“Black Eyed James PRS/SPDP Merger Diversion…”

Are you ready for this..? It seems embattled PRS President James Masing has somewhat found a way to divert his already fluid relationship with the CM Taib by tabling a motion at last weeks Supreme Council meeting for a Merger.  It was agreed but with a condition that SPDP first table a resolution for a CALL OF A MERGER. PRS will then only hold its TDC in which they will follow suit.All this will be done in the early part of next year 2010.   

The blue print and the much needed nod of approval from one set of Supreme Council seems to have unlocked the key for a Merger of both parties. Though negotiations are ongoing it seems that mosts details have been ironed out and at bests all political appoitments will be ‘status quo“.


James once a Blue Eyed Boy of CM Taib has somewhat now found himself at the wrong end of the CM’s stick and he has suffered more Black Eyes than what his supporters are used to. He was once revered as an upcoming Dayak leader and his advises and assistance were generally sought for.

The GOLD LADEN CARRIAGE RIDE has somewhat stopped. Over the past year he has been seen to be making too many mistakes where it was almost impossible for CM to cover his endless journey of political mishaps. His supporters thought getting rid of “Larry Sng” was the answer to all their problems but it was all James wrong undoing/manouvering which has caught up with him in a quagmire.

As a politician James somewhat forgot a very SIMPLE POLITICAL RULE. It’s to cover his tracks properly eventhough as a trained Antropologists he thought that he could deceive or outwit those who he has somewhat forgotten says a political watcher. There were many instances which he thought he could plaster over with “A genuine statement in supporting BN” but CM has already done his homework and kept the minute details in his locker room far from his very OWN eagled eyed and eves dropping machais.

Now the only setback for the merger it seems is the question of WHO LEADS THIS MERGED ENTITY..? Do I need to spell it out here. What was the Final straw that broke the camels back. ? A veteran politician said,” Let’s see whether Taib follows James call and has a reshuffle within these month. If not,James can just get ready to be dropped or just SHIP HIMSELF OUT..Very blunt as in Politics there are NO POLITICAL PRISONERS.”

James Masing’s impending tussle with Entulu might not happen as the bigger picture it seems is now the Merger entity. Entulu must thank his “Lucky Stars’ that the Hidden Hands/Puppet Masters  have worked a better deal for him to carry on his political journey. SPDP President Mawan would be watching this political scenario with Interests as he gets on with his usual Adminstrative work for the State Government. His advisors would have advised him to play to the tune of CM Taib and do not even try to push any buttons which might trigger a FALSE ALARM.

Obviously, the answer is that BN4 would soon be BN3 to face the “UNITED” opposition in the next state elections.

We say as always,”There is tension on the ground especially with the impending SPDP/PRS merger talks eventhough many are denying it. We shall just leave it to the HIDDEN HANDS to work their Magic..

14 thoughts on ““Black Eyed James PRS/SPDP Merger Diversion…”

  1. spdp MACHAI says:

    Are we suppose to TRUSTS ANYONE FROM PRS.?? They are too many bigger than life characters in PRS to make this merger to work. We shall analyse ourselves..

  2. ursula says:

    Whatever it is MAY both these parties rests in Peace after the State Elections.They will feel the wrath of the voters and then Taib,George,Jabu and Najib and his boys will run to higher ground.

  3. evelyn says:

    Seems this time James is at the crossroad of his political career. Like what his man Tedewin has always said that he too should advise James to go to PKR. Bye bye and good luck

  4. Joyce sim says:

    Ahh ChOOoooooooooo excuse me do we need James Masing? Think just wrap him up in a Hankerchief and float it back to Baleh. Thinks he is so great to challenge the CM Taib.

  5. orea says:

    PRS can wait till the sun go down and we will try to stop this merger.Is someone in trouble..? Sort it out himself and stay out of SPDP. Why not james just join Anwar since he has contacts with him according to frens who told me that there might be some truth in the allegations.

  6. ingrid says:

    Shape up,Ship out and supporters would love you James. Go for it. You are not getting any younger and its high time you just make up your mind or the soldiers would desert you.

  7. vicky says:

    It seems that pRS wants to trap us in making mistake of having the resolution first. Testing our Sincerity? Or is it to get their President James out of trouble? Somehting is not right here?

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