Anwar,”Muhyiddin will say this Tomorrow..!!”

Call it a  “Shake-Up” “Political re-alignment’ “Re-organisation” of PKR Nationally but in Sarawak it will still and remain the BN bastion. The people have spoken and the people have rejected PKR eventhough there was a lot of Hoo-Hahs. There were also significant numbers reported that many have turned their backs on BN. But did it happen when it really mattered?

These WORDS and the TEXT of the political speech by Muhyiddin will be positively energised to drum up the spirit of Barisan National. Of course as always he will humbly thank the State Government for delivering Batang Ai and also to the people who made it happen. This will be cheered feverishly by all those who will be at PRS ‘Batang Ai by-election thanksgiving ceremony”

An emeritus professor has said this to me at breakfast today,”BN just won a battle but the war will have its twists and turns.” A PKR Sarawak  sympathiser couldn’t agree more and he chipped in with this,”The people of Sarawak has turned their backs and failed PKR but this is just the appetizer. The MEAL is not being served yet.” 

The re-organisation is expected so says a Divisional PKR member who has been with the party since its early days in 1999 as the people who were responsible for Batang Ai did not deliver and it was a rather futile effort on PKR. Losing is alright but losing the WAY WE DID when we are divided in the seams is bad.

The thousands who joined where were there? We needed them or are they just playing watching from the sidelines? It just cannot be figures as window dressers.This is politics and its the numbers game. He even says that it will take Anwar and PKR many more years still to wrestle Sarawak if this continues to happen. A management committee in the offing to guide Sarawak?

Meanwhile PKR Stampin Division Chairman See Chee How said that the Shake Up as we put is that the party needs all its political maturity, management  and awareness to realise its FULL POTENTIAL.

Unless if we work as a TEAM and all petty internal political issues are addressed and defined Sarawak PKR will stay stagnant. We need more spine and we need to pick it all up from the ashes. Just Like a Phoenix. Tough,Hard Work,Sincerity but of course Achievable says See Chee How.

Malaysian Innsider has this ARTICLE  headlined ,”Anwar prepares PKR for long battle with Najib’s UMNO.” So where does this leave Sarawak PKR? Adit supposedly to lead the charge of PKR to win the rural seats has been dropped but there are new faces in Paul Kadang in the disciplinary committee and Baru Bian as Assistant Secretary General. Dominique Ng and Hafsah Harun remains as Supreme Council members.

There is a strong undertone of Sarawak paying the brunt of the failure in Batang Ai. The controversy surrounds three main pointers in the post mortem which will leave a bad taste in the mouths of some but its the reality of losses twice doubling that achieved by Nicholas Bawin against an Assistant minister in the late Dublin Unting. 

  • 1. The Hidden Hand which promised so much but did not deliver as expected.
  • 2. Dr Ambrose Labang reversal role from PKR to supporting BN ( Good Propaganda for BN)
  • 3. Dis-organisation of party machinery due to  internal disputes regarding candidacy where TEAMWORK was absent.

PKR has to be accountable and they need to face the reality in Sarawak. Its not a small state unlike in Peninsular where Bloggers have been a much needed help to Pakatan. Ask any Barisan blogger who was here in Sarawak during the Batang Ai campaigning period and they will tell you how difficult it is and the differences in methods of campaigning. Rural Sarawak  audie61 has said that Helicopters provides the edge and it will remain that way unless if ………..complete my statement. 

A former journalists told me the people have made up their minds and will vote for PKR come the State elections Helicopter or not. But I will maintain my stand that he is dreaming like many others.Sure,dreams will come true but in politics its not just dreaming but working DAMN BLOODY HARD.

Grassroots of PKR matters and they need to be  INSTTUTIONALISED to be a party member and not only joining a party for positions and involve in factional political infighting. Will PKR Sarawak turn over the STONES that has been too long embedded on the ground? Will the familiar faces be asked to take another look into other  roles? Will Anwar know what is bests for Sarawak?

Muhyiddin will take a swipe nonetheless on Anwar if not tomorrow it will also be another day. Try, as he may but Anwar and his PKR team needs to encamp themselves in Sarawak. Its never easy but Sarawak will stay a fortress for BN for many years to come still. Will it not? Not Unless Sarawak voters wake up with a BAD HEADACHE…??

We say as always,”Let’s just wait upon what Muhyiddin will say tomorrow.? BN will celebrate long into the night but they know they have a long road ahead and they will not let their guard down…

Another By-Election “Bored Already..??”

Democracy does work in Malaysia. If the ADUN or MP dies in office a byelection will be called and held. When a political  party feels that their man has underperformed or tainted with corrupt practises he has to relinquish his posts and a by election is also the answer. If the MACC does its work without interferences there will certainly be YEAR LONG by elections till 2013 when its due. Will this happen..???

This is the HOME TRUTH now as Malaysia looks forward to be a developed nation by 2020. This is the new phenomena which will be used by all political parties and also the coalitions of BN or Pakatan. Why..?? Surely its another way of generating interests and also to STAY RELEVANT.

Political propaganda and momentum is always needed when the calvary is moving towards a focal destination. In this case Pakatan is all out to ensure that by 2013 whichever is earlier their forces are kept intact,ready to battle and also kept useful.

 These are the winter months for Pakatan as the country goes through the economic crisis.The government has promised stimulus packages which will keep those associated with  BN happy for the time being. Pakatan will find ways also to derail the momentum of the BN government as the new PM sells his concept of 1Malaysia.

PM Najib has the 1 Malaysia while Anwar as opposition leader has ‘A New Dawn in Malaysia”.Will the people or constituents of Penanti buy these concepts from these two gentleman? We know their election machineries will be down on the ground trying to WOO the voters to vote for their man. Will Penanti see  “maggi-mee” development and promises as usual? N29 Batang Ai saw the state government throwing down $70million as a carrot for the constituents. It seems the people are already “BORED” with the by elections unless its necesary.

audie61 did a political survey and we found some answers which are not new.

  • 1. Enough of wasting tax payers money.
  • 2. All this political games are just to egoistic for the parties concerned.
  • 3.Why can’t Pakatan wait for 2013 and realise their dreams?
  • 4. The economy is already bad and its not the appropriate time for by elections.
  • 5. Stop this! 6 byelections in one year! Laughing stock of the world lah!
  • 6. Who cares who wins”Boring already” 

Even Malaysiakini portal has already covered this subject with Najib saying too many by elections while Anwar hits back in this article In that case, give us a walkover. Will this end soon? Nope,it will carry on until the dusts settles after the Penanti state assemblyman is sworn in.

Whether the people who we have questioned are bored already it will be up to Penanti voters 15, 241 who will call the shots. Don’t tell me they will all protests and don’t come out to vote? If that does happen that will be a message to both BN and Pakatan? of course,it will be mosts unlikely but stranger things have happened in Malaysia.

It seems PKR has started early as they have identified a senior member for the Penanti by elections. BN will of course identify their own candidate and we shall even see independants joining in.

The country has expressed itself  that we have had enough of by elections and many are also saying its boring and the parties concerned should wait for General Election. This we say is a new phoenomena and we have to live and accept it. If we are looking towards the two party system this is nothing new. BN has been ruffled eversince 308 and they have to look over their shoulders now more than ever. Pakatan will play to the gallery obviously.

We must also realise that BN has been in power for over 50 years and to be jolted on 308 it takes time for them to recover. The opposition parties have tasted defeats many times and its easier for them to swallow unlike the BN parties. Bored or not Bored the democratic process has to be carried out and Penanti will see a by election.

We say as always,”Let the election commission fix the date for the byelection and lets see whether Malaysians are BORED or Not..?? That’s for sure that most conversations will have a little coverage of Penanti…hmmm


A Sarawak PKR staunch supporter sent us an sms,”Wah..!!  Mussen win,audie61 no sound or should I congratulate the whole team and crew.” Was it meant to get us back quickly or was it sarcasm…hehe? Nevermind, on this Easter Sunday we forgive him.

The crew of audie61 will be back  REFRESHED AND READY TO GO next week. We have taken a fully deserved rests after the last few weeks of N29 Batang Ai by election.

On behalf of audie61 we wish all our readers,”HAPPY EASTER 2009” God bless all of you.

PKR Sarawak…?? Ibans TOTAL HOPE in BN.

The usual election talk has died down in my usual 90cents per cup coffee shop. Now the fire in the Iban  intellectuals who had forseen a Change in their Peoples AWAKENING AND MINDSET were unusually quiet and no more vocal.

What was even more damaging was when when the results were announced the PKR supporters were far away from the scene. What has really happened to the commadarie and the big dinner functions where thousands were seen..?? Win or lose its part of the election process.

Todays tabloids there were a lot of analysis on where BN won and where PKR failed. Post mortem for both parties are necessary as winning one battle does not constitute winning the overall war. One needs not to be too arrogant as if they do and forget the fundamentals they will be suffer the consequences in the battles to come.

Now BN needs to keep to its promises of deliverance. The people of Batang ai has spoken and they want the government to make good their promises. Even SUPP chipped in with the result as ‘thrilling ” and mentioned that the voters have made a wise decision as they selected a person who is able to deliver.

 Well YB Malcolm its all up to you now. The BN full machinery was at your constituency giving you undivided support and now the peoples expectations are RAISED. $70 million worth of development funds are allocated and they need to be implemented accordingly. No more PROMISES but Hard Work.

audie61 has received a lot of sms and we share with the readers a couple of which does make some relevancy

  •  See, what i said was very true. the ibans in batang ai will always vote for the BN as they feel if they did not vote for them , life will be miserable afterwards, they will have difficulties in meeting govt officials such as district office for simple task like “certified true copy” etc, etc, etc. I have worked in that area in 2003-4 and knows these villagers well.
  • PKR should not even have contested in these iban areas and they have wasted their energy, resources and money.The good thing for these batang ai folks would be the RM70 million projects that would be forth coming…………..
  • Iban puts their TOTAL  hope in BN again says a IBAN Businessman…Sarawak gives their full support and endorsed Najib as PM.  Iban deserves BN reward for their total undivided support.  All election promises by BN of about $70 Million to the Iban hinterland will be carried out says a BN member.
  • How could a member of less than 6 months been picked to contest? This is going backwards for PKR. No wonder PKR got a battering and it was a thumping win for BN.
  • The PKR SARAWAK State Exco needs to redraw their political strategy and come out with a more solid and realistic apporach. It was a mistake to immediatedly admit the  ex PRS members. Give them 6 months to prove themselves and then admit them. PKR Sarawak just looks more like a “RECYCLED AND DUMPING GROUND” 
  • Talks of infighting within PKR has been proven by this Batang Ai result. What is Anwar’s next move as the person to make inroads into the Sarawak landscape..??

There are more but we do not need to publish as it a repeat of the WHY..? WHY..? WHY..? Who  is to be blamed syndrome? How come PKR losts so heavily etc etc and the lists goes on.

Stampin division Chairman See Chee How can name all the factors in the local tabloids but only one thing is a sad truth. The Iban BN people stays true to their believe that,”Do not fight the Government of the Day”  One has to realise that the urban areas are made up of people who make their own living through other means instead of depending on the Government.What would have happened if  MB Tan Sri Khalid has given development funds here..?

audie61 as far as we are concern we try as much as possible to give a fair and just reporting and we hope not to be lopsided. Our team of columnists are from different cultures,races and backgrounds. audie61 do not want to be associated as speaking half-truths or pro to one side.

 Home Minister Syed Alba has mentioned that Blogs are now considered mainstream media. We see this as opportunity and we intend to carry our message to check and balance the ADUNS,MPS, Councillors,and others who are tasked to serve the people. 

We say as always,”The TRUTH Hurts and everyone needs to sit down and reassess what needs to be done or what could have been done.Politics they say CUTS A FINE LINE..

NEXT PLEASE….Reshuffle in Sarawak Cabinet

The timing cannot be better than this.The Federal government will see a reshuffle in a few days time and Sarawak after a thumping victory for BN Sarawak its almost PERFECT for Sarawak CM Taib.

Of course he will pick his time and we are here not to lobby for our YBs so that they can or will be considered.Those who are already in the cabinet will be wondering though whether they will be retained?  

This time its for Real. Speculations were rife then that on 30th May 2008 and the other on August 3rd 2008 that the Sarawak cabinet will be reshuffled to bring in New Blood. It did not materialise.

We wrote then in the first instance,” When the CM was asked back then on the 8th of April when he would reshuffle his cabinet he said it will be after the State legislative assembly sitting.The meeting ended on 14th May 2008.’ 

The CM of Sarawak has the prerogrative on the final lists. It’s his choice if he adds to the present 24 member cabinet or make minor adjustments to bring in new blood or add in new faces. 

Just as he was anticipated to make an announcement he was held up and he said,”“Sarawak is a very calm, nice place. (But) I see some foreign storms trying to be very funny, so you know we’ve got to keep our calm.”

Secondly,word was coming out from the CM’s office that there would be a major reshuffle. It did not materialise and it only involved SUPP Ministers changing roles. What happened then on August 3rd 2008? Could this issue (controversial 12 Dams) or the Anwars factor 916 that has got the better of Pehin Taib?


Now with Malcolm Mussem Lamoh as the newly elected PRS YB there is every chance that he will also be considered. He polled a convincing 3,907 votes against PKR’s Jawah Gerang’s 2,053. On behalf of audie61 and the crew we would like to congratulate him.

PRS has been allocated Two Assistant ministers posts and one is held by Larry Sng who has since remain partyless after the PRS internal crisis.Will he still be considered? I wouldn’t dare to say NO as stranger things has happened. There are also strong vibes that Snwodon Lawan and Mong Dagang are eyeing this appointment  if CM does not reappoint Larry.

What about the other YB’s from other parties? Few names are already in the hat and its only a matter of time when they will be released. We were told that the CM that the CM will go through the lists at least 7 times even on the day of announcement.

We wrote on May 15th 2008 on the possibilities of those YB names who will make THE GRADE.Its an interesting puzzle and its always DESTINY and FATE of the person whether he makes it or not.

We say as always,”The days have started to countdown for some YB’s. Some are just hoping to hear the GOOD NEWS…. 

Tri-Elections Malaysia “The X is Yours”

We shall not be updating anymore as it seems the results are a foregone conclusion. BN wins Batang Ai with a majority of 1854 while PAS and PKR wins the other seats. Its a STATUS QUO as far as we are concerned.
8.00pm PAS romps home with over 4000 votes and PKR wins in Selambau by 1700 votes as per our source.
7.40pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results PAS 14,720, BN 12,142, Independent 32. Majority 2,577.
7.39pm Bukit Selambau Unofficial Results PKR is leading by 1,080 votes after 10 polling stations have been counted. There are 12 more polling stations left. 
7.36pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results PAS 13,571, BN 11,191, Independent 31. Majority 2,380.  
7.25pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results PAS 11,375, BN 8,998, Independent 29. Majority 2,377. 
7.20pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results PAS 9,423, BN 6,997, Independent 25. Majority 2,426.
7.13pm Bukit Selambau Unofficial results After counting five out of 22 polling centres, PKR’s Manikumar is leading by 937 votes.
7.10pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results PAS 8,932, BN 6,584, Independent 24. Majority 2,348.
7.01pm Bukit Selambau Unofficial results After counting four streams of out 64, PKR’s S Manikumar is leading by 578 votes. 
7pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results PAS‘ Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin has increased his lead over BN-Umno’s Ismail Saffain.

PAS 7,294, BN 4,670, Independent 17. Majority 2,624. 

6.55pm Bukit Gantang Unofficial results PAS 5,568, BN 3,792, Independent 10. Majority 1,776.

6.4opm Batang Ai UNOFFICIAL: BN wins Batang Ai. It is leading with an unassailable majority of 1,600 after 21 of 24 boxes have been counted. Iban puts their TOTAL  hope in BN again says a IBAN Businessman…Sarawak gives their full support and endorsed Najib as PM.  Iban deserves BN reward for their total undivided support.  All election promises by BN of about $70 Million to the Iban hinterland will be carried out says a BN member.

6.30pm Call received from PKR supporter..How come Bidayuh is now voting in Iban area N29? Something is wrong and it seems a Protest is to be made by PKR operation team.Hmmmm  

6.15pm sms lucu…BN win by 2 votes..Recount underway……..

6.10 pm Start lah! The blame game on PKR..No commaderie shown and heads will roll and be crushed as I wrote in my earlier posting.. Don’t blame the BN machinery or the $$$$$ or the project Kilat..Even his own longhouse Jawah has failed to shine. Must be the people are still happy with the CM Taib and also the new PM Najib. We shall see..Correct.! Correct.! Correct..!

6.08 pm SMs from Natasha of audie61 to posts this from 

6.00pm BN leading 723 votes. 18ballot boxes…Still BN will retain this seat of N29 says the innsider from counting counter

5.35pm Can consider BN has won this seat as all PKR strongholds BN has reverse the trend. So it seems the people of Sarawak still reject PKR

5.30pm Sms received 16 out of 26 boxes BN is way ahead..above 1000++ Wow!

5.20pm PRS Youth Exco said,”Show us the proof. Maybe PKR making excuses now they are losing.”

5.10pm True or not? Sightings of Phantom Voters. 1 Bus load of about 40 as our source inform us.

4.55pm From 12 Polling District so far counted: PKR Won 2, BN 10. Now BN Majority reduced to 758

4.50pm. Call from Operations room of PKR. All the information received will be posted accordingly.BN has won four polling stations – Ng Delok, Dewan Serbaguna Batang Ai, Kerangan Mong and Ulu Engkari. PKR won one in Sempang. BN is leading with 908 votes against PKR’s 356, majority 552

4.40 pm audie61 team has left it to them as they are the official tally team from scoreboard.

4.30pm Our source:-  Check out this latest for LIVE BLOGGING FROM PKR OPERATIONS TEAM IN BATANG AI.

Nothing can be done now. As soon as you enter the voting booth the mark X is yours.Make your right choice to elect your representative for your constituency. BN or Pakatan campaigners will be trying their bests to Woo you to vote for their candidate. Remember,”Its your RIGHT and YOUR CHOICE. Don’t waste your  Democratic Rights  ..

We say as always,”Lets do it for Malaysia and your constituency…. 

“PKR Sarawak Crossovers and BN Statements”

It was a bitter pill to swallow for some PKR members as at the height of the battle Julau PKR Chairman decides to switch camp. To those in the hierarchy of PKR Sarawak they had anticipated this move as this rumour was circulating for the last few days.

BN has taken back some lost ground. Sarawak DCM Jabu who spoke to the press said,”BN always welcome former FOES if they have a change of heart.He believed more PKR members would shift their support to the BN in the next few days to help the coalition retain Batang Ai N29″

Housing Minister Johari meanwhile had this,” the move by PKR members meant that their brand of politics is not acceptable bythe locals.He added PKR is not relevant to Sarawak.

SPDP President Mawan,”Labang was highly qualified and experienced leader and knew too well that Anwar’s struggle was in fact personal. In fact Labang was among the first few to join PKR and he even brought Anwar to Pakan. Could Labang be joining SPDP..????

PRS deputy president Joseph Entulu was quoted to have said,’Labang had obviously realised that PKR could not make any inroads into the rural areas in Sarawak contrary to their claims.I hope he will join one of the component parties as that would be wise.”

For all intends and purposes the choice is up to Dr.Ambrose Labang. He has moved away from his original struggle. He must have losts confidence in the party itself or could they be more to this? Could he have been dissatisfied with Anwars last minute choice of Jawah eventhough the frontrunner was Bawin.?

There are obviously cracks in the Sarawak PKR wall and it needs to be looked into seriously. Nothing should be SWEPT under the Carpet.  There is another underground swell in the offing and if PKR does produce a ‘miracle of some sort”  all will be well. If the results is a convincing and thumping win by BN heads are to be ROLLED OVER AND CRUSHED.

Anwar knows his detractors but he is willing to use it to his advantage at a PRICE. Only HE and his inner circle knows what is his game in Sarawak. He has ruffled the State adminstration and that should be enough for PKR for the time being. He is expecting a 2-1 result and of course a 3-0 to PKR would be a 407 tsunami to the BN.

On the eve of 407 its time to take stock of what all BN and Pakatan campaigners have done. Have they done enough for their candidate to win the by election?  Has all requests been looked into? Have they convinced the fence sitters that their candidate needs their mark of  X..?

All these questions will be answered by the voters in the respective by elections constituencies of N25,N29 and P59.  N29 the battle is all geared up and the waterways of Batang Lupar will see many longboats ferrying Voters to the polling stations from the longhouses. Its a scene to behold in this rural and remote constituency of N29. Its a day where democracy would be also tested to the fullest. 

We say as always,”Democratic elections is alive in Malaysia and all VOTERS should be out in FULL FORCE to do their PART.The Ballot Boxes of 407 will provide many answers.  

N29 Batang Ai ‘Music to the Ears’

Seems word on the ground from a PKR sympathiser is that ,”Any miracles would be welcomed now” The rating according to SB report is that its 58% to 42% PKR. Bad isn’t it..?

Even the bookmakers have more or less given up on PKR’s hopes as the odds have risen from 300 to over 450 now. Every one is cashing on quick $$$$$ and only the small time bookies(Sri Aman bookies) are taking in the bets. The big boys have left the country and they will only be back after the 10th of april 2009 after the 3 byelections according to the runners. Their phones are also switched off now and are also using other numbers.

BN is extremely happy with all these developments in N29 and with PKR even losing one of their Julau Division Chairman Dr.Ambrose Labang Jamba its a blow to the PKR Sarawak machinery. This could be read in DETAILS HERE..

According to a PKR strategists this happens,”We shall keep our chins up and there is a bigger agenda to fulfill.” Wonder what he means..hmmm???  

We say as always,” It will be celebration time for some on the 7th while others would have to do a post mortem on where did it all go wrong……… 

“Bombs Rained into Permatang Pauh”-Update N29 Batang Ai


Sunday morning after church service was uplifting after saying grace and thanks to the ONE and ONLY Almighty Creator for a good week that has been. To live and be able to breathe another day to many is a ‘Gift from God” 

My retired professor friend who caught up with me for coffee this morning said this,” You attack my Garrison N29 I attack your Base PP” It seems that BN strategists has been told to go on an all out offensive to ensure that this BN Bastion of Lubok Antu remains intact and at all costs.

You see this advertisement in the classified pages of an english dailyheadlined,” Permatang Pauh Selama 27 Tahun TIDAK  BERUBAH PUN.Bolehkah Beliau Membawa Perubahan ke Batang Ai? 

Helicopters were flying in and out of the interiors of Lubok Antu ferrying VIP campaigners some of them from UMNO to derail Anwar’s momentum and assist Sarawak BN. Anwar and PKR has been attacking the CM on all matters be it on NCR,cronyism,projects etc etc etc.

So it is only right for BN to attack Anwar back at his homefront. Will it work..? We shall see says the retired professor. These two places are worlds apart and they are inhabited by different people,cultures and customs. BN is under attack and of course they will come out with all sorts of propaganda warfare.

So this Sunday morning the rests of the news are just for coffee talk as its the usual ones for both sides of the political divide. This classifieds by BN though is something very new in Sarawak’s Political landscape.

Wonder what PKR can come up with? Haven’t the Home Minsitry lifted their ban says the retired professor..?? Hmmm,food for thought and could this be another miracle like what SKY puts it,” a win for the opposition would always be a miracle of sort; the playing field is tilted sky high.” Its up to PKR stategists to come out with somthing lightning fasts or else N29 will remain a BN stronghold.

 We say as always,” The undercurrents have shifted somewhat and its up to the campaigners to seize the opportunity and moment in N29 Batang Ai. Has the Bombs had a telling effect on the VOTERS..??  

NO.1 Man a Blogger + Updates Batang Ai N29

Well all the talks of Blogger being a thorn to any ruling government should be disregarded and dispelled. The No.1 Man in the country newly installed Prime Minister Najib keeps the nation updated in his blog .

He has been using the new media,incorporating video messages and posting them on you tube. He has also used Twitter(the social networking service that allows users to send short messages to each other)

Najib realises in order to keep tabs with the alterantive media he needs to embrace this new media tool. Even President Obama has used it to his advantage and we question,”WHY Not Najib as the New Prime Minister of Malaysia…??” 

Anwar Ibrahim(opposition leader and defacto leader of PKR) blogs too from and so does former PM Tun Mahathir

Of course when bloggers do write it is bests that they follow the rules as much as citizens journalism is concerned. There must be facts,figures,statistics to substantiate all claims and they never lie. The ruling governments in the world thrives on Information and they are willing to spend astronomical sums to stay ahead of this political game.

Surely,with this No.1 man Najib being called a blogger too in the mainstream media all earlier SWEEPING STATEMENTS  should be put to RESTS.

As for N29 Batang Ai both sides of the political divide are using all their knowledge and experience to swing the voters to put a mark X on their candidates. Streams of election campaigners are seen making their way to Lubok Antu and even there are “SMS’s” now being send.

Every one is using whatever ways to campaign and the mosts creative to date if I may say is the ‘Life Buoy PKR FLAG” floating on the Batang Lupar river. New methods of Propaganda war is necessary.

The urban voters have already bought the ideas and expect the political parties to be creative and always a step ahead. In the rural areas. FLAGS,POSTERS,BUNTINGS and BILLBOARDS are still the usual ways of getting the message across. Of course the party election ceramah speakers play a very vital role too.

Business is brisk in the town of Lubok Antu and the shopowners are smiling and grinning from ear to ear. Tony ak Lu and Andy of audie61 will be heading towards a longhouse in the interior this Saturday night to gauge the sentiments of the people.   

We say as always,” Bloggers  are here to stay and unless the internet/cyber space  is shut down for good the BLOGGERS have a place called home IN MALAYSIA. For now on behalf of audie61 crew,we congratulate the No1 man for being installed as the Prime Minsiter of Malaysia and being a BLOGGER.