BN “Which YB Seat Will Fall..?”


When I was asked this question at Christmas time in Bau I was dumbstrucked but still managed a smile.  Am I going to be truthful and make them happy just for the sake of the yuletide season? No way, so  I replied DAP/YB from Sentosa and Pending.

Cheh..It’s like a tsunami hitting Bau town maybe they will be ousted said a former headmaster. I have hit the ‘core” of their conversation and it has irked them. 

 These two YBs Chong Chieng Jen and Violet Yong are unshakeable come what may in the eyes of the many “elders” of the bidayuh hinterland in this village/kampung which was present at the open house.” { The elders are so called here as they will have the final say in matters of the whole family.If one goes against their wishes they will be cast aside and away from the family. }  

How well they know the politics is that they have their sons and daughters who are working and living in the urban areas. Others they would not dare to speculate as they see SUPP has hardly reformed and will find it still difficult to recover the ” losts ” seats.

If  the party president George Chan does something drastic and put in a team of ‘very new and dynamic faces” and drop some of the existing YBs the voters might just be swayed. Other than that SUPP will still have a mountain to climb.

Just then a young engineer in the 30’s butted in.You see,”BN YBs from the coalition are just not doing enough some of them I dont want to mention names and are thinking or “sleeping on their jobs”that they will be voted back in with the amount of money,machinery at their disposal.


Have the Rural YBs check their EYES recently?

Can’t they tell that mosts of the young ones are in towns and they will tell the elders who to vote and why? The politics of yesteryears are things of the pasts.  When the election is called before July 2011 many information will be shared and it seems the BN regime will be in for a major hurdle. No Seat is safe and now the people are starting to count which BN/YB will fall.

We do not want to be the prophets of doom for the BN YBs but seriously and honestly have you yorselves YBs done enough to be elected again to the State legislative Council or Parliament? The  DAP YBs and 1 PKR YB are not exactly faultless. They don’t have the development funds to see them through but somehow or rather they still manage to strike the ‘ nerve point” of the people of their constituency.   

The word on the ground is obviously now,”Who will FALL.?” Even YB Peter Nansian N2 Tasik Biru is under threat and he knows it. There is a significant drop in visitors to his ‘open house” from nearby constituents and he knows that he has to double his efforts to maintain his stranglehold.

He even used the scouts motto,” Be Prepared” to  stay ahead of the opposition which has been very busy moving about in his area. He has been diligent,been working hard and above all he will not let his guard down.

The elders said others we worry as there are too many unfavourable stories,gossips and rumours but we can’t see Nansian been caught with his pants down.

The differance always lies with the responsible YBs themselves. One though should not even cry a little tear for those who thinks that they are in the position because they deserve it.

“The people put you there the people will remove you” 

There are many issues at the moment which needs to be addressed by the ruling coalition before they are ready to face the people for a new mandate. If the State and Parliament elections are held simultaneously we will not know how the people will vote. It could mean like the old days,‘State we give to BN ,Parliament to Opposition.”

What if ,Pakatan makes significant inroads in Peninsular Malaysia? Isn’t this dangerous ground for the present BN coalition. The Pakatan will use whatever means to get to PutraJaya and BN will need to be on their toes. The Propaganda machines available at each others disposal will play a very huge part in the next general elections.

The village elders said,”Everywhere its just a touch of the button” and the YBs must know where to find them and how to turn them into votes.Their final message was,”