46Billion “Jangan Kita Layan”

It’s Now Pretty Clear that the Federal Government is very much with the CM Taib on Sarawak’s agenda on politics of development. If not PM Najib would just have kept silent on the issue of CM Taib amassing wealth in the region of $46 Billion as alleged by Switzerland-based NGO Bruno Manser Fund (BMF)

Instead when he was asked by reporters in a press conference the PM Najib said “There are all kinds of allegations, jangan kita layan (let’s not entertain it),”

Many would be wondering why the PM have said what he said but as a leader he needs to look after his flock( CMs and MB of BN controlled states) in times of an imminent power struggle from within UMNO and PM need not make an enemy out of CM Taib.

The Taib haters would be showing us the middle fingers and we are pretty sure our email would be flooded with  emails of “apple polishing of the highest order’. When Elephants collide its wise to stay out of range as one would not know what will hit us.

It is really up to the top boys to do battle obviously. PM Najib knows Taibs man are everywhere ready to push the knife further in to destroy his Premiership stay. Najib must have been advised to stay clear of any other controversies as a strong Sarawak BN mandate of 31 Parliamentary seats is the survival factor for UMNO to continue to stay in power.

CM Taib needs to deliver or else his stay as CM of Sarawak would also be in jeopardy. The BN Federal Government needs Taib to deliver and this statement from PM Najib,’jangan kita layan” speaks VOLUMES of how CM Taib is very much needed to deliver the required numbers out of 31 Seats in Sarawak to BN in the upcoming GE13.

 GE13 is the mother of all battles both for BN and Pakatan.

11 thoughts on “46Billion “Jangan Kita Layan”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Taib had promised Swkians that he inspires to aspire until and even after he expires,( be Silent Mentor).

    If Najib has 65 billions,a billion more than Taib,how can he directs MCCA to investigate.

    That why he says Jangan Layan semua dakwaan yang berasas itu.

    Whether it is true,half truth or just allegations,all damages have been done to Taib and BN.

    It is just a matter of gravity of public believes.

    Ask anyone on the street be it old or young,most of them will tell you Taib filthy rich and perhaps richest in Msia.

  2. Hisaacfx (@hisaacfx) says:

    Apa pun kami rakyat sarawak tetap di belakang ketua menteri kami. Bro..awak lebih baik kluar dr Bn..kenyataan u mmg memihak kpd pembangkang..benar ka Pehin Sri memiliki harta sbyk itu..namun sy tau bro pergerakkn yg anda lakukan..umpama seleps hisap darah di betis nk darah dipaha… Diminta anda keluar la bro..sbb kami ttp syg n berada dibelakang ketua menteri kami.anda menunjukkn sikap seorg pengecut dan belot utk smua rakyat SARAWAK. Kesetiaan kami utk Pehin Sri x akan termakan oleh statement yg dkluarkan oleh bro..kami ttp dgn perjuangan kami..

  3. Dan says:

    Aiya Hissaacfx you too green in politics. Najib needs to survive and by saying what “jangan kita Layan” he is in fact telling Taib to be careful and he is watching. You justs give support to your CM like that. Did he give you $300 million? hahahaha he drive rolls royce u drive what car? U got one like him kah? Dun follow blindly lah!

  4. Hisaacfx (@hisaacfx) says:

    pada saya.. x kesah la 300M ka apa ka.. saya hanya.. perlu drive kereta hijau saya.. beroda satu..utk mengutip rezeki…siap ada besi dua dri belakang. stereng sy x bulat..dia padle lurus ke belakang.sgguhpn sy x bergiat dlm politik..akan tetapi saya selalu perhatikan..perlukah membangkit isu duit beliau..x cukp kah apa yg beliau bagi kat semua rakyat sarawak..apa kelebihan utk rakyat sarawak jika CM x da..namun isu ini hanya akn melibatkan penuh point utk pmbangkang…. mereka agak suka akan statement ini bila dilampirkan ke blog.atau media lain. mgkin akan wujud bermacam2 fitnah slps itu..kn..kebiasaan sniper x mudah silap..lepas..peluru.. hanya senapang patah yg mudah berterabur kerana sebijik peluru yg lepas keluar.. akibatnya seluruh org lain yg akan kene tempias peluru itu.. walaupn sy buta tapi masih ada tongkat utk sy jln. guna cermin mata hitam pn sy boleh jln lgi.. apatah lagi..keadaan yg bole sy nampak.. sy cuma x termakan racun didalam mangkuk cuma akan termakan racun bila kene bisa nya..namun bisa x mgkin menawan rusuk org muda sperti kami.. muda ke aku ni. atau baby keww…eekkekkeke…. dan kami membangkang penuh statement ni.. sbb.. kenyataan yg encik blog ni telah memberi point .. amat dan teramat sgt memihak kpda pembangkang.. baik la encik blog..dh kene upah kn.. suruh keluarkn isu cmni..keluarkan juga.. duit punya pasal…korg nak buruk2kn CM…ni dh kira memburukkn keadaan.. APA PN BRO.. KAMI.. RAKYAT SARAWAK…”TETAP BERDIRI TEGUH DIBELAKANG KETUA MENTERI KAMI….” udah2 le main ayat ni bro… ekekkeke… baik lu blah le bro dri mengayat..rakyat sarawak ni…

  5. Transparency Mode says:

    DAP has asked if Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s call not to entertain allegations about Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s alleged billions in wealth was a signal to enforcement agencies not to probe or question the matter.

    “I have no doubt that without Najib’s pre-emptive strike today, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) would have taken the completely neutral but meaningless stand that it was prepared to investigate into the BMF report about Taib and his family’s gargantuan wealth and asset accumulated from 31 years of Taib’s chief ministership of Sarawak.



  6. audie61 says:

    Hisaacfx (@hisaacfx Do you understand ENGLISH? Do you understand mY ENGLISH? If you dont read and read again. Merely stating PM is supporting my Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and ask not to entertain all these allegations.
    Understood…my English…

  7. Hisaacfx (@hisaacfx) says:

    ohhh my eggeris bro.. hahaha… i anda stand ekeke.. but why. i leave my comment..always hit u.. ur statement are become spirit wake up for pembangkang u know.. but u must post properly.. now… pepatah melayu berkata.. telajak perahu bole undo..tetapi..telajak kata.. x dpt bro..u ssh bro.. now u mesti kata..apa salah aku.. dh mmg salah u.. posting yg membolehkan point utk pihak pembangkang..terserlah sikap u hanya utk pembangkang le bro.. baik u blah dri spdp… dan baik u.. x kn berundur kami utk CM..hidup PEHIN SRI..hidup PBB.. lama dh ke buat keje mcm ni bro..

    • audie61 says:

      If i write in bahasa u boleh defame me. But this is in English bro. Keep to your own sites and let us fight against the Pakatan ENGLISH sites. We unleash them and throw a spanner to their works. You do yours we do ours. OK comprehend now. I never interfere in dayak,malay or chinese blogsites. I suggests u do the same . If not people will say u busybody or being PAID to interfere in SPDP. I have spoken to my bosses about it already and even PBB YBs understand what I am trying to do.
      Got many smses to prove and one YB said “do not need to show them our strategy”
      Do you know their ACHILLESHEEL or Thumbscrew???
      GOSH do i need to explain..KA-BOOM

  8. Hisaacfx (@hisaacfx) says:

    ok bro.. i know.. what that mean…. but now we need to know who YB understand what u do..and support your strategy can u show me who bro??? ..I think your strategy with YB PBB to discredit the chief minister.if not, you will not be issued this statement to the media.. what say u bro.. i say u… and one more thing.. i’m sarawakian.. I never received any payment from Anybody,i only have internet connection using broadband i pay rm3/day by myself….and only earn money using HALAL income. no rasuah and no suap2. for PBB YB.. please stop ur game with blog owner..with a mission accomplish.. we love PEHIN SRI 4-ever.

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