“Independants Tales of Sarawak Elections 2011…”

41 independants took the field in the last Sarawak State elections and only one(1) came out tops to stand tall. One had a dream to be a GIANT SLAYER while the other took the chance to swap seats at the very last minute and the GODS were smiling towards him.

Tedewin Ngumbang and George Lagong are two very close friends who knew each other from the earlier years in PBDS to PRS. One of them was unceremoniously kicked out from PRS as he was one of the many so called “recalcitrants” who challenged James Masing as the President of PRS and who seconded the motion to “censure” the President using Article V111,clause 19(a)of the Party Constitution . (copied letter to Penolong Pendaftar of ROS on 15th June 2006) The reason for the action taken was to prevent  the party from deregistration.

Would you believe that James will take back George Lagong.This statement,”“Yes he (Lagong) can apply and like the normal process anybody who applies to join PRS we will consider, the Supreme Council will consider…it will be the decision of the party not that of the president,”

George Lagong was once a campaign and operations manager for James Masing in the earlier years in PBDS. In a last minute twists he opted to stand in Pelagus as Independant  instead of in Baleh against James Masing as a SNAP candidate. 

Is there a CONSPIRACY here?

Tedewin meanwhile saw the opportunity that as an independant he could and might have been a power broker in this election.He left PRS as deputy information chief and had everything going in PRS but he blamed ‘Taib’s bullying PRS’ as one of his reason  for him to resign.

He was also known to Jabu as the “gangster’ for being very vocal in the appointments of PRS members in various government agencies and in the portfolios given. He was always holding an ‘invincible sword ready to slit Jabu’s throat”

Tedewin was putting his plans in action looking at some (6)six constituencies where he felt the independants might just have a chance to win. He saw the change in the world order in some developed countries like Australia and New Zealand where independants had a field day.

He pointed out to an article by the STAR on 8th April 2011 where the headline ‘Independants daydreaming” got his heart pumping doubly fast. His wife even told us at audie61,”Tedewin’s got to do what he has to do or else he would have been termed a ‘coward” In the political circles he was even being touted to be financed by James Masing(PRS) and even Awang Tengah(PBB) to see the end of Jabu who has helmed Betong for a good 37 years.

Why was George victorious while Tedewin was humiliated at the polls..?

We know that independants are opposition in their own right and mosts have no clear view and some join in because they strongly oppose a party or a candidate.  Some are even planted to be “vote spoilers” Surely George winning was no freak result and also Tedewin losing so badly when he was termed a giant slayer comes as more than a surprise. There were even smses received from Tedewins friends “believe kah Tedewin only received 170 votes? Your comments please”

We met Tedewin at 9898 coffeshop his favourite haunt where we wanted to “tahpow-takeaway“our “ayam penyek”.Tedewin said in this constituency of 8109 N31 Layar the turnout of 5934 voted for BN Alred Jabu 3703,PKR Stanley Embat 1787,SNAP Joe Unggang  183 and Ngumbang @Kibak Datu (ind) 170.

He said his sources said Jabu was so afraid that he capitalise on the government machinery and also his personal wealth to ensure that the pulls through. Tedwein said he can ‘walk tall” as before the 6th of April he was informed by his sources in Betong that Jabu has called him to come infront of many “tuai rumahs and penghulus “and take Jabu on. He came to the nomination centre and Jabus face was even darker than charcoal.

There was also a dispute on the nomination form where Jabu put his profession as Deputy Chief Minister. Technically this is wrong and Stanley,Joe and Tedewin voiced their dissatisfation with the returning officer. On another day Jabu would not have made it and he could thank his lucky stars he stands to serve another day in the cabinet says Tedewin.

Tedewin had nearly 200 working for him voluntarily and even had funds from supporters overseas to assist him in this campaign. Its not cheap he said to us and everyone needs to be paid especially the fuel and food. We also have to pay for accomodation to house our supporters from outside. He said he must have spent in totality close to nearly 300K. Imagine what Jabu would have spent? Your guess is as good as mine. One person even said,”Jabu must have spent nearly close to 20 semi detached houses and thats hell of a lot of dough you know.”

Jabu’s campaign manager has the Accurate and Precise Information right.??

 170 votes for the amount spent could sent any sane man thinking its not worthwile but for Tedewin it was money used and spent to exorcise the ghosts as if it could have been a “penalty miss” We went down fighting and he said he only returned yesterday and he thanked his supporters with a dinner function.

He meant well but it was a distant too far and to come fourth after all the promises by the people who voted Tedewin can anytme return back home to Betong with his head “held high”.He said it was a good move to see who your friends and relatives are or by your side.

George he said,” slayed both PRS and PKR candidates and he secured 5740 beating Stanley Nyitar @ Unja Malang of BN/PRS 2903 and Edward Sumbang Asun (PKR) 1171 with a mjority of 2837 in Pelagus with a voter strength of 15322.  The turnout was 9986.  

George made used of the “hidden hands” which was very instrumental in getting him into office. Of course the recent spat with some personalities which James has openly gone against did assisted George more than he could have imagined. James has also said the amount of money flowed into and used by the independant was something which must be investigated. 

George had also used his experience in the last parliamentary elections to good use. He knew some friends betrayed him openly in the lasts elections and knew that only family which are close can be trusted. He used the connections which he has built through the years being with the Assemblyman of Pelagus Larry Sng to his greatest advantage.

Larry’s nomination which was thrown out by PRS was the trump card. He knew the people of Pelagus is still very much a favourite with the voters and Larrys workload and dedication to the constituency was second to none. They saw in George something similar and George even had “cheques” drawn out “some reliable source” to assist minor immediate problems during campaigning.

Both the independants have different task at hand and George after failing but coming so close in the last parliamentary knew he had to break his duck. Tedewin had a different agenda and he was using his grandparents past history to assist him.There was too much negative talk about him in the political circle for him even to dream of not standing. 

Their own personal agendas plus substancial backing from behind was enough for them to go for it.After the 16th of April George was elected as the New Peoples Representative for N54 Pelagus  while Tedewin lived to fight another day for a seat in N31 Layar. Both of them have been badly bruised but the Gods smiled at George for reasons which the constituency will  find out in due course.

We are keeping QUIET…. 

5 thoughts on ““Independants Tales of Sarawak Elections 2011…”

  1. Bakrie says:

    If you know of any candidate or his/her agents committing any of the listed offenses please report them to Election Commission.

    It is an offence to:

    · Use false information when registering to be a voter or when filling up one’s nomination papers to be an election candidate

    · Deface or destroy nomination or ballot papers

    · Have unauthorised supply, production or possession of ballot papers

    · Remove ballot paper from a polling station without authorisation

    · Put into the ballot box anything other than the ballot paper

    · Obstruct/prevent a person from voting

    · Offer to buy ballot paper from any person

    · Vote more than once in an election

    · Impersonate a person, fictitious, dead or alive, to vote

    · Willfully reject a ballot paper that is validly cast, or accept one that is not validly cast (applies to election or polling station officers/agents)

    · Promote ill-will, discontent or hostility among the people, to influence voters, before, during or after an election

    · Influence voters’ decisions by treating them to food, drinks and refreshments, or providing money, loan, ticket, job, office or any other reward that is a valuable or important consideration – it’s also an offence to accept these goodies

    · Use threat, force or violence, or offer money or significant considerations, to influence someone to be a candidate or to withdraw from the race

    · Hire vehicles to transport voters to and from the poll, or provide the transport fares. Exceptions: (1) A group of voters can jointly hire transport to go to the poll; (2) If voters cannot reach their polling stations without crossing the sea or river, transport means may be provided; the payment may be in addition to the maximum amount of election expenses allowed, provided that this transport facility is made available equally to all voters

    · Provide musical instrument or loud speaker to anyone for political propaganda on nomination and polling days

    · Be within 50m from the nomination and polling places, without authorisation

    · Hold public meetings and rallies, displays or entertainment events without a police permit

    · Distribute campaign materials without a permit from the State Election Officer or without paying a deposit of RM5,000 in an election for a parliamentary seat and RM3,000 for a state seat

    · Campaign on polling day, such as holding public meetings/rallies or displaying campaign materials – clothing, head covering, ornament, water bottle or umbrella with the candidate’s name or party’s symbol – within 50m from a polling station

    What do I do if I think someone is committing an offence?

    Any person or political party can make a complaint to the Returning Officer about a candidate’s activities during the campaign. The officer can direct the enforcement team to look into the complaint.

    The Election Commission, if deemed necessary, can set up enforcement teams to monitor and control the candidates’ activities. Each team is led by an enforcement officer and includes a representative from the local police district, local authority and the candidate/political party.

    The team can immediately bring down any campaign material or stop any public address which does not comply with election laws. The team can also request the police to detain any person involved in the alleged offence.

    In addition, anyone who has the right to vote or claims to be a candidate in a particular constituency, can file an election petition to the High Court concerning any violation of election laws or regulations.

  2. zainuddin says:

    his is an interesting posts by the above Bakrie . Wah it is also frightening to know the amount of $$$$ the candiates spent to get into office.My its sickening but thats reality i guess..

  3. beritamu says:

    If it was not the last minute switch of George from Baleh to Pelagus as instructed by Dato Sng,his main sponsor,James Masing could have sailing in the same ships together with George Chan.

    The so call” 5 million Plan ” had actually get underway aggressively couples of months before election mainly targeting JM.

    Upon advices from local Iban prominent leaders,George changed his constituency though angered his Baleh supporters.

    George is now in dilemma whether to join any BN political party as he needs political vehicles to pursue his career.

    Will Dato Sng agree to him if he intends to join PRS as most of his supporters or Larry Sng supporters have no objection to it .

    • looes74 says:

      This is getting extremely interesting…..Let the rumble begin…..Would James Masing muscle himself to be the CM? Is Taib gonna stop James? Would Taib Mahmud do “Et tu brutus” on Najib?

      Watch the show…….Don’t you think Najib is like Caesar in the show

  4. Asri Rahman says:

    APRIL 25 — It has been two years since Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia came into being. Since then, Malaysians have seen a lot of things tagged with the 1 Malaysia monicker, the latest being an unrequested free national email service.

    But Umno’s newspaper Utusan Malaysia has been holding out against the concept and instead, promoting its own narrow racial views to all and sundry.

    Fact is, Utusan represents Umno worldview and that worldview is that Umno’s position in the country must be protected even if it means destroying the country and its institutions.

    In this worldview, nothing is sacred. Not the Federal Constitution. Not the truth. Not facts. Not even the Almighty. The only thing that matters is every Malaysian should submit to the will of Umno.

    So, it is hardly surprising that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has come out to bat for Utusan, to the point that he declared confidently today the newspaper is the voice of the Malays.

    Well, it used to be in the fight for Merdeka. Then Umno took over the newspaper in 1961 and things have never been the same.

    And in recent years, dropping circulation and shrinking readership have ensured that the Malay daily is only read by the few faithful who subscribe to its narrow racial views. Saying it is the voice of the Malays and by extension Malaysians is far-fetched unless the population has remained the same as in 1957.

    Sure, Muhyiddin did also say: “There is tendency towards racism that cuts across Utusan. This is not good. We should strive to destroy such a feeling and work towards one united Malaysia.”

    But his actions and some of his words send an unmistakable message that he thinks that 1 Malaysia is a nuisance, an idea which has given non-Malays too many ideas. Can’t be a coincidence that Utusan Malaysia also feels that way.

    “We cannot stop people from expressing although it does not make others happy. But some Chinese don’t know the feelings of Malays and the Malays know the feelings of the Chinese,” he also said, appearing to be a discordant voice in Najib’s 1 Malaysia administration.

    Malaysia does not need such views. Particularly when it’s ironic that Umno’s first president Datuk Onn Jaafar had once mooted opening the party to all Malayans then. He was booted out and the matter never saw the light of the day again.

    Which is a pity. Umno and its newspaper Utusan should read the writing on the wall. Falling readership, circulation and number of votes reflect people’s unease and distaste for such racial politics.

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