“Hot Topic” Dayak NCR Land

James Masing according to Tony Thien Malaysiakini correspondent should have voiced it a long time ago. His report on this subject http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85694 has caused a few feathers to be ruffled. Why this stance suddenly..? The PRS supremo must have felt the tremors as far away as in his own constituency of Baleh( N.56 ). He is getting prepared and he knows he will also hit hard and attacked by the Pakatan machinery in the upcoming State elections. Or will he..?

State Keadilan Chairman and Assemblyman for Padungan Dominique Ng in an earlier interview today has said'”this is what I have been harping about all this while.” Why only now is the Land Minister moving or edging forward..? The answer should be very simple “It seems that more and more dayak members have spoken of their growing concern about threats to the future status of NCR lands and it has become a favourite tool to win votes. It will be more so in the upcoming 10th State elections. As a dayak landowner puts it,”Perak the silver state has shown us the mechanism and its working.” 

During the earlier years of (PBDS-now defunct) James and his former colleagues were very vocal in the party struggles to defend the rights of the Dayaks. Is he harping back the same old tunes..? CM has spoken in the last DUN sitting that a land that is not cultivated is useless in economic terms and with James going on the offensive with a “task force”, we wonder what will the CM say. It seems that events that is happening in the country has certainly made James regain his former status of the fighter within. Will CM Taib take all this sitting down…?

“Deal done”-SAPP in BN..

sapp chua soon bui nazri abdul aziz  parliament 070708 01

*** Latest 7.45 pm ***  MP Chua is merely stating a fact because SAPP is technically still in BN( pending their show-cause letter reply to BN ) Deal is not done yet but the window of opportunity seems to be getting narrower.

 Rahmah Ghazali of Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85713 in his report has MP Chua stressing that Sapp was still under BN and there was no intention of “crossing over to Pakatan.”

As a good BN politician she has poured cold water on all negative aspects of peoples perception of SAPP. Bugi Wijaya speaking from Sabah said that its a done deal as the illegal issue was the main priority by the party. Our voices has been heard or has it ..? This new development has indeed erase all doubts that the party will be blamed for any “emergency or constitutional crisis” in the country if it occurs.

The PM can for now rests easy that the SAPP issue stays within the framework of the BN. Amidst all the controversies and the mudslinging of Anwar and Najib PM has stayed focussed. His immediate tasks is to secure enough nominations for the UMNO top posts come December as he is not taking any more chances.

”Politicians on a Crusade”..

sng chee hua and james masing prs support 040206As much as I want to admire the man for his honesty,endeavour and sustainability in this political tumultuous times I would very much go along with the many phone calls I received of James is up to “something” syndrome. Hearsay, no.,no when I wrote in the Malaysiakini portal Muhyiddin “Elimination Process” PM is Boss I was trying and pushing the envelope to the edge. Open up,inside it reads,Oops,” …..I am the Boss”

Malaysiakini correspondent Syed Jaymal Zahiid has a report of  Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid who fired a warning shot to BN ,” Reduce fuel price or ready to go” the full report:- http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85663 . Apparently when the Pakatan sings the loudspeakers even blared as loud in Sarawak. Is James about to do a U-turn? Has he sense that not only the people are angry with the fuel prices but the anger is also directed to the CM. Has his “chorus boys” as Anwar calls them sending SOS signals to the BN government. What James said in the local tabloids has open a can of worms for many. It seems that James has been talking and sending his feelers around even more as the Sarawak State elections date looms near. Is he so afraid of coming down from the throne? I know now that he is slowly but surely embarking on a crusade of Ketua Menteri 3. “Didn’t Anwar say if Pakatan wrestles Sarawak a Dayak will head the administration? Timing is everything in politics and given the fluidity of the situation one only needs to capitalise.

The political circle yesterday was rocked with James statement,” given the startling results on March 8th,Sarawak’s rural seats more than half of the 71 seats could well hold the key to who forms the next State government” Winning by BN or Pakatan Rakyat the (opposition alliance) will depend, I believe,on who can win the rural seats.For BN the rural constituencies were,are and the will be its strength it will be the factor which determines the continuity of the BN governement. He even said that the line between “pembangkang” or opposition and who was the government was beginning to blur.

This has got me refering James as practising ” Machiavellianism’ is the term that some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person’s tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain. Dr. James by the way is an Anthropologist where one relates to the scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of humans.

So where does he go now? Embarking on ketua Menteri 3 will be appropriate as Dr.Chan (Pesident of SUPP) did specifically mention in an article which appeared in the Singapore Straits Times dated 23rd of June 2008 on our CM. In it the senior writer says that the CM of Sarawak who has served 25years at the helm and agrees to let go more.

However there is talk of Taib handing over to his long standing deputy, Jabu.. (This is the part which really gets me-But many see Jabu as a place-holder at bests before another Melanau or non-dayak,non Christian leader can take over).There are obviously more than that said in the article and it takes a Singaporean newspaper to point it out. James will be overlooked again. James sees that KM3 is at hand and this oppurtunity should not be wasted. One dayak political ally of yesteryears with James says that James is starting to play the same tune and reinvent that syndrome again. The communal warfare drums are sounded and now the warriors are more than ready to mount another challenge eventhough KM1 and KM2 failed.

Rightly or wrongly analysed James will offer many a run for his money. His own constituency of Balleh he is inpenetrable and its a bastion for the BN. “Not unless otherwise” says a political secretary to the CM. He must also have taken a page out of Khalids book  If the BN government does not safeguard the welfare of the rakyat, they will crush you,” In the 9th Sarawak State Elections in 2006  Sarawak BN lost 9 seats to the opposition which prompted the PM to say,”we have to study why the opposition won quite a number of urban seats.We have to make a thorough analysis”

Now even the merger which was so significantly hot for a few weeks James has this to say that they have to use the PBDS experience as a milestone for the merger. It must be noted that a blog site had this to say,” Masing was quick to ask Taib: “Sir, are you serious in seeing that the two parties merge?” Without hesitation, Taib replied: “Ya, ya, of course I am serious.”  Seriously, has James suddenly come good in going against the CM’s intentons? This action by James is tantamount to “menconteng arang ke muka  CM” so says a youth leader in Parti Rakyat Sarawak.

Is James or PRS leaving their options open? Is he trying to do a Yong Teck Lee (SAPP) asks a member in the party? It seems that James is either eliminating himself from the equation of going for another term in the State Assembly or he is really pushing his claims for KM3. Anyway James has been in politics since 1983 and for one he has achieved part of his goal as a President of PRS eventhough it is still embroiled in a factional fight. Pushing himself to the next limit is ultimately his aim and his political survival will be determined very soon. Muhyddin has been advised, James you would be soon….

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“Snitch” “Rat” It’s just a name..?

Athi Veeranggan who writes for Malaysiakini has this headline,”Prove I’m a snitch or apologise” the full report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85649

In my earlier writeups I mentioned that the Italian and English topboys will use all their might against   “rats“. Politics I have always say is not “dirty’ but the there are some who uses it “no holds barred and dirty ways” to achieve the desired results.  

We want to see how this final “marathon race” unfolds? Anwar and Najib will expect more dirty linen being thrown at them. They have to focus on their struggles in clearing the allegations/smears/mudslingling/witchhunting and a hosts of name callings before their paths are once again cleared. Fighting to be a “top boy’ one has to outmanoeuvre many obstacles and also the “choir boy” challengers as Anwar calls it. There are more pressing matters in a political battleground one of which I am quite familiar with and name callings to me is just a sideshow. 

Last night at the Kelana Jaya rally Anwar reiterated that “But believe me, what was alleged 10 years ago is being repeated with malice and slander, and I will not accept this but will fight it to the end.” The bullets are being sprayed everywhere and those in the political fields who think they are bystanders are even hit by the shrapnels.

We will continue to say,”The attainment of power is such that both sides of the divide will go all out to get to maintain or the complete transfer of the country’s adminstration and there is no middle course. The name of the game is after all who gets drowned………

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