“Sharkman” SAPP for Real or Not?

Malaysiakini portal has this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85999 headlined as “SAPP will support Pakatan’s vote against PM.”. This is also the day which saw to the ACA quizzes IGP Musa and AG Gani. Well what happen to the ACA charges against Yong?  Has the Sharkmans SAPP suddenly come good and wants to be seen amongst the Lioness group to infiltrate it.? Or SAPP wants to be seen enjoying the “feast” with Pakatan.

Fair,you have a fall out with Abdullah the PM and you keep harping on it like a  “45rpm broken record” the people are saying “Ooi Sharkman, and daring you to leave BN to show your sincerity to Pakatan or the group. Simple,why…? Tell me, when all the soldiers go to war, you see the enemy approaching, you just run and hide. Or are you the “reconnaissance team, advance scouting party or the commandos..?

SAPP though we want to commend you with your actions of insulting and chiding the PM to make him uncomfortable with the no confidence vote it seems that it is all a “Sandiwara” according to a lot of observers. The way you are handling the whole situation will see SAPP go into oblivion.

In the short joint statement today, the two MPs said that are finally able to carry out their party’s intention as announced by Sapp president Yong Teck Lee on June 18. They went on to say motion was delayed due to “inflammatory and threatening statements” from some government leaders. Also, “the statements included veiled threats of bloodshed uttered in Parliament by Kota Belud MP (Abdul Rahman Dahlan),” Whats more the race factor was also brought into question.

So these two MPs convienently forgot to report to the police or better still do not dare to report to the police for fear that they might be brought in for questioning and kept for 24hours. Why now you want to tell the world…? This is a bit too much going against another coalition component party MP. Can this just be the tip of the iceberg?

 I do not want to be the centre of all your controversies but I do feel that there is a certain line to follow. There always say,” You are either with us or not.” Politics do not take prisoners. The showdown is Monday but for this weekend many will ask SAPP to weigh its options……….

PMs “4X400 metres”relay

Malaysiakini Chan Kok Leongs report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85937 and headlined,”Ku Li:Handover is Unconstitutional” has created a ripple effect in that eventhough there are no directives been given for a no-contest for the top two Umno posts, the PM’s announcement on the succession plan may deter some divisions from putting forward another name.

According to a political science graduate the PM is indeed smart as he closes the door for Najib to challenge him and telling the delegates you see ‘I’m ready to call time in two years but first let me finish my reforms first.” Don’t tell me.., Najib was ready for this. Apparently not, as all along his mentor and former PM Dr. M has been pushing Najib to move hurriedly. Someone even joked, within these two years Najib would be served with a lot of “dishes” and he will be got rid of by his own foolishness. 

In an about turn after the succession date was announced Dr. M now says Najib will never make the grade. So is Najib the 3rd relay runner in this 4X400 metres race..? It must be noted that in UMNO’s constitution a candidate for President must at least secure 58 or 30% of the total 191 Divisional nominations. Deputy president 20% or 38 out of the total 191.

Furthermore Dr.M also accused Abdullah of not practising what he preaches; in particular, not adhering to his own directive to Umno. He even went on as far as saying that campaigning for party elections is not allowed but the party president can bring all division leaders together and tell them not to challenge him. Why is Dr.Mahathir so overly for Najib ? It must be noted too that Najib was the cornerstonein which the battle against Tengku was won in 1987. However in 2008 Najib is now a man with very few options.(too many skeletons)

Do you still remember that Anwar was Youth Chief and Najib was the deputy then? Dr.M sees this upcoming battle not so much of Najib but between Khairy’s new UMNO boys against Mukhriz led Mahathir’s old foot soldiers. Anyway,ask any dad wouldn’t they go all out for the survival of their sons..?   

Very well, where do you put Tengku and Muhyddin? Tengku is already 71 while Muhyddin will be 63 by 2010. Getting enough nominations? Tengku was in Sabah about a month ago and he told Sabah UMNO that he has no problems accepting a Sabahan to contest the deputy or the vice-presidents post. Ku Li has hedged his bets here and he knows that “dangling his carrot” to Sabah UMNO one of their own will be made a Senior Vice-President if Ku Li wins. Of course the Muhyddin factor is still there and if he insists on contesting as a tag team with Tengku, he will be seen as disloyal to the party and deemed a traitor because he does not respect the president’s ‘democratic’ directive. 

Who is in KU Li’s full “line up lists” will be of interests to all UMNO branch and grassroot leaders? Afterall,Ku Li has said “I will continue fighting for the president’s position. What was endorsed or decided by supreme council today does not portray the wishes of the grassroots.Ku Li will use the line up to go for “broke” and he knows that a majority of the division heads would prefer to “wait and see” before deciding who to pick.

Its still a race and UMNO battles starts on July 17 to August 24 with branch meetings and the nominations for party posts will only be made from Oct 9 to Nov 9 when UMNO’s 191 Divisions hold their annual general meetings. I would to, as I know how the party system works as I am a divisional chief. The divisions holds the keys to whatever positions one aspires to go for. In party elections this is the “Real Deal” 

Ku Li has to be mindful of pulling together with Anwar eventhough Anwar is known to have a loyalists following in UMNO Sabah. Ku Li can however make use of Anwars rhetorics especially this” “Umno leaders have told me that if PM even stays beyond this December, they will fight him.” Who are all these UMNO leaders so KU Li’s lists is significantly very important.

Amidst all the political manouvering Najib is seen as not a fighter. He would not aggressively fight for any position. However, he would accept the position if it was ‘offered’ to him. “It is true even until today.” The wheeling and dealing will go on unnoticed it seems by Najib as he will only be termed as the 3rd Runner in the relay race. The finishing line will be crossed by whoever I say wins “the Battle of Waterloo” in the report https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/06/19/beginning-of-the-end-bn-meeting-malaysiakini/ on June 19th” Beginning of the End”

Ku Li is upbeat over his chances of getting enough nominations to mount a challenge for the Presidency’s position. Whoever is behind Tengku will be the “kingmaker” as he will be ensure that the last runner will be his choice at the finishing line….. Are you ready for this..? There will be more in the coming weeks……

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