Perak Chronicles”Final Piece in JigSaw…??”

A number of politcal obesrvers are saying,”Polls in Perak very soon.Its the final jigsaw to solve the crisis. Momentum is with BN and the winds of change has drifted and blown back to the Zambrys administration. Another said Nizar will use the hammer for the final nail in the coffin and this time BN will suffer huge losses. The cards are ready to be shuffled and its about time to solve it once and for all this Perak Chronicles.

The SNAP polls will benefit the State and the foreign investors will flock back if the line is clear on who rules. Times of uncertainty business will suffer and the people would appreciate if they have the final say in this JIG-SAW o.Afterall BN took over due to the defections of Pakatans legislators who crossed over. The crisis has created many firsts amongst which were the TREE DEMOCRACY and many others which has been covered earlier.  


10 thoughts on “Perak Chronicles”Final Piece in JigSaw…??”

  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho :D Mr Puppet Zombie@Zambry please have a HEART that you are not a rightful elected MB of PERAK as PERAKIANS only voted for PAKATAN RAKYAT MB NIZAR and without those 3 FROGS jump over to BNed :? then you for sure will not be around to cause so many problems with your BNed DRAMA until today.Just listen to majority of Perakians and call for a snap elections to really know who PERAKIANS prefer for their state. :D :P :x :o :? :) ;) :( 8) Ho Ho Ho

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho :D For the future of Perak and the whole of MALAYSIA for all MALAYSIANS :P we must have good politicians who really can lead fairly and care for this beloved multi-racials rich nation and our next generations children as they are our future and we must give them a sense of pride to be independence and a good guidance :D Ho Ho Ho

  3. Tambi says:

    When the name “RAHMAN” has been fulfilled with “N” which stands for Najib (last letter in RAHMAN), we shall enter a new era with the word “A” from the name “ABDUL”. A is certainly Anuwar as first claimant. BN will then be history, ….so much about superstition!

  4. fedup says:

    What BN did in Perak is clearly against the will of the people. The arrogance of BN is practically saying to Malaysians just that! Total disregard for the will of the people and yet BN insults the public with their antics!

    BN will continue to do what they did in Perak as we have all seen with what they are doing in Selangor.

    This is a coup de tat by BN! Should this coup fail, which is inevitable that it will,(as it is only a matter of time) these acts by BN to date shall be used against them in their trial!

    UMNO and co are desperate, they are well aware that if there were to be free and fair elections, they will lose miserably.

    Deteriorating economic situation in this country will be the catalyst for change. Take Sarawak for example, the economic situation is worsening and BN is even more agressive with their land grab etc. Even cronies of BN have become more reluctant to throw good money after bad because they have realised that they will no longer see any returns from their ‘investment’.

    BN has swept too much under the carpet and are tripping over it. They are digging themselves into a hole which they can’t get out of and will inevitably be buried in it!

    It’s only a matter of time!

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