SPDP “Updates Ulu Teru Function 23rd Oct 2011..”


We have just received the latest from the presidents house at 1050pm from our squad member

,”SPDP has not called off the function yet.But party will verify the security aspect in the area  on Friday. They will be working with the police to verify security aspect first.There is doubt  as to allegation of threat.”

According to an observer in the meeting one of theose present said,”Believe me..Ulu Teru function must proceed.Public Perception  is paramount. Postponement entailed you are losing ground. Postponement  of Ulu Teru Function has negative implications


Sarawak Trilogy~Road to 22nd Floor-(Final)”Whose My Boy..??

If I spell out his name now for the 22nd floor here your first reaction would be,”No,lah cannot be,Certainly not him.After convincing -{ you my friend you that is } – it will be followed with next,”Would he really.?Why CM Taib recommend him ho !”

A source revealed to us in so many words,”Has anyone ever thought of Michael Leo Toyad now that he has embraced Islam and is now known as Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad Abdullah. He is after all a Melanau and is the current MP for Mukah. He has served as deputy minister of foreign affairs in 2004 and as Minister of Tourism in 2006. Surely,he cannot be far off from CMs mind can he?

Dark horses are appearing and depending on who it is from and even politicians who have fallen by the wayside comes very highly recommended. I am sure if we asks anyone that this is the person….,” -Do you think so? There will be more yes and only a few murmurs of don’t know.”

Effendi Norwawi fits the bill and he has also served as Federal Minister in Agriculture (1999 – 2004 and also Minister in Prime Minister’s office in charge of economic planning. Well will he fit in again especially so when he doesn’t seem to have strong grassroots?

The mandate has already been achieved and CM Taib has already been sworned in despite saying that he will step down after the elections.Did he say he will? The successor as always has been a mystery while some have chosen to quietly postulate their own theories. Each will have his own whos and whys certain names and parties are in contention.Mosts of the time its thought-provoking.

We know very well that PBB by virtue of being the largest political party in Sarawak will have a major say in the successor to the Chair as it has been returned with a majority of 35 seats. The component parties in PRS,SUPP and SPDP will also be consulted as the CM is also the Chairman of the State Barisan National coalition.

The political wheel is spinning faster than ever now and CM Taib has indeed been busy lately  putting into place the rightful heir to the coveted chair. Its not a question of who and who should be says Assistant Minister Stephan Rundi and PBB SG but who will be able and capable to fill the vaccum left by him after helming for 30 years as Chief Minister of Sarawak. He has in mind who but knowing CM he will do so at the right and appropriate timing.

In part 2 we mentioned,””You can’t try to force him as he knows how to turn the tables on you, as he had done in the past. Some political hopefuls tried to force him out but in the end, they ended up in political oblivion.”

Cordial Federal and State relations in itself is a big tasks which musts be buttered well. It is not only harmonising influences of the leadership PM to CM vice vesra.One must have it in him to defuse delicate policy disagreements or conflict especially when there are differences which needs to be ironed out.

CM Taib has often pointed out that the ability and willingness of both leaders to learn from both ends to continually perceive each others strengths and weaknesses,and work towards a common front and in the interests of the nation. Taib knows that the present situation is critical and volotile.He knows that he or his man must not have any thoughts of confrontational approach and all matters must be solved through coordinated negotiations through consultative methods.

The GE13 will have a huge bearing on the outcome to see whether if CM Taib continues to lead Sarawak.  A SUPP appointed EXCO member said,”Look at the mathematics and tell me if I am wrong. 308 spelt it as 140-82 now Pakatan seemingly less with the frog-jumpers.

Sarawak with 29 out of 31 seats is and still will be BN stronghold. Do you believe that? Do you believe BN will be in power after GE13? The chinese have left in droves to support DAP as they see SUPP as a lame duck and with no more spine left.

We (SUPP) losts 13 out of 19 state seats but the CM has the mandate to lead Sarawak for another 5 years. He moved swiftly been sworn in the night at 10.30pm knowing that he has already achieved the mandate and the trusts by the people of Sarawak.

He does not want to be manipulated by the arms twisting of some Federal leaders. He was proven right and pushed back the movement against his on going rule as CM a few steps back.

Some of the Federal leaders knows that BN Sarawak will tilt if too much harressment and pressure is stepped up on CM to relinquish his chair.It does remain though the PM in office now needs to work closely with the State administration and the CM in office is of utmosts importance. Sarawak is not under UMNO rule and thus PBB knows that they have all the bargaining chips.


The Prime Minister knows that he still needs to cajole Taib as Sarawak BN has 29 seats and mosts of the members of parliament  if not all are with CM Taib in any decision making which is for the better good of the state. A “few” has been  tempted to betray with promises of positions and power but they were very soon found out.  

The leaders who have made their voices heard intentionally or by default are listed as Alfred Jabu,Abang Johari,Awang Tengah,Adenan Satem,Fadillah Yusof,Douglas Uggah,Effendy Norwawi,James Masing and William Mawan. Some of them are down in the lists but they are not necessarily out of the picture. CM is keeping their names in the drawer next to his bed.

CM has even now put the name of Muhammad Leo Toyad in the drawer. We cannot even rule out Stephan Rundi for that matter as he is young and also capable in his own right. In jest.he said Azahari Ali in the 22nd floor and that he is telling us that he has read part 1 and does not want to be ruled out.

Emeritus Professor meanwhile posted another mosts unlikely question,”Have we considered all options for CM Taib.? We can write here but knowing that you are as illusive as the Da Vinci Code mystery we need to look closely from all angles and in particular the edited picture in question.

 Am I correct said the Professor? The political situation is so fluid at the moment and CM Taib is in no hurry to step down. PM Najib himself is not about to gamble on losing an ally who will ensure he stays on and continues as PM.

PMs  next assignment will surely be the Parliamentary elections for CM Taib?  CM Taib delivers he benefits and he will continue to serve until he decides to let go . PM Najib has to abide with the warlords who are giving him a lot of heat.

UMNO’s message is clear to Sarawak.You deliver we stay out and if BN Sarawak garners less than 25 seats out of 31 it does and will affect the final tallying of who makes it to Putrajaya BN or Pakatan.

It has already started with whispers and words exchanged to Putrajaya that if Taib is still the CM when the nation goes for elections a number of Sarawak seats will suffer the consequences. The PM’s office are watching and closely guarding the sentiments on the ground and they will not chance it as every available seat won is important in the final tally.

Abang Johari’s cronies are working overtime and painting a very bleak picture of Sarawak if  Taib still remains as they enter the parliamentary elections. The political shift and movement of forces are anything but cordial amongst the many political rivals to the chair. They may appear as friends in front with their pleasantries but once the backs are turned all ‘hell’ is let out to wander.

CM Taib with over 48 years in the political arena is not just about to throw in the towel in the ring and cave in. He knows all is real the infighting and he is determined to see it through till he decides in totality to give it to the rightful heir apparent. Taib is the master,he plans well and will not want his plan to fail. He will ensure that whoever wants the coveted chair will need to adhere to the following:-







CM is a master chameleon and with his machiavelli ways he will ensure that the timing is so precise and he will not leave any thing to chance. Even his lists of new cabinet minister assuming he names them in SEPTEMBER he musts go through them at least seven(7) times before he endorses it fully.

In this day and age any false move by Taib will have detrimental consequences not only to him but also to Sarawak.The social media’s ability to pass information,fuelling,shaping and exchanging reactions have already drawn the perception of life without him at the helm. He knows it and his plans are surely falling into place.

A knot is being tied on the legs of the 3’A’s + 1 which we mentioned in part 1 and for CM to come down he needs all of them  in question to work harmoniously and tackle all issues together before he even dares to sleep with both eyes closed.

At the end the Federal leaders will try their bests to name their boy but from what has been circling around in the State Capital of Kuching this is CM’s strongest message yet. At the 23rd commemoration of Kuching city CM said ,’hopefully we meet again on the 25th anniversary of (Kuching)




“From Caning Son to Father’s Issue..??”

An old schoolmate from overseas called me and said,”What is really happening in Malaysia now? In our younger schooldays we used to eat together from different religious backgrounds in school canteens and there are no segregation. Are we going backwards or what? Next they will be HALAL Canteen Certificates  i presume for schools? Is it because of politics and the little napoleans that our children are now suffering the religious and disharmony that is in our schools? Its rather unfortunate and this has got to stop.

Do something was his final message. Can we..??

We have covered it in detail and there was also an apology from the senior assistant of St. Thomas’ Primary School, Iskander Fadeli. The full article can be read here .

Our earlier article :-https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/caninga-public-outcry/. However that is not the question now. It is getting political and the can of worms might just start creeping out.

Now Independent MP Zulkifli Noordin wants the Home Ministry to investigate Beginda Minda @ Noor Azman, whose 10-year-old son was caned for bringing pork to a school in Sarawak, whom he now claims has dual identities – that of a Muslim and a non-Muslim. The full article can be read HERE…

audie61 called up Beginda Minda at 9.31am this morning and we needed him to clear a few grey areas. He said that the documents are with him and a certain Datuk Misnu from Majlis Islam Sarawak was the signatory in his letter. He even sms later at 10.01am ,”Yes 100 PERCENT BRO

We honestly thought that events have overtaken us and did not want to pursue this matter until my schoolmate called 19.49 pm. This is something which each and everyone of us can play a part by telling the person next to us that we live in a multiracial,multiethnic,multi religious country and we must not compromise the PEACE and SECURITY of our country.

We are born here and we must TAKE CARE OF MALAYSIA. Religious extremism and fanatism must not rear its uglyhead or else this country will go to the DUMPS.


Caning”A Public Outcry…!!”

An innocent 10 year old is now in the centre of a storm which will and might affect the balance of multiracial,multiethnic and multi religious society in Sarawak.

What has he done to deserve the caning?

Its all written splash all over the main stream media,internet protals and blogs and mosts of it people in Sarawak which is made up of 39 or more ethnic races are beginning to take notice and are somewhat BOILING BEHIND THEIR NECKS.

I happened to be caned by our Principal Brother Columba in St.Joseph’s School Kuching.when I was in Form 1 in 1973 . REASONS:

  • 1.Fighting against other Form students.{Painful but Deserving.Kept quiet from Parents Of course..Sssshh}
  • 2. Putting AXE BRAND(minyak kapak) on a teachers chair( Canned both hands by Principal again in front of all classmates-desrving for being naughty and mischevious)

Both instances I was wrong and deserved to be canned twice only Oooh.. so painful and still could feel it today.Of course not 10 times….That’s too much for (a 10 year old on a crime he does not deserved) …Those days already got a lot of WHISTLEBLOWERS.

So much has been said and you can read it all here by clicking:-



3. http://sarawakupdate.com/home/10th-state-election/his-name-is-nur-azman-bin-abdullah-beginda-but/comment-page-1/#comment-3732

 4. http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=73170 


By the way audie61 would like also to recommend readers to look at the article written by Borneo Posts columnists”STOP THIS MADNESS” by Zaharom Nain where he strongly wrote,”the bottom line we don’t need sadists and child abusers looking after (huh!)our children.It is worse when they are also religious bigots and racists.These people should not be anywhere near the vicinity of any school,let alone head it

You can contact the writer at  email :- zaharom_nain@yahoo.co.uk

It is a very well written piece and we should all recommend it to our Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Education.


“BN Direct..BN Club Party..??”

It seems that only T.Murugiah Federal Deputy Minister or Larry Sng Sarawak Assistant Minister will be given the Key to the Lock so easily. One has to remember though very clearly that it is the prerogative of the Prime Minister of the Chief Minister/MB of the State in picking/vetting the right candidates for the coalition in any elections.


Barely a month has passed when the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyddin said,” Do not let dirty linen be shown to the public and BN Parties to ensure that all is within control so as not to jeorpadise the BN spirit and togetherness

Is There a BN CLUB PARTY IN THE OFFING..? DON’T  RULE THIS OUT says a political aide ??

audie61 were told by a PRS insider who  also wants to remain anonymous that ,” Larry Sng is the frontrunner as mosts ground reports remains in his favour and if Wilson just does not harp or do something the chances of him nominated will pass him by.( The internet portal has news from bernama which is reposted below) 

The same could be said about Edwin Banta who is making a push for the Tamin seat. It is very healthy to lobby as long as BN stands to win and not to lose. He was quoted as saying.”he would leave it to the party’s and Barisan National leadership to decide if he should stand in Tamin.” He even said that ,”I have been going around but i do it in a subtle way because the Incumbent is still there.” audie61 had earlier covered this story and we again called Edwin Banta and he said,”As it is..I leave it to the party and BN

Our earlier articles:-

The bernama story from the internet portal:-

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has dismissed any suggestion its former member Larry Sng Wei Shien be a BN direct candidate for the Pelagus seat in the coming state election.

 Such suggestion was inapplicable and unacceptable as Pelagus was clearly and traditionally a PRS constituency, said PRS information chief Wilson Nyabong.

There were precedents in the Belaga state and Mambong parliamentary seats as those seats were claimed by other BN component parties.

“But, no BN party is claiming Pelagus,” he told reporters in Sibu to dispel rumours that Sng (right), an assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s Department, was defending the seat on such arrangement.

Wilson said the party had more or less identified Sng’s replacement.

“We have explained to the voters in the constituency that Larry is no longer a party member so he cannot represent it or the BN when his term expires.

“They, especially the women voters, understand this and have pledged to support only PRS/BN-sanctioned candidate,” he said.

On Sng’s action in maintaining he is still the BN representative, Wilson said as of now, he was still so as he was still serving his term as assistant minister and the state legislative assembly had yet to be dissolved.

On another matter, he said PRS would fight groups and individuals out to destabilise the party.

This included planting candidates to contest against its official candidates, especially in the Pelagus and Ngemah state seats.

“Disciplinary Action..War of Words..Viral Infections.!”

At the time when the SPDP President needs all his working brains some of them are no where to be seen and are hiding in their FOXHOLES expecting not to be involved. One even had the cheek to say,”Forget Politics its too dirty and my rice bowl matters mosts.” Joey and Natasha of audie61 were really caught off guard as it seems the Sun Tzu’s doctrine of “Double Spies” is coming true.

There are differences in the party and each action taken are bound to have their consequences. The bridge is burnt and with Nansian as the spokesman in this group saying,”The merger was unsuccessful in the first place with PRS was because of certain personalities. ”

An ardent Mawan supporter said,”In the first place who is he to represent SPDP. He has no Locus Standi and this will be creating a war of words betwen the two BN parties.

PRS members are non commmital as it will lead to more unnecessary dirty linen being washed in the public. PRS members knows that in order to have a merged entity there must be a proper channel with even an EGM called for. This will create certain tension as the party looks forward to its TDC and with the group parking in PRS its a delicate situation for Masing the President.

A former Political secretary of SPDP was even more optimistic and he said to audie61 through sms,” Two more YBs expected to cross over with the group and more divisional and ordinary members.” A close aide to Mawan said ,”Every dog has his day and today we let them have the limelight and tomorrow we shall see meaning on ………Monday.”

It seems that the next course of action for Mawan is the undreaded Disciplinary Action “show cause letter” and this will ultimatedly mean the end and the party doors are closed to the  5 plus the 3 SC members. It also means that they have created  new ” Viral Infections” for the State BN as the election date closes in.

 The opposition would be able to use all these to exploit it to the fullest. We remember rightly in our earlier article we mentioned that the SC member said the CM Taib did say to them to stay cool and they have caught a COLD….(Atishoo atishoo whose bright idea to go against the boss..??)

A sms from the SPDP privilege source says,”SPDP to send Show cause letter to unhappy 5 and gang.” Do we need to elaborate whats next…………??