“PKR Baru Bian – Hero..??”

Latest:-Seems word has been circulating that Wong Judat N42 SPDP assemblyman is also very displeased with the Presidents actions against Entri.

This certainly isnt about the NCR court case which Messrs Baru Bian, Advocates & Solicitors won for the two landowners in Sarawak last week. The headlines which appeared in todays Borneo Posts has reverberated at a higher Richter scale  than the minor earthquake of 3.2 that was felt in Batu Niah and Suai yesterday. It reads,”Nelson needs Sec-gen post to face election.”

The press statement sgned by four of SPDPleaders said,” Nelson needs to be given a party post with a lot of clout because three is a great chance he will be facing PKR’s most powerful man-Its state chief Baru Bian in the next state polls. 

  • Wow! BARU BIAN HAS BEEN ELEVATED TO BE THE MOST POWERFUL MAN NOW MORE LIKE A HERO AND CHAMPION FOR PKR. This is just one of the many smses which audie61 received as early as 5.15am.
  • The one that really tickles us at audie61 was this” Setuju Bro.Jadi CM pun boleh!Lagi Banyak majority.
  • One sms hit hard at the 4 leaders,”What are they thinking off coming out with a political statement like this..? This is creating a public perception that Nelson is underperforming and is so afraid of PKR .What lah!!”
  • Another sms  who is behind this “political statement and it clearly shows the political immaturity of the leaders.Bad news for BN this.Handing momentum to PKR Baru Bian” 
  • Similarly this sms,”Baru Bian the new champion of the people. So sad for SPDP and this has further elevated Baru to a “CULT LIKE figure especially so after the NCR land case.
  • Another sms said are they implying that the rural areas are no more the BN stronghold.??Giving advantage to PKR..

The Sarawak public has already been informed that Baru Bian is very much feared by BN/SPDP. What happens if Nelson is beaten in the next State elections even as a Secretary General..? SUPP losts its Assistant Minister and Secretary General Sim Khneg Hui to DAP in 2006. 

Its not so much the position please but what Paulus Batu Danau N69 SPDP assemblyman has said makes more sense,”At the end of the day its the people who will decide my fate and he has to continue to serve his constituency to the bests of his ability.” 

Any questions………..???