“NCR” Sarawak Syndrome 2011

The groundswell which will somewhat affect the balance for the Sarawak ruling BN coalition will be of course the NCR land issue. Over the past few months the subject is like taboo and opposition voices have been heard by harping continously to win the people over. It’s an issue which has been repackaged to suit the mood of the people and even the courts have been listening. You know very well and the stage is set. Now what..?

Surely, the State BN will not be affected. It seems though the opposition now is not only made up ” recycled faces “but has a mixture of very new,vibrant and very determined group. Their main focus is getting down to local issues and attacking the YBs and their report cards. 

The  CM Taib is the main target but it is only a guise so that the BN YBs will be caught flat-footed and lay the blame on the ” top man ” Without a doubt some of them are using the NCR issues protect their own interests.

A little tweet from a ‘nothern voice” said to audie61 and this is his very own words,” After the BN convention, one of the very top leader, is very concern about Sarawak.Not sure our Sarawak leaders have adopted to the new political reality or not.”

 It’s clear and the signals are very clear” What happens in Peninsular Malaysia will not affect Sarawak. Sarawak has too many localised issues and the the main culprit remains the selfish needs and the over powering of certain individuals and warlords who sees that their ‘ human property’ will not and must not be compromised.

The headline NCR Syndrome 2011 will be the candidates lists for BN. NCR in this context the incumbent would proudly say we will know how to deal with NCR land and other issues and on our part there is “NO CASE REPLACING” any of us.

That really defeats the warcry by Najib,”winnable candidates” our little nothern tweet continued,” najib said are they winnable candidates? two terms ago, my feedback was, it not just about winning, are they going to be good and effective salesman for BN or not, generally. Now we are feeling the effect.

Some of the YBs are so self-centred even though they have served more than three terms and giving way eventhough they have outlived their usage does not bother them. Furthermore they tend to use the grassroots to go on a signature campaign which is an overused and unrealistic way of promoting themselves to the top BN leadership.

They will say we will have the money and machinery at our disposal and opposition will not make any headway. Are they kidding themselves or just protecting their bastion. Najib and Taib knows very well that times have changed but some of these NCR YBs are but using too much of their past glories for the present situation.

Without a doubt BN can use their propaganda to their fullest and if not BN will be stupid. Pakatan will do likewise and propaganda aside its the  “CANDIDATES” which the people will tick and put in office.

Every constituency in Sarawak is unique in its own way and every team player must know what is in store and why they have chosen to stand on that coalitions ticket. Some independants are successful as they know how to win the hearts of the people in the constituency. Nothing is by luck as no one goes into a political campaign ” NOT TO WIN ”   

BN Commander in Chief Najib has already clearly led out a deafening warcry,” ITS NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL BUT BUSINESS UNUSUAL” NCR YBs SARAWAK needs to just see whether they are still relevant or wanted by the people on the ground or the party. No use clingling on to false hopes and working hard now when it should have been constantly been carried out. 

Your time is up NCR YBs and there is not much use in politiking as the report cards have been seen and last minute ‘cry baby’ syndrome will not work. BN will not sacrifice just to please a few while the majority voices are blaring loud and clear.   

Pakatan infighting in Peninsula will have little or no effect whatsover to the Sarawak local scene.It goes without saying the BN leadership from the top to the bottom must have the ‘commaraderie” feeling or BN will LIVE TO REGRET.

The then VP and now Deputy President of PKR Azmin said,”If we go to an election with infighting we will surely not win. No way in the world will one win any election for that matter.”

BN its clear and NCR YBs will need to just need to give it to a “BETTER MAN ”   Mahathir said he doesn’t particularly like the song ,”MY WAY” in an interview recently as the first lyrics are “And now the end is near ” but NCR YBS should adopt it.


NCR to you YBs who have outlived your stay or replaced should be thankful that you have touched the hearts of your people but now its time to move on. The people knows who will be their representative and its no use if you are not on their favourite boxes to be ticked. 

My little nothern tweet ended by saying,” What do we expect what they would say. All the current Ybs feels they had NCR right on the seats.”

To all our readers/friends audie61 and crew wishes you all a Very meaningful New Year 2011 and may all your wishes come true. Stay Healthy and dont over politicise NCR .