Just for POLITICAL MUSING!  Let’s bring the Political Temperaturs DOWN..!

Initials “S’..Dreaded..??  It comes one full circle involving so far Three Sarawak  Assistant Ministers says a political observer. First it was Sng Larry(PRS) then it was Dr. Soon Choon Teck(SUPP) and now Slyvester Entri (SPDP). PBB any “S’..It is just mere coincidence and this is what Sarawak Politics have to offer he said to audie61. SO whats happening in SPDP then..??

Our SPDP insider said that there is already a statement from SPDP headquarters in rebuttal to yesterdays Press statement from Sylvester Entri. The persons signing the statement are the newly appointed SG Nelson Balang, Deputy SPDP President Nyarok and the other two VPs Jelaing Mersat and Jacob Sagan.

 The full statement will be published in the main stream media. Our source says that its time for negotiating and not the time for fighting. The EGM which has been circulating in cyberspace is totally out of the question says an aide of the deposed SG.

Simon Cowell of American Idol would be very proud of Slyvester Entri if he uses his initial “S” for the S  factor like his namesakes new venture X Factor which is and will be generating substantial amount of money.  But for now it seems that the S initials in the political arena is  highly superstitious for some in Sarawak. Are you a Believer..??

One should know that in politics “There are no permanent friends and no permanent foes. This 7 year itch is hitting SPDP very much like the dreaded unfaithful marriage itch phrase.What makes it so believable is that  it seems that it has been written in the stars as the SPDP President cleverly chosed the words beginning with”S’ …Status Quo. Any one has other “S’ SCRIPTS to write…..???

SERIOUSLY DO YOU BELIEVE NOW….HIK HIK HIK..Click to Check out the S Factor??

5 thoughts on “Sarawak”S”Factor

  1. kpt99 says:

    The 3 unsettled YBS,larry,Soon and Slyvester might work together too form another new party to erase their pains and cries rather than struggling inside their respective parties . After all this practices had always been the trend of Sarawak pathetic politics.Find another hidden rich to be the master and named the party as PARTY SATU MALASIA which PM will not hesitated to endorse.Simple as that.

  2. pisang lengki says:

    In future each YB has he’s own party, so nothing to worried who’s the president, vice-president, chairman etc. Your term, as you like macam pala uban and your supporter will be your family members….he…he…he! damn crazy!

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