A few phone calls and a quick check shows that the candidates for the Sarawak State elections for Barisan Nasional (BN) and Democratic Action Party (DAP) has been announced. Please click to and  Yet to be announce are candidates from SNAP and PKR.

This shows the reflection of the scenario in Sarawak.  A local mentioned that for all the hoo-haa in the opposition who has been calling for change, this elections shows they are not ready yet especially SNAP and PKR.  Using the Olympic 100metres as an example, you do not run in the finals immediately when the Olympic start. You has to train for 4 years to run in a 10 seconds 100 metres!

SNAP although a force in the good old days are somehow “now you see it, now you don’t” and PKR are more Peninsular influenced in this state proud locals. While DAP although a similar Peninsular based party has been quick to listen to the local leaders.

Administratively a DAP led state government are quick to response and focused what’s right for the rakyat compared to PAS led and PKR led states.  A good example is how Penang under Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng shelved their own Penang Industrial Masterplan 2010-2015 and are willing to work with the Federal government on the Greater Penang Transformation Plan reflecting the maturity to accept good plans for development.  Unlike DAP, the other PR states continue to act as they are the opposition.

How will all these adds up in the Sarawak state elections?  Coffee shops talks says better to work with the devil we know than the devil we don’t.

BN Sarawak Elections Candidates Lists

Our blogger confuseall has the final lists minus N70 and it can be viewed through .Please check the following facebooks 1.UMB SPDP 2. Puteri SPDP 3. Jiwa Merah 4. Semangat merah 5. Cross Criss 6. Cab Palang 7. Muka Besi 8.Otak Kau

Video is up on UMB SPDP facebook. thank you