SPDP “Updates Ulu Teru Function 23rd Oct 2011..”


We have just received the latest from the presidents house at 1050pm from our squad member

,”SPDP has not called off the function yet.But party will verify the security aspect in the area  on Friday. They will be working with the police to verify security aspect first.There is doubt  as to allegation of threat.”

According to an observer in the meeting one of theose present said,”Believe me..Ulu Teru function must proceed.Public Perception  is paramount. Postponement entailed you are losing ground. Postponement  of Ulu Teru Function has negative implications

6 thoughts on “SPDP “Updates Ulu Teru Function 23rd Oct 2011..”

  1. kpt99 says:

    For 48 years nothing much has sawak achieved except Harmony and Peace among the 27 ethnics.Dont over exaggerate and underestimate the situation in this beloved Land of Hornbill.

    That is always BN culture of syok sendiri fountions and programs in time of desperate,difficulties and losing supports from grassroots, so-called important function only when election is approaching.even small kids in schools know.No election No function.No election,No projects,

    always remember that rakyat have get fed up with the same song that you have singing for decades

    Using the 60s weapons to fight in this modern world reflect SPDP is steps backward.

  2. kpt99 says:

    Sorry to share the famous acronym that collected from online media for SPDP-Saya Presiden Dari Pakan and Semua Perempuan Saya Punya.

  3. kpt99 says:

    Let wait and see what new airline is awang tengah is going to annouce in a month’s time as promised.Remember Words are cheap,cheapest when arrogant and egoistic politicians uttered but most will ended hallow,BN culture syok sendiri still widely use to misled rakyat.Bear in mind he is not the transport minister of Msia.what can he do ?. set up his own airline ?

  4. sarawakiana says:

    kpt99 looks like he is pbb boy. Chosen one ?? Why always meddling in spdp affairs. tengah is the innocent one. He has been victimised and is easy prey. Who divide and rule the dayaks all this while. Tengah unites them.

  5. dayang says:

    Just say la anything you want about spdp, later we balas also kena blocked.Seem to me this blog created for pbb to hentam spdp. Thanks audie61.

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