KJ “Misquoted or Talking Fingers…”

Oh No… Khairy! You have tweeted 14951 times as of 19th April 2011 but your 14906 tweet on 16th April 2011 did not go down well with Abdul Aziz Adenan PBB Youth Information Chief. Your engagement with your twitter followers of  36325 ( increasing all the time) on the outcome of the 10th Sarawak State Election has opened up a barrage of criticisms and words which are unpublishable here.(hmmm..excuse me.)

Khairy Jamaluddin who is UMNO Youth Chief and also MP for Rembau tweeted.”In the cold light of the day although we won,we suffered our biggests losses ever in Sarawak.So,Putrajaya ,we have a problem. Face Facts.”

Lets think rationally and dissect the statement which was tweeted just immediatedly after knowing the result. Khairy is very quick and he moves too swiftly at times for his own good. His followers have trouble catching up with him but there are some who knows how to read between the lines. They are with him as UMNO Youth Chief but waiting for him to make the wrong move to slaughter him and in the process stopping him from climbing further up the UMNO ladder.

Aziz Adenan is not too dissimilar and he knows a thing or two more than those who are around him. He helps those who are not good at this subject and learns quickly to cop up with his own weaknesses.He was brought up by learning and looking at how his parents work their magic in the press/media and political circles. Aziz is more media savvy with the press unlike Khairy who must realise that the bottomless pit is staring at him if he continues making unnecessary statements in his tweets. 

We are not trying to play the peacemaker here but as political leaders we have a right to come out with the right statement and not justs blasting out as and when we feel we must do. Politicians are the peoples voice but when they simply blah blah blah they will in time be even labelled and given the honour of being ” TOO EGOISTIC AND POWER HUNGRY ” 

We dont know Khairy too well but know enough to paint a picture of him. Those who are closely associated with him knows that he is a man in a hurry and he will stop at nothing to overcome those who put a barrier infrontof him.

It is not wrong for Aziz to issue this statement to the press,”We are disappointed and hurt by the comment of Khairy Jamaluddin in Tweeter about Barisan National election performance in Sarawak Election 2011” Aziz is doing what any good politician knows what is bests for his country.

Aziz continued,”his lack of knowledge of history or sensitivity towards Sarawak Barisan national component parties. Aziz also said that Khairy’s comment has an element of inciting division between Putrajaya and Sarawak

Khairy you need to EXPLAIN FURTHER ……

Khairy you need to Say Sorry to SUPP……

Khairy you need to ask WHY YOU SAID THAT….

There are many who are baying for your blood Khairy and unless you put it right this 2011 Sarawak State elections will come back and haunt you. We are not psychic but…

We at audie61 squad are always available and we know justs a little thing or two more when you approach the local territories ,terrain and not forgetting local customs plus traditions . A KL advertisng firm in Kuching for a candidate found it a little too late when they took no notice of us. Its the candidates loss and he cant explain it to his bosses.

On another note we remember one particular blogger who even said,”I was the person who brought KJ down” Did he tell you in the face KJ..??

Big No and please dont get offended. Khairy as UMNO Youth Chief you need to put the wrong perceptions about you right and learn from one master in the person of CM Taib,”Swallow your pride and you will be a better person in time to come.” It is proven right in Sarawak and 35 PBB seats intact in the 2011 elections is no mean feat.

Khairy or KJ your call now….. 

Sarawak “It’s a TEAM Effort….”

In any field of work there must be competition and “one”must also not stand alone. I remember very well the words echoed out by the former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew ” No man Is An Island ” and these words have stucked with me till today.

 One musts also know that great footballers today like Messi (Barcelona) and Ronaldo (Real Madrid) will not be able to play in their respective teams if the rests of the team just don’t want to pass the ball to them.

We worked and toiled like any team and of course we needed advices from our coaches in PBB and UMNO New Media Unit to guide us through. It was well worth the effort and the commitment shown was second to none by our bloggers.twitterers,graphic artists and facebookers.

 We are not selling ourselves but reminding people out there in the blogsphere the existence of this TEAM and willing to put in long hours and making sure the messages are received all the way to the ground.


and we are here to assist anyone who needs our services…..

SUPP “The sunset years No.1….?”

 We are in the process of compiling an overall true picture of what has happen to SUPP and why it has not got the “clear mandate” from the Chinese Community. There are more than a thousand “WHYS” and “IFS” but the truth is it has fallen from a giant to a mere mosquito party. The Chinese have rejected the party in droves and if the Dayak YBs did not deliver SUPP will have only 2 Assemblyman. Doesn’t that have similarities like the Peninsular based party “Gerakan..??”

audie61 had breakfast with a senior political veteran and he suggested that the independant candidate George Lagong be ‘roped” into SUPP as Pelagus has many SUPP members. It will be good for SUPP and maybe in the next State elections the urban seats can be exchanged with other component parties. This audie61 played up many ‘moons ago” and it was suggested even to give Pending seat to PRS Batu Lintang to  SPDP and Kota Sentosa to PBB in exchange for other safe seats for SUPP.

Who knows what might have happened? The allocation of seats is by concensus and as such no one should make full claim of the seats. (This should be seriously considered by the BN coalition as SUPP has losts the seats twice already. Other seats should also be looked into and a clear cut one would be Kidurong.

We would not be well loved by SUPP members but reality hurts and the members must know how to swallow their pride. James Masing  President of PRS swallowed his pride as told by CM Taib and look where he is now.The second largest component party in Sarawak. SPDP had some minor problems in infighting and this played a little paert in the loss of the two seats.”Krian and Ba’Kelalan”.The power sharing concept was losts in Krian as told by sources on the ground.

PBB remains solid eventhough there were minor skirmishes here and there. They were unafraid to seek assistance from other component parties in the areas which they had problems in and maybe SUPP needs to learn a thing or two from them. If SUPP does not pull up their socks we would not be be writing the “sunset years No.1.”

It would be SUPP “The Return of a GREAT PARTY” 

It’s up to the BN coalition to do an indepth research and come up with the realistic facts and figures on the fallen of SUPP. There is nothing more to hide and please the politicians in SUPP as the mandate from the people is clear and seemingly LOUD in the ballot boxes. We will on our part be truthful as we have collected the facts plus datas and as such some divisions are in for a good hiding from us at audie61. The sunset years No.2 will be no holds barred ,straight and cooked from the oven.  

SUPP remember we said “wake up in our earlier article………………….check it up..

Pakatan/BN 24 Hours to Polling…..

The hours are ticking….Both sides of the political divide are using all their political knowhows and experiences to ensure that the voters know who to vote for come April 16th 2011 on polling day. Last day ceramahs,visitations and propaganda materials getting down to ground zero are a must as they are very important to sway the fence sitters.

In  the last twenty fours very personal and intimidating signboards have surfaced in the city areas. It is more or less provocative and asking the voters to reject CM Taib. The words used are very unbecoming and the Peninsular tactics have crept into Sarawak elections

“Bunuh Asuk Tua” literally means and translated as “KILL THE OLD DOGS”

BN propaganda has been to reach out to the voters through “letters of appeal” and also Reasons on why the Pakatan candidates should not be ELECTED. Its a last minute push and CDs are also distributed by both Pakatan and BN campaign teams. It’s getting rather hot on ground zero amongst the campaigners but the voters are still keeping their votes close to their chests.

The 1987 feeling of the BN/Maju group tussle is quite evident in this election and its very “calm before the storm” There is a very strong momentum gaining by the opposition and rumours are spreading like wild fires that.”There is a possibility of doing a rerun of “Selangor and Penang” in Sarawak 2011.

Billboards have appeared to be vandalised at some areas where the politiking has gotten to the heads of the people involved. Its really getting out of hand and police reports are all being made. The authorities concerned are taking all the statements and are looking at it with great concern.

No matter what the political parties throw at the voters in the constituency it will be up to them to vote on the 16th.Results will show whether the parties participating in this election are warmly accepted by the electorates or they have fallen on the wayside or rejected.

It has been one hell of an election campaign and many have work long hours and gave their all to the parties concerned. Those who work hard will see their fruits of success and they will be tears of joy if their candidates pull through. It’s the last leg and 24 hours is a very long time in politics. Until the voters mark the X there is still the chance to change their minds.

It will be a fair day for polling tomorrow morning according to the forecasts but afternoon will see thunderstorms. Lets all go out and vote without FEAR. Sarawak will go through the democratic process to choose the 71 candidates for the State Assembly.


Check up these sites for hourly and minute updates tomorrow early as they will cover the polling stations:-

1. http://confuseall.wordpress.com   2.http://whizzekid.wordpress.com   3.http://semangatmerah.wordpress.com      

BN/Pakatan 48 Hours and counting…..

The hours are ticking and both sides of the poltical divide are turning the screws against each other. The “Orang Utan” issue made headlines in all major newspapers in Kuching in which SUPP Bandar Kuching candidates led nearly 200 protestors to sent a protest letter to Sarawak DAP headquarters.

Personal attacks are the ‘norm of the day” as the brakes are removed while its full steam ahead. All candidates are making last minute pleas in an Open Letter to their voters to vote them in and what they can do if voted in. The constituency voters will know who is good for their votes and if they vote wrongly their areas will suffer in terms of putting the wrong candidate up.

Ground reports are in very much in favour of BN but they must still put in the extra efforts to win comfortably. Pakatan are harping on denying the BN Sarawak 2/3rds majority and the ” bomoh ” issue has again surfaced after 8 days of campaigning. Billboards are appearing at strategic locations with Pakatan to unite against Bomohism.

Both sides of the political divide are using technological advances to capture the young and also the middle income group of voters. The smses blasts are making appearances on the handphones very frequently. Those voters know what we mean,”30 years di bawah…….blah blah” “Vote for continued progress,stability blah blah…”

One such sms which i took very seriously is,” Gov 10 points solution on Alkitab is an amicable solution 2 both Christians and Muslims.Let us all stop politics of HATE and reject religious extremism in Sarawak.

The telcos are laughing all the way to the BANK and when the elections are over hopefully the lines will be back to normalcy. Not only that the government of the day should ensure the coverage to the interior and rural Sarawak must be stepped up.

Christmas have come early for those who are connected directly in proving the necessary backup to the candidates and parties concerned. A lot of hard work and effort are sacrificed by everyone  to ensure the choice of their candidates are accepted by the constituents and the voters in particular.

The 48 hours and counting will be crucial and any wrong decision or wrong move will be a minus point for the candidates. The ground zero machinery are mobilised to the fullest and the back up crew will be ready when called upon. Its the fence sitters that the parties will be concerned with and the swing will determine who will make it in one of the 71 seats available in Sarawak State Legislative Assembly.

Make the Right Choice……!!!!

Pakatan/BN Crucial 72 Hours.

The last leg of the “year long and wait” instead of the 10 days campaigning by political parties and their candidates will draw to a close soon. The last 72 hours and countdown will be very crucial to turn the mindsets of the fence-sitters to vote for the respective party which they will feel comfortable with.

 No one knows where the tide will turn as the people are now well informed. They have a choice. They will give a mandate to the candidate of their choice. It’s up to the political parties machinery and campaigners to turn the tide towards their candidates.

The amount of information filtering through should reach ground-zero by now and the voters must be  already”zombied” to vote the candidate of their choice. There must not be room for even the slightest question mark on which party they will mark on polling day.

Two contrasting statements which has hit the “morning coffeshop sphere” are 1.Toilet roll for 5 years in urban areas and 2. Local based parties against West Malaysian parties in PKR,DAP and PAS.

A phone call from a member of our team audie61 said that people in the urban areas are saying “If we receive some “donation’ for our votes it will be useful. It should be enough to buy ‘toilet rolls’ for 5 years. Whoever gives be it Pakatan group or BN we will receive with both hands. It’s after all our money and those in power are only tasked to look after ‘our treasury”. It’s like a bonus and we will not run out of toilet papers.

Isn’t it a good idea..? Short of saying,‘we are buying votes”

There has been many election speeches but the BN local parties should just capitalise on Sarawak for Sarawakians slogan. Its enough to get through the minds of the people in Sarawak especially so the parites fielding the local candidates are from Peninsula. If they win they will report still to the ‘masters” who are all West Malaysians.

 In Sarawak, our CM is given the full autonomy to run the State of Sarawak and Federal leaders needs to consult him in anything on State matters. Will the Pakatan leader be given that mandate? They are already strung by the neck it seems and even before they take power and run the offices they are under control from Peninsular leaders.

The CM has been the focal point of attacks and he has taken it on the chin eventhough there has been ‘personal”attacks by Azmin Ali in a ceramah about his choice of marrying a foreign wife instead of a ‘local lady” He even said to entice the local crowd,”local girls are beautiful and charming” and in so many words it means,”ladies your pek moh doesn’t even care about the local girls and why should you all vote for his BN team..?”

It’s a personal issue especially of taking your partner and who are we to question the lady he chooses? Would you like us to question you,”why you marry that lady or that man..?” Its in the eyes of the beholder and everyone in the market knows,”when one is sick and bedridden only the wife knows while the girlfriend will only know how to say ‘get well fast and I need to shop for designer items to look good.”

Azmin scoring political mileage is one thing but being personal is way below the belt. Drawing the crowds to laughter is only for comedy shows and talk shows not on a political arena and ceramah. How did Hitler do it..?? Ask yourself that and only maybe you will be as good as your mentor Anwar.

The next 72 hours and counting down will be crucial on who has the mandate to run the legislative assembly for the next 5 years. Its all still very much in the mix and the choice remains with the voters. Its a choice they have to take as they make their way to the ballot boxes on Saturday 16th of April 2011.

BN or Pakatan you decide…