“S-G SPDP…??”

Will he ..? Will he not..?

It seems barely a few days after the SPDP TGM there are strong undercurrents swirling that Sylvester Entri might not be re-appointed as Secretary General. There seems to be very strong objections from the majority group who wants to put their own man to be the SG to the party. A phone call was even made to the Executive Secretary of the party by our source to clarify whether the President has made up his mind and his answer was a ,”No not yet” 

It appears that Mawans hands are tied closely and it remains whether he will come out unscathed or face a revolt of some sort inside the Supreme Council. Will they use a 2/3rds majority to remove him if he goes against their wishes?  A preemptive move by a ‘NO CONFIDENCE VOTE on the President”

So who is the other person favoured. It seems lawyer Kilat Beriak is the frontrunner if Sylvester Entri (Assistant Minister) is not reappointed.   Why Kilat and not Sylvester..?? This needs not be answered by audie61 as it is already well publicised that earlier there were some internal arguments which had sparked up a TEAM A and TEAM B grouping which was eventually compromised with a solution.  

It seems that actions can only take place after the party elections are held to eventually sort out  the  niggling internal problems. According to our innsider source its a FRESH NEW Headache for Mawan and it is not so difficult to solve. He can just discard both these two persons and opt for someone who has the caught the imagination of the party and public at large. Even those in the BN family are talking about him being burnt to ashes.

But as the saying goes,” Like a Phoenix he will rise from the Ashes and claim his Rightful Place.” Could Philip Ngo be just the right person to take over the SG posiion to balance the possibility of a ‘CRACK IN THE PARTY“. We never know as the decision lies in the hands of the President and he can surely use Philip as a leverage to stop all the infighting or interference from outside as openly claimed by some.

Surely the defeated Deputy President candidate will not be well received by Nyarok or Tiong but they say the party is above all and it could just be the right tonic for the BN SPDP party. A well placed source said Philip has certainly created enough Bang for the party and he could be just the perfect antidote to influence many more young and dynamic members to BN and SPDP.

This words could be just perfect to start a new reengineering and reinventing exercise for BN. Philip has walked the talk and he could counter PKR Dr.Chua Jui Meng very easily if he campaigns in Sarawak as Dr.Chua is known to have said these words,” A politician who keeps quiet is not a politician.” So could we see a choice between Sylvester.Kilat or Philip? If you are the President of SPDP  who will you choose…???

Mawan will use the time available to weigh the options and he alone will announce the SPDP SG as it is his prerogative..


Our last posting for the year was our 888 posting since May 1st 2008. Our blog audie61 has grown tremendously due to the support and encouragement from all sections/quarters be it friends or foes. We are not about to go and Praise Ourselves for a Job Well Done and Shouting our voices Hoarse for everyone to know. Or why not? Isn’t it selfishness that got us together in the first place or has it been pre-destined. Selfishness for our own good WHY NOT..??

Many people reached their goals by being selfish and my elders told me its high time we show how we can be selfish to achieve our aims. Nothing frustrates us all at audie61 when someone reads something of ours and says angrily,” I DONT BUY THAT.

Why are they angry? Our writing must have suceeded in its ability to push the message across. We try to engage you and whether we succeed or fail we have made you come back for more and that is SELFISHNESS on our part. But who cares?

We know that you would not like to be in our MINDS and HEADS but we are selfish to tell you we are starting our 889 posting on January 1st 2010 and that is today. audie61 is a No 7 and 889 toals up 25 and it is also the Figure 7. In our wildest of dreams we will never imagine that we have set it all out to just arrive at this junction of 1st january 2010 with our 889 posting which in itself  is never intended to be. Are you following us so far..? Where are we driving at..? Who cares.?

Anyway to all our readers lets ENJOY THE START OF THIS YEAR by saying to yourself,”Thanking and Praising GOD for Today.” Tomorrow audie61  will not need bother to even get into your minds….Thats SELFISHNESS…….We are blessed though to be a mouthpiece for some but as always we asked for foregiveness and  this NEW YEAR we have a little something for everyone,”


Puzzled…..!!!!!  Not Clear!! YOU WHAT..!!… Come back for more tomorrow…..………………..