“What would Life be for them..??”

Police and Politicians would always try to issue statements and also tell Voters “DON’T GAMBLE YOUR FUTURE AWAY” This though has got to be just UNBELIEVABLE and WAY ABOVE BEING NORMAL.

Anyway the gamblers are anything but normal as they are addicted and would go to any length and breadth to satisfy their DAILY KICKS.


BUKIT MERTAJAM, Dec 18 – For residents of Kampung Baru, there appeared to be a grave situation.

This followed “spirited” activities in the dead of the night at a Chinese cemetery in Kampung Baru here over the past two weeks.Strange men were spotted walking stealthily towards the cemetery. To some residents, the thought that paranormal activity was in progress, could have crossed their mind.

Probably unnerved by the nocturnal goings-on, some residents alerted the police.When undercover policemen turned up at the cemetery yesterday evening, they found no hint of the macabre.

Instead, they stumbled on 23 spirited men, including several senior citizens, gambling passionately at the burial ground.The police nabbed the suspects, including 70-year-old men, and seized RM40,671 and gambling paraphernalia including a bowl, three dice, 78 gambling chips, three long tables and 20 chairs.

A police spokesman said today, a team of personnel from the Penang police contingent anti-vice, gambling and secret societies division raided the area.

He said the suspects were detained to facilitate investigations under Section 7(2) of the Open Gambling House Act 1953, which upon conviction, carries a fine of up to RM5,000, or six months jail, or both. – Bernama

2 thoughts on ““What would Life be for them..??”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    bangsa kitai,
    you are behind time and I am sorry if you have got the facts wrong.For your information audie is now with different boss. Please check carefully. Dont get yourself in trouble my friend.

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