“From Caning Son to Father’s Issue..??”

An old schoolmate from overseas called me and said,”What is really happening in Malaysia now? In our younger schooldays we used to eat together from different religious backgrounds in school canteens and there are no segregation. Are we going backwards or what? Next they will be HALAL Canteen Certificates  i presume for schools? Is it because of politics and the little napoleans that our children are now suffering the religious and disharmony that is in our schools? Its rather unfortunate and this has got to stop.

Do something was his final message. Can we..??

We have covered it in detail and there was also an apology from the senior assistant of St. Thomas’ Primary School, Iskander Fadeli. The full article can be read here .

Our earlier article :-https://audie61.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/caninga-public-outcry/. However that is not the question now. It is getting political and the can of worms might just start creeping out.

Now Independent MP Zulkifli Noordin wants the Home Ministry to investigate Beginda Minda @ Noor Azman, whose 10-year-old son was caned for bringing pork to a school in Sarawak, whom he now claims has dual identities – that of a Muslim and a non-Muslim. The full article can be read HERE…

audie61 called up Beginda Minda at 9.31am this morning and we needed him to clear a few grey areas. He said that the documents are with him and a certain Datuk Misnu from Majlis Islam Sarawak was the signatory in his letter. He even sms later at 10.01am ,”Yes 100 PERCENT BRO

We honestly thought that events have overtaken us and did not want to pursue this matter until my schoolmate called 19.49 pm. This is something which each and everyone of us can play a part by telling the person next to us that we live in a multiracial,multiethnic,multi religious country and we must not compromise the PEACE and SECURITY of our country.

We are born here and we must TAKE CARE OF MALAYSIA. Religious extremism and fanatism must not rear its uglyhead or else this country will go to the DUMPS.


Caning”A Public Outcry…!!”

An innocent 10 year old is now in the centre of a storm which will and might affect the balance of multiracial,multiethnic and multi religious society in Sarawak.

What has he done to deserve the caning?

Its all written splash all over the main stream media,internet protals and blogs and mosts of it people in Sarawak which is made up of 39 or more ethnic races are beginning to take notice and are somewhat BOILING BEHIND THEIR NECKS.

I happened to be caned by our Principal Brother Columba in St.Joseph’s School Kuching.when I was in Form 1 in 1973 . REASONS:

  • 1.Fighting against other Form students.{Painful but Deserving.Kept quiet from Parents Of course..Sssshh}
  • 2. Putting AXE BRAND(minyak kapak) on a teachers chair( Canned both hands by Principal again in front of all classmates-desrving for being naughty and mischevious)

Both instances I was wrong and deserved to be canned twice only Oooh.. so painful and still could feel it today.Of course not 10 times….That’s too much for (a 10 year old on a crime he does not deserved) …Those days already got a lot of WHISTLEBLOWERS.

So much has been said and you can read it all here by clicking:-



3. http://sarawakupdate.com/home/10th-state-election/his-name-is-nur-azman-bin-abdullah-beginda-but/comment-page-1/#comment-3732

 4. http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=73170 


By the way audie61 would like also to recommend readers to look at the article written by Borneo Posts columnists”STOP THIS MADNESS” by Zaharom Nain where he strongly wrote,”the bottom line we don’t need sadists and child abusers looking after (huh!)our children.It is worse when they are also religious bigots and racists.These people should not be anywhere near the vicinity of any school,let alone head it

You can contact the writer at  email :- zaharom_nain@yahoo.co.uk

It is a very well written piece and we should all recommend it to our Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Education.


“BN Direct..BN Club Party..??”

It seems that only T.Murugiah Federal Deputy Minister or Larry Sng Sarawak Assistant Minister will be given the Key to the Lock so easily. One has to remember though very clearly that it is the prerogative of the Prime Minister of the Chief Minister/MB of the State in picking/vetting the right candidates for the coalition in any elections.


Barely a month has passed when the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyddin said,” Do not let dirty linen be shown to the public and BN Parties to ensure that all is within control so as not to jeorpadise the BN spirit and togetherness

Is There a BN CLUB PARTY IN THE OFFING..? DON’T  RULE THIS OUT says a political aide ??

audie61 were told by a PRS insider who  also wants to remain anonymous that ,” Larry Sng is the frontrunner as mosts ground reports remains in his favour and if Wilson just does not harp or do something the chances of him nominated will pass him by.( The internet portal has news from bernama which is reposted below) 

The same could be said about Edwin Banta who is making a push for the Tamin seat. It is very healthy to lobby as long as BN stands to win and not to lose. He was quoted as saying.”he would leave it to the party’s and Barisan National leadership to decide if he should stand in Tamin.” He even said that ,”I have been going around but i do it in a subtle way because the Incumbent is still there.” audie61 had earlier covered this story and we again called Edwin Banta and he said,”As it is..I leave it to the party and BN

Our earlier articles:-

The bernama story from the internet portal:-

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has dismissed any suggestion its former member Larry Sng Wei Shien be a BN direct candidate for the Pelagus seat in the coming state election.

 Such suggestion was inapplicable and unacceptable as Pelagus was clearly and traditionally a PRS constituency, said PRS information chief Wilson Nyabong.

There were precedents in the Belaga state and Mambong parliamentary seats as those seats were claimed by other BN component parties.

“But, no BN party is claiming Pelagus,” he told reporters in Sibu to dispel rumours that Sng (right), an assistant minister in the Chief Minister’s Department, was defending the seat on such arrangement.

Wilson said the party had more or less identified Sng’s replacement.

“We have explained to the voters in the constituency that Larry is no longer a party member so he cannot represent it or the BN when his term expires.

“They, especially the women voters, understand this and have pledged to support only PRS/BN-sanctioned candidate,” he said.

On Sng’s action in maintaining he is still the BN representative, Wilson said as of now, he was still so as he was still serving his term as assistant minister and the state legislative assembly had yet to be dissolved.

On another matter, he said PRS would fight groups and individuals out to destabilise the party.

This included planting candidates to contest against its official candidates, especially in the Pelagus and Ngemah state seats.

“Disciplinary Action..War of Words..Viral Infections.!”

At the time when the SPDP President needs all his working brains some of them are no where to be seen and are hiding in their FOXHOLES expecting not to be involved. One even had the cheek to say,”Forget Politics its too dirty and my rice bowl matters mosts.” Joey and Natasha of audie61 were really caught off guard as it seems the Sun Tzu’s doctrine of “Double Spies” is coming true.

There are differences in the party and each action taken are bound to have their consequences. The bridge is burnt and with Nansian as the spokesman in this group saying,”The merger was unsuccessful in the first place with PRS was because of certain personalities. ”

An ardent Mawan supporter said,”In the first place who is he to represent SPDP. He has no Locus Standi and this will be creating a war of words betwen the two BN parties.

PRS members are non commmital as it will lead to more unnecessary dirty linen being washed in the public. PRS members knows that in order to have a merged entity there must be a proper channel with even an EGM called for. This will create certain tension as the party looks forward to its TDC and with the group parking in PRS its a delicate situation for Masing the President.

A former Political secretary of SPDP was even more optimistic and he said to audie61 through sms,” Two more YBs expected to cross over with the group and more divisional and ordinary members.” A close aide to Mawan said ,”Every dog has his day and today we let them have the limelight and tomorrow we shall see meaning on ………Monday.”

It seems that the next course of action for Mawan is the undreaded Disciplinary Action “show cause letter” and this will ultimatedly mean the end and the party doors are closed to the  5 plus the 3 SC members. It also means that they have created  new ” Viral Infections” for the State BN as the election date closes in.

 The opposition would be able to use all these to exploit it to the fullest. We remember rightly in our earlier article we mentioned that the SC member said the CM Taib did say to them to stay cool and they have caught a COLD….(Atishoo atishoo whose bright idea to go against the boss..??)

A sms from the SPDP privilege source says,”SPDP to send Show cause letter to unhappy 5 and gang.” Do we need to elaborate whats next…………??

MCA:”Muhyddin Your Show”

Joey received an sms,’Is any political problem unsolvable..?” Read the article in Malaysiakini and in it the Prime Minister Najib has instructed/mandate given to his deputy Muhyddin  to tackle the issue and come up with a solution.” Wow! Goodness me! MCA can’t solved their own problems and it seems only interference and assistance from a Third party will see that this problem does not drag on. 

The full article from Malaysiakini:-  

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said he is giving himself one week to find a solution to the MCA leadership crisis.

He said a formula would be drawn up during that period to reach a consensus among the disputing party leaders.

He said a series of meetings had been held with several party leaders to discuss the crisis in greater detail.

bagan pinang by election nomination 031009 muhyiddin yasin“The task is not easy because it involves the interest of the party as well as that of the nation,” he told reporters.

He said he was given the mandate by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to tackle the problem by implementing pro-active measures as soon as possible to prevent the crisis from becoming worse.

“I’ve held a series of discussion, not with everyone, but certain individuals and I will continue with the discussion, if possible before the prime minister returns home (from abroad).

“At the same time, I’ll continue to accept suggestions from the Chinese community leaders who have also voiced their opinion and observation on the crisis,” he said.

The deputy premier’s remark comes five days ahead of the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) proposed by the faction aligned to vice-president Liow Tiong Lai.

Liow and his supporters have vowed to call off the EGM if the rival faction, headed by president Ong Tee Keat and his deputy Dr Chua Soi Lek, agree to holding fresh party elections next month.

Although conceding that a fresh elections is the best panacea for the impasse, Chua however wants the contest to be held next March while Ong has remained vague on this.


‘Win-win’ situation

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin said the crisis must be tackled in the best manner possible to arrive at a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone concerned.

Commenting on the measures to be taken, the Barisan Nasional deputy chairperson, said he had no intention of disclosing any condition or strategy until the settlement formula had been achieved.

“In the initial stage, we don’t want to set any condition. I feel the important thing is that they feel the measures that would be taken are aimed at resolving the problem and I feel, it has become a public secret, not a party secret any more. Everyone knows about it.

NONE“What is important is that at this stage, I will not set any condition. What is certain is that when it comes to a particular stage, there is an agreement in principle. So, we want them to uphold the decision with the objective of reaching a settlement,” he said.

He said the matter would not be announced to the public, including the media for as long as the objective had not be achieved.

“At this stage, it’s okay because it is still at the initial stage but subsequent measures would be disclosed when everyone have reached a consensus on what needs to be done,” he said.

Asked on Najib’s suggestion that a fresh election be held by the MCA to resolve the conflict. Muhyiddin said that was the view of the prime minister which he was working on.

“I was instructed to adopt this approach, but I will find a way of getting the consensus of the MCA leaders.

“Time is rather limited and the faster the better, because if the conflict drags for several more months, the situation will become worse and will affect MCA and the BN itself,” he said

“SUPP ON Collision Course with PRS”

What gag order that James Masing has ordered to his PRS army will not deter SUPP from having a go at PRS says a Professor with a Local University. Very simple,Taib has not forgotten how Masing has backstabbed and had the open confrontation with him during the height of the Dayakism era.

 This is the opportune time to use SUPP to have a right go at James. Its PRS who started the fight and the SUPP  towkays are not exactly very happy and they will use their hatchet man to bleed PRS dry.  Excuse me for using such harsh words as someone needs to shake and rattle PRS as they seem to have forgotten where the $$$$$$ came from to start the party. Short memory and this will surely see to a demise.   

SUPP has nothing to fear as what they have asks for on the additional Assistant Ministership has fallen on deaf ears. Time to pick a hole or two on PRS and show to CM Taib that SUPP is still relevant and not the punching bag for DAP.

Even Affendi Jeman who now wears two caps and has lost some credibility being protem Chairman of ARBS and JPUNS says that they will assist SUPP in whatever ways possible to ensure that losts seats are won back by the BN coalition.  

SUPP is bankrolled by a number of big and established giants in the business/economic world and PRS needs to watch what they say. Even a small fry and untested leader like Youth Chief Sih Hua Tong can get James to come out an issue a “GAG ORDER” James is of course trying to preserve his own position but his mouth pieces are actually playing the “DOUBLES GAME

CM Taib is very aware that at any time PRS as a party minus a few CM loyalists Yang Berhormats might leave the coalition at the eleventh hour before the state elections. It has happened before an PBS(Party Bersatu Sabah) has done it.

The KM1 and KM2 has failed but a yardstick could be how Lim Kit Siang failed in Penang and today who is the CM of Penang. Does audie 61 need to write it out and spell it out here. James is really under the wings of CM Taib and soon he will try to find a gap to manouvere and the timing is vital to succeed.

He needs to win back his dignity and as one PBB Senior member said James was a new breed of special politician when he first appeared on the scene. Somehow he has losts his way and out when the struggles that he steadfastly held in his palm and next to his chests.

James has reached 60 and soon if Winston Churchill is his mentor at 62 who was elected the Prime Minister of Britain. What is his famous slogan,”  “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never, Never, Never, Never give up.’ 

 History will rewrite itself and James has of course that ambition and his able lieutenants has even met up with opposition leaders on number of occasion before 916. Who doesn’t want to be Chief Minister of Sarawak..? Don’t you if given that chance..? Seriously,if not you should not be reading any more political blogs and just read entertainment news…hmmm.

PRS on coalition with SUPP. No surprises here as PRS leaders are not exactly sharing the same ideals and respect for each other. Even a SC member of PRS once said to me openly,’SUPP should look over their shoulders as PRS has equal number of  legislators in the State” Don’t over exploit the situation and PRS with so many former PBDS legislators will not give in so easily and for that matter bullied by SUPP. I was taken aback and I realise that with enough support and power there is nothing that PRS fears.

CM has seen that very clearly and that is why he uses Larry Sng (partyless Assistant Minister) to the maximum. Wouldn’t James if he was the CM of Sarawak use this tactic of DIVIDE AND RULE. He has learnt from the bests and he will surely unleash all that he has kept in his heart and strengthen his position.  

PRS has already done her housekeeping and there are only a few loose ends to tighten the noose around SOME NECKS and James will just push his finger and the automatic lieutenants will give their all.

There is no point anymore for James and his troops to go underground but to fight the war on a level playing field and attack the coalition partners without FEAR and taking out the hatchet man in the respective parties. There are too many HIDDEN HANDS involved in this battle and PRS will know whatever they do they have already been booby trapped.

Politics has a way of reengineering itself and soon we shall see whether the path of collision is averted. Nothing is won easily and only when blood is shed one would appreciate the struggles…………

NEW “Sarawak Party”-SARS

Its in the news again. Affendi Jeman protem chairman has sent the applications in for  registering Agenda Rakyat Bumiputera Sarawak(ARBS) He was quick to point out to audie61  on the phone that there are indeed certain quarters in Sarawak who opposed  the formation of the party.

There are voices who even said,”Ingin.ingin jadi YB tetapi Kacau Daun saja” and a close associate even said that he has heard from various sources that “Affendi is now very indecisive as he is seen wearing two caps now( protem chairman of JPUNS too-Jawatankuasa penaja UMNO Negeri Sarawak.)  

audie61 asks Affendi,”Why just Bumiputera only?” The reason being that there are a lot of Chinese mixed ethnic races who feels that they would be deprived of this new political platform.This is the rallying call of Sarawakians at the moment.  It was this statement ,”we ,as a “penaja”(promoters) of ARBS,believe only the rakyat of Sarawak have the right to analyse and decide the future of ARBS.

 He was tongue tied for a moment but as a politician he wriggled out of it and said that we will AMEND  THE CONSTITUTION  to suit the people/voters. Mixed parentage constitute to a very largepercentage of the total population of Sarawak and they will determine whether you are able to win the seat or not. 

If ARBS is given the legal rights to start a party by ROS they will go on the ground and inform the people of their vision,mission and struggle. Of course we would even try to coax Rayong and Adit if their intentions are similar to us. That was when the brainwaves worked overtime as we spoke on local politics involving SUPP and PRS for the time being. There are no clear cut solutions to problems besetting human beings or parties but it is in the bests interests of the whole TEAM if all is well and solved constructively.

Fancy this-Its just food for thought to the BN Sarawak government in putting together the YB rebels  into one camp and let them look after the 4 constituencies. (Dudong,Ngemah,Engkilili and Pelagus) Whats wrong with just one swing of the pen the ROS will register the party on the advice of the Chief Minister.

There has been too much bickering amongst the component parties and even now the Youth Chief of SUPP Sih Hua Tong is being dragged into the picture. It will get ugly as if this virus is not stopped it will escalate out of control.

Nothing concrete on the matter of SARS party being put together just yet. Larry on his part as a very accomodative YB and looking at the bigger picture then has met up with Adit and Johnicol Rayong during the PRS crisis period to lure them into BN/PRS. Stop of shortchanging anyone Dr.Soon would be an appropriate leader for this entity SARS as it will enable SUPP to stop all this nonsensical bickering and infighting between the leaders which has seen the Chinese support waning and SUPP might just be wiped out in the next State elections.

WHY SARS– initally the founding members will be the various YBS names which are Soon,Adit,Rayong and Sng. This is to prevent any arguments on who should lead the party as Dr.Soon will head the party with Adit as Deputy, Rayong as Senior Vice President and Larry as Secretary General. The other positions will be filled by each YB contributing  6 names each which will see a full Supreme Council be put in place when the ROS approves the registration of SARS-Party It will be appropriately be known as Sarawak Alliance Reforms Socialist  Party. 

The virus will have gone one full circle and now we are more attune to H1N1. It is indeed a solution which the cM might just be considering which we are not aware of. However audie61 have had the benefit of even talking about swapping seats earlier and also a Borneo Party. This might just turn out to be a reality and some smses sent out to various component party members have received very positive responses and they are looking forward to whether it will MATERIALISE.

Nothing is impossible  in politics and strange bedfellows  have emerged as sleeping under one roof.

PKR Sarawak Targets N22

N22 SEBUYAU (7549) Julaihi Narawi (BN-PBB) incumbent said in 2006 he sees a need for his constituency to have more infrastucture developments in the form of basic amenities like electricity supply and phone lines. There is also an urgent need to make the people of Sebuyau realise the importance of education in raising their living standards.

 audie61 has had the benefit of meeting up with the YB of this constituency on several occassions and he has come across as a likeable,reserved and approachable  and works his talk. He has a degree in Literature from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia but come this State election he will once again cross swords with his common enemy.

In the last couple of elections he has withstood the challenge of Mohamad Akek of Keadilan and defeated his opponent with ease. It seems that in the last couple of weeks PKR has stepped up with their activites and has made certain inroads with former PBDS candidate stepping up a notch and up the ante. Former PBDS President and a supporter of PKR Daniel Tajem has even been spent a night in the kampong in providing a much needed boost for the opposition front. 

Hornbill unleashed has come out with an article ” Whom shall we trusts.?” Audie61 swung into action and cornered one of those who stood on a PBDS ticket in 1991 against Julaihi. He said that the article is timely but PKR needs to really put things in order if they are serious in turning the bastion of BN over and create even a wave and let alone  a tsunami of some sort.

He further reiterated that there should be in place all the small committees as what PBDS had in its quests in the infamous Ming Court Affair. Don’t forget that PBDS managed to wrestle 15 seats? A PKR stategists in Sarawak is putting in place the persons and the seats which the party hopes to make inroads and give BN more than a HEADACHE.

Anwar should trusts the PKR boys in Sarawak not to let him down this time round. Of course there were a lot of detractors and traitors especially from what we have learnt from the recent Lubok Antu by elections . PKR knows that Sarawak is a huge state and the economics of it all is that a substantial  amount of money is needed to cover the costs of PKR candidates standing against BN. 

 PKR however needs to really do its ground work and whoever is chosen to face the might of the BN in each constituency needs to  forego personal interests and ego to ensure the party win its allocated seat.

If and when the negative approach of the candidates who are not chosen and close ranks BN will still win big says the formr defeated candidate of N22. If the hierarchy of PKR says that Akek is the candidate I will stand behind him and ensure that Julaihi will not have it easy. If on the otherhand the PKR leadership sees that I am most suited to challenge I hope that Mohamad Akek will stand behind me. Afterall we are now together in the same team to wrestle this seat and unless we join forces Pakatans dream in Sarawak is just a mere HALLUCINATION AND A DISTANT DREAM.  

The infighting according to a founder member of PKR needs to stop. He said that eventhough Anwar is giving all his strenght and direction in wrestling the Federal Government and has more or less entrusted it to Baru Bian as Sarawak liason chief Sarawak will only fall  if the Fedral government caves in in the next 13th GE. The battle line  is already drawn and Sarawak PKR needs to buck up or miss the boat when and if tere is a NEW DAWN3as what Anwar preaches.

The dayaks if united under PKR will be a major force and if divided into the various parties like PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP will remain forever be disunited. So will Anwar trusts the dayaks to come good he asked…??? 

The multi racial platform of PKR will be tested to its fullest in the next State elections and PKR leadership needs to look not only at N22 but also the rests of the 70 seats in hand and how to go into battle together with DAP,PAS and SNAP in the next State election. The two party system if approved would be an injection booster as the PLATFORM of a two party system would be in place. Its then up to the people to vote for their choice and no matter who the party fills the bond is an added strenght in itself.

N22 the incumbent YB Julaihi will know that he has his hands full and he will need all his experience to pull through as this battle will be his strongest yet as the opposition candidates are already willing to assist each other and win Sebuyau an add another feather for Anwars leadership. Najib and CM Taib will be watching closely the activities surrounding N22 and they will ensure that the incumbent has got his battle gear and machinery fully oiled.

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2-1 Perak Chronicles

Nizar asked for 11 Judges to sit in but the final decision will rests on the shoulders of 5 of Malaysias Top Judges. Will we be able to come to a conclusive agreement with a verdict.Sure it will be 2-1 but to who Nizar or Zambry..?? The full article from Malaysiakini portal is copied in full for everyone to make their own  respective opinions.   

The Federal Court today dismissed ousted Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin’s application for an enlarged panel of 11 judges to hear his crucial appeal.

NONECourt of Appeal president Justice Alauddin Mohd Sheriff – who is leading a five-member bench – said this was an unanimous decision and made no order as to costs.

The decision has raised questions as the apex court had previously allowed a panel of seven judges to hear two drug cases.

Former Bar Council chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan, who is representing Nizar, had earlier submitted that an 11-member bench was necessary as this is a case of huge public interests and implications.

“It affects all the states and would also affect the Federal Constitution. The whole world is watching, academics and the man in the street, as this is a unique case,” she said.

However, attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail, who is acting as an intervener to help interpret the Perak and federal constitutions, said the application should not come by way of motion.

“It should come by way of judicial review,” he added.

In her submission, Ambiga also quoted passages from ‘May Day for Justice’, a book written by former Lord President Mohd Salleh Abas regarding the Umno crisis of 1987.

“It seemed to me that one of the way to eliminate suspicion particularly in view of the hearing of political overtones surrounding the case was to review the case (Umno) before a full bench.

“This is to allow every variety if judicial opinion available to come to bear on the matters.”

Salleh also said it is also obvious by including all the judges, it could eliminate any suggestion of bias on his part.

“No one can say I picked the judges or pick the bench,” the former Lord President said on having a full bench to hear the Umno matter in 1988.

However, before the idea could be implemented, Mahathir replaced him.

Much is at stake

Nizar’s appeal would determine the future of the Perak Pakatan Rakyat state government, which had been driven out of power in February after three of its elected representatives resigned from their parties and pledged support for Barisan Nasional.

Much is at stake at this hearing which would decide not only who is the legitimate menteri besar but also set a precedent for future similar political imbroglios.

NONEFive of the country’s top judges have been picked to hear the case despite Nizar having sought a full 11-member bench given the importance of the case.

The basis for his 11-bench application, as the former Perak MB stated in his affidavit, is that it involves constitutional issues regarding the interpretation of the Perak constitution which would have a direct impact in the interpretation of the provisions in the federal constitution.

Nizar also said that the apex court’s decision would affect all Malaysians and would become a precedent to similar cases in the near future.

“The issues and constitutional problem in Perak have not been resolved and a full quorum of Federal Court judges is important as it involves public interests and the jurisprudence history of the court in Malaysia.

“Furthermore, the legal issues which is raised following the Court of Appeal decision involves the rejection of strong constitutional cases involving the powers of the menteri besar or the chief ministers of Sabah and Sarawak,” Nizar had said in his affidavit filed on Oct 28.

Others on the five-member bench are Chief Judge of Malaya Arifin Zakaria and justices Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin, Mohd Ghazali Mohd Yusoff and Abdull Hamid Embong.

Nizar is represented by a team of lawyers led by senior counsel Sulaiman Abdullah, while another senior lawyer Cecil Abraham is representing Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Journalists and members of the public were at the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya as early as 7am, where the hearing is held.

Security was tight as police and security personnel require those planning to go into the courtroom to obtain special passes.

Three key questions

Three constitutional questions have been posed for the country’s highest court to decide:

1. A proper interpretation of Article 16(6) of the Perak constitution under which a menteri besar can advise the sultan to dissolve the assembly. What if there is no motion of no-confidence against the MB and that he refuses to resign?

2. Can the sultan determine if a menteri besar commands the confidence of the majority of the House without a vote in the assembly?

Article 16(6) of the state constitution also relates to a motion of no-confidence being made at the state legislative assembly and an interpretation is being sought on this.

3. Whether the state constitution allows the sultan to sack a menteri besar or can the position be deemed vacant if he chooses not to resign.

Nizar wins one, Zambry wins one

The MB vs MB case, which began in March, saw Nizar winning in the High Court on May 11 when justice Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim declared the PAS leader the rightful menteri besar.

Subsequently, Zambry was granted stay within 24 hours by recently promoted justice Ramly Ali on appeal at the Court of Appeal.

This was followed with the appellate court decision by a three-member bench on May 22 to overturn the High Court decision and acknowledged Zambry as the legitimate menteri besar.

Nizar had encountered problems filing his application for a stay at the Federal Court after the three judges delayed submitting their written judgments.

Two of the written judgments were only made available on June 27, a month after their oral decision, while the third was made available in early July.

Liow “Accept or Resign”

Updated from Malaysiakini- Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the decision by ROS was based on three main factors – the country laws, the Societies Act 1996 and the MCA constitution.

“Should the matter be taken to court, we, at the ministry, and ROS will explain and defend the decision,” he told a news conference at the Parliament lobby here today.
liow tiong lai

Liow Tiong Lai and his renegades in MCA have tasted the bitter sweet of party politics and the learning process of it all is a rocky and winding road to the top. Politics never takes prisoners and if he was to fall by the wayside and does not accept the decisions he will be affixing his very own signature to his own MCA DEATH WARRANT.

The ROS has spoken and no one should and can dispute it as it clearly states in the Societies Act 1966(Act 335 ) & regulations.-18c Decision of political party to be final and conclusive.

{ The decision of a political party or any person authorised by it or by its constitution or rules or regulations made thereunder on the interpretation of its constitution,rules or regualtions or any matter relating to the affairs of the party shall be final and conclusive and such decision shall not be challenged,appealed against,reviewed,quashed or called in questionb in any court on any ground,and no court shall have jurisdiction to entertain or determine any suit,application,question or proceeding on any ground regarding the validity of the decision.}

Larry sng

That is the very reason which also saw to the end of problems in Party Rakyat Sarawak in which there was the factional infighting for two years between James Masing and Larry Sng. The ROS declared James the legitimate President and Larry’s man just left him and the party and joined PKR enbloc. Liow the options and the door has just slammed shut on you with the PM agreeing to the decision.

So Liow now are you ready to bow down and accept the truth or leave MCA. This is the statement copied from Malaysiakini,’ Speaking at a press conference in Parliament, the Barisan Nasional chieftain described the ROS’ stunning decision as “purely legal”..

According to Najib, this is how the ROS interpreted the MCA constitution.

“The constitution is based on certain provisions which requires two-thirds majority to remove anyone in the party whether appointed or elected.

“Now based on that, that is why they (ROS) said Chua is still the deputy and this is the same provision that keeps Ong Tee Keat as president,” he said.

Najib added that the ROS has to be consistent as it cannot make two different decisions when the case is the same.”You cannot have one principle on the president, and another on the deputy. MCA has decided that part of the constitution, the ROS only interpreted the constitution,” he said

Liow said that he reserves the right he reserves the right to file an appeal or take the matter to court.

My friend Mr.Health Minister please wise up and take your time and you will not regret it. The journey has just started for you but if you just insists to follow that path of CONFRONTATIONAL Politics you will always be used as a Hand Grenade and others will benefit from your irrational ways.

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