACA How “MANY” More..? Sarawak

Malaysiakini portal carried a number of reports of ACA going after graft which involves the Immigration department. The latest http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86020 has far reaching effects which could even see our country being compromised.

  1.   Visa Probe:ACA detains DG,several datuks 
  2.  Another senior immigration officer nabbed for corruption 
  3.  Immigration graft a “national security problem.” ACA Chief

National Security of course refers to the requirement to maintain the survival of nation-state through the use of economic, military and political power and the exercise of diplomacy. There are a lot of measures which the national security can look into and one which catches my eye is using intelligence services to detect and defeat and avoid threats and espionage, and to protect classified information . Of course there are concerns when graft is also a national security problem so says the ACA chief. On this subject I leave it to his good office to handle and see what is necessary to ensure that those who commit “white collar crimes” are hauled up for mention and charged accordingly.

PM who was under the spotlight and under pressure to quit had vowed to fight corruption in April and announced some reforms but opposition leaders say progress has been slow. Badly shaken and appeared bruised after the March 8th polls PM will carry out his reforms that he has promised and there will be many who will suffer and incur his wrath. The PM will take notice of of Lee Kuan Yew (former Singapore PM)recent comments that his country is economically and politically strong as rampant corruption is virtually non existent in Singapore. PM needs to build his legacy and his reforms will go a long way to appease the nation and the opposition that he is a man of his words. I will and always maintain that Abdullah knows what he is doing. 

The ACA chief says”It goes right to the top. It involves the public, foreigners, government officers and also syndicates.” The mushrooming of Reflexologies and spa/massage centres where foreign women are employed is also a major concern besides the Bangladeshis,Myanmar,Thailand,Nepalese and Indonesia male workers. This subject is especially “HOT” in Sarawak where in a space of a few months every nook and corner of the state has new “Reflexology centres”. Who…is behind all this ? Is “SARAWAK” going to be spared the can as we are a “BN” some say, controlled state.

“We have arrested a number of people and we expect to pick up more soon” Strong worded statements from the ACA chief. We say to you “don’t alang alang“(Sarawakian local lingo). You clear the mess, the country benefits, the economy will flourish. This chance will not come all the time and when the PM has spoken he has gven you the license to go for it. The people are with you and go and arrest the “Unscrupulous Masterminds“……..