SPDP”Marriage Rescued…???”

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston(AP File Photos)

Sorry Mawan! If it has been reported that Brad Pitt is leaving Angelina Jolie back to his xwife Jennifer Aniston you are also making a turnaround on your earlier stance of appointing Nelson Balang as your SG and going back to your former SG Slyvester Entri. This was a match made in heaven and you have derailed it all by bowing down to the powerful forces within SPDP. Under Pressure Now are you..??

Now you are saying,”I just want to assure the public and Barisan National colleagues and members of SPDP that it is going to be alright very soon. Will Entri take it after being so HUMANLY HUMILIATED.? Let’s just kiss and make up and no-one is bigger than the party and the BN coalition. But a number of analysts says that the open wound would take some time to heal and its not a lovers quarrel where things can be quite easily patched up.