BN/Pakatan”Knowing the Truth..??”

Everyone of us loves to be shown factual and truthful accounts. There are instances when some are put together to create a “perception”where it will captivate the audience and readers into believing what they read are nothing but the truth.  


 Certainly not and we are educated enough to judge the legitimacy of reports filed and not purely written to exploit the Naiveties of us Poor readers out in the blogsphere. Every action there is a reaction and our minds must not be polluted into caving into any article which does deserve to be given even a glance through again.

The Pakatan likewise the BN has blamed many spin doctors and unethical journalists from spreading unnecessary lies,allegations and a hosts of stories. There are truths too but many are not willing to FACE THE MUSIC AND THE CONSEQUENCES.

Over the past few days the attacks on CM Taib has been incessant and it seems the Chief Political Secretary Abdul Karim Hamzah has been dragged in and he has been the subject of much ridiculed,blamed and even called a moron by some. We will posts the following articles below and you will be the judge of it all. 

In order to do justice to our article though we do not have much journalistic background as commented by some but we would like to share what we know. The truth of every reporting is to seek a statement  from those who are aggrieved or wrongly perceived.

No point in just making it “rolled over a hundred fold” as according to a veteran editor it will be forgotten very quickly. The “SHELF LIFE” is short but political parties tend to overuse and most do not know how to create diversions or a NEW PAGE.

Are we with Karm Hamzah? He is a friend in politics and we do disagree on a lot of issues but when we see wrong we try to put it right.

We are not righteous as we told the PKR Information Chief See Chee How yesterday and we also do not want to be termed the “Third Force’.It is our right to fight for the right justice and the truth. We do not want to over sensationalise as if we do many say our articles are ‘not like a spade is a spade“.

We know that Politics is Perception but there are limits too.

We sms Karim Hamzah at 1607 today and this was what we wrote,”YB u must hv been informed that u are the main topic of discussion at the moment

He replied at 1653,”audie61 I never give an interview to Free Swak Radio or Msiakini but I did was interviewd by a reporter from a National Paper.The Msiakini article was very much distorted.”

Many have earlier called and said to us,”Your friend is really in hot water now and is he doing this to be given a state cabinet posts in the next reshuffle? He is apple polishing too up the wrong tree? These and a lot of other rude and other unpublishable words which can and could ruin many a good man.

 He is no angel we know but please accord due respect to some who tries to do his job well. We always say,” If you are a streetsweeper do it well as the whole world will bestow upon you,”Here once lived a streetsweeper who swept it so clean that we can walk without shoes and it is because he puts dedication and commitment to his work.”


The articles which has circulated and has been on the tongues of many who follows politics closely:- 

We listen to the hilarious interview with YB Karim Hamza, the Chief Minister’s spokesman, explaining how he is not worried by blogs describing Taib’s wealth. He says he thinks it is “only fair” that the Chief Minister should take the opportunities of his office to become rich. {

This interview is unbelievable, unforgivable and unforgettable. Taib’s political secretary Abdul Karim Hamzah is saying that it is okay to amass wealth in office. Well, we need to tell him “No, it is not okay!” It is a crime, no matter whether he is in office for one day or 100 years.

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Obviously Abdul Karim Hamzah is either a MORON
So, after 40 years in the government, don’t you think he deserves to have some level of satisfaction, or some level of wealth that he could accumulate in the right way? Are you trying to tell me politicians must be poor? Only businessmen are allowed to be rich? That’s very unfair!

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