“DAP Pamphlet Troopers On The Move.SUPP Wake Up.!!”


Having a morning breakfast surrounded by DAP pamphlet troopers is one thing. They are using very able and friendly,young and pretty canvassers to attract the people to receive. Wow! they can’t even wait for nomination day on the 6th April 2011 to start distributing. Any election rules broken may i ask the election commission.?? Are they afraid of SUPP?

What has SUPP got that they are worried of? Has SUPP reached out and called for the other component parties to assist in canvassing? Component parties are willing to help but it seems that SUPP is keeping operations “tightly knotted”

One component party member even said,”How can SUPP lose the chinese seats when their members already make up half the voting strength in the constituencies? They must be soemthing wrong with their “jentera” Maybe their director of operations have conveniently forgotten that within their midst they are three other parties within reach and has soldiers who are all ready to move for Barisan National.

Its not the right and appropriate time to make noise but they are 16 days for SUPP to put it right and wrestle the seats back with assistance from the other three remaining coalition partners in PRS,PBB and SPDP. The spirit of BN is ever willing to assist SUPP but if the respective constituencies feels that they can go it alone “its a fair game” Surely,one will not just be a “party pooper” and will also be given the “LOOKS.” You know what I mean..??

Some SUPP constituencies particularly the rural ones are using and maximising the coalitions party boys and girls to the full. Its about time SUPP wake up and know that in the urban areas they are the component parties to help you. In 2006 the machinery broke down and many within the coalition partners are still around 5 years on. They remember. “WOUNDS MIGHT HEAL SCAR REMAINS……..

http://www.confuseall.wordpress.com has all the photographs to prove what we mention will be an achilles heel for SUPP. Everyone is reading……grrrrrr.

Also please check this site : http://whizzekid.wordpress.com

So SUPP Please don’t repeat and make the same old mistakes. Open Up..