Pakatan/BN “Know the Truth Part 2..”

This was how we ended in the first article BN/Pakatan “Know the Truth”


Today this is for real:-

  • 1. Count me Out– A senior editor said,”he should know very well that he has no place in SUPP still he thinks that he is WANTED. He is trying to divert from the truth and he should have just said,”he is never interested in politics thats good enough.” Furthermore who is he to be approached as there are many others more than capable than him. He will be very far in the line of others in SUPP and thats why he is trying to deflect it.
  •  2. S’wak whistleblower site ‘hacked’ Chance meeting with  Dr. Jeniri Amir lecturer from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and telling him. “if you are being attacked, would you just hold back and get chopped and hacked..?” Would you not do something about it? The present State administration must be seen to do something to protect the Chief Minister and all Generals and soldiers in any battle  would ‘humanly possibleprotect their COMMANDER IN CHIEF. You must watch the present series on how the Chinese did battle in the Three Kingdoms.
  • 3.  BN/Pakatan-Knowing the Truth..??”December 9, 2010 we wrote.  Today we told an english news editor,”Do you honestly think that BN will tell the opposition how they are going to fight their cyberwar? Where did you hear bout the MS10 million fund.It must have been spread through some blogs. It is speculation and rumour but it can be real. COULD IT…??

The Asajaya assemblyman and Chief Political secretary Karim Hamzah “scoffed at the notion that such information would even be leaked via the Internet. “Even though we have a strategy, we will keep it confidential. You don’t reveal your trump card to your opponents,” he said.

Asked how the posting could have come about, he replied cryptically: “What can we do? Now everyone can use the cyber world to dump in information.”

Karim also said this which is REAL,”“I have never spoken to Radio Free Sarawak before. (The radio station) is hopeless,”

So we ask you again please step one step backwards,


This is the cardinal truth,”Everyone of us loves to be shown factual and truthful accounts. There are instances when some are put together to create a “perception”where it will captivate the audience and readers into believing what they read are nothing but the truth