“Beri Malu Aja Entulu”

At my usual coffee haunt this morning I was SWAMPED and LOUDLY TOLD by the dayak coffeshop patrons that the Deputy Minister should relinquished his posts and ‘Beri Malu Aja” (meaning bringing shame to our community). They want me to posts this article up in the blogsphere so that he knows that the community is absolutely angered and displeased with him. 

We got in touch with some  former dayak PRS members and they were in unison in that Entulu is seeking “publicity and they also said we don’t know what else he is capable of. He could even sell his soul to the ‘Devil”.

Even PRS President Masing in his personal capacity is not in the same wave length as his deputy where  he was quoted to have said ‘Dayak term is still relevant and useful today.

A few internet blogs plus main stream media were quick to voice out their opinions against the Deputy Minister and we provide here quick linkages for your easy access:-

We say as always,”Entulu has really got himself in a SPOT OF BOTHER. Wonder how he can get out of this one..? Afterall he is a politician..hmmm.

12 thoughts on ““Beri Malu Aja Entulu”

  1. zainuddin says:

    Lets just let him enjoy his stay as BN MP for now. He will surely fall like tenpins in the next GE. Now there will be many who will go after his seat unlike the last where he was unopposed.

  2. chloe says:

    Will Masing and Entulu go for each others throats now? This move must have been enginneered by someone.This is typical of leaders who try to be too clever…or i should say on the reverse hik hik

  3. dayang says:

    Time for PRS to take the necessary action.James will be made a fool more than once if he does not show his power.I leave it to James…

  4. Eusop says:

    Cawat or pants, still a clothing just a name.

    Become a Chinese, rich and timberman ahlong, so proud.
    Become Malay contractor alibaba, so proud.
    Become Indian lawyer, swindle talker, so proud.
    Become British come here as Rajah, so proud.
    Become Melanau also as Rajah, wah so proud.
    Become Jews even better, people of god, so proud.

    But Dayak? Celup your hair become angmo lah, so proud also.

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