X-Factor Not only Sells…

 In Peninsular Malaysia it seems the X-factor of video footages of  opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has everyone having an indepth ‘analysis”depending on which political divide you belong. 

In Sarawak its the CM Factor which has the PBB Youth boys going all out to protect their dear leader. PBB youth wings up and down the country in Sarawak are coming hard at their own leader Fadillah Yusof for only putting a small effort against the criticisms of UMNO Youth Chief KJ comments.

 They are very upset,unhappy and going for the jugular and very soon it will come to this.There will be calls and demonstrations asking,”Fadillah time to step down..!!” It’s only a matter of time as PBB will protect their own bastion with the might of their armies.

Our source tells us ,”KJ and Fadillah are good friends and thats why they are not going at each others throats.” Oooh… Well. Politics today you can be friends tomorrow an enemy as in politics its THE MASTER which we serve at the time which makes it all that interesting.

Seems that both these friends are into something bigger and they know time is on their side and seeing off CM will be their ultimate goal. The PBB youth boys who are very much on CMs side are protecting their leader while mosts component party leaders from the top to the bottom are watching the show from the sidelines.

KJ has opened the floodgates and Gan and Chin followed suit in putting their own own planted ‘chilli padi”to serve to CM and his boys. Hot and very bothered the youth wing has come together to be one and those who are neither here nor there” the middle bystanders” will see that their political careers be stucked in LIMBO LAND soon.

SUPP who have losts so much will be all the smarter if the youth wing just come out and support CM instead of turning their guns to seek assistance from Gerakan or MCA for that matter. SUPP is a multi racial party but its more chinese based and they need to change their PERCEPTION. SUPP youth should have lambasted at KJ and everyone will say ‘you youths do have guts” Instead the youth wing of SUPP are seen as pale shadow of yesteryears. 

As a matter of fact some divisional leaders inPBB, SUPP,SPDP,PRS in the Batu Kawah areas have come out to give undivided support to the CM.

N10 SPDP Pending Division through this blog has also expressed its undivided support for CM.He has proven more than capable to lead.He has managed through PBB won 35 seats in the last elections. He has a tremendous record of running Sarawak in all fairness towards religion,opportunities and without any favours towards any one of the many ethnic races in Sarawak. Do we need to say anymore..??

The parties which failed to have a 100% record needs to work harder and find out where they went wrong and why their representatives/candidates are ignored or overlooked by the people.

Don’t just single out the CM Taib..??

 The youth boys will be drumming support for their leader and the call will be for everyone in the cabinet to show their allegiance soon and those half hearted ones will soon find that they will be sidelined. This is poltics and as much as the x factor video is played to all sectors in Malaysia the PBB youth  from within will be out like a pack of wolves hunting down the enemies from within.

This is politics which will not disappear from the Malaysian soil for many years to come. If you are with me you are my friend and if you are against me lets draw swords and killed each other off politically. PBB will need their coalition partners to show their true colours and its high time the TOP leaders come out openly and support instead of being asked to make a “meek noise” here and there.

PBB knows who their real friends are..It’s the X factor


Dont support or the wrong choice/support will get you HUNG


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