“BN Sarawak A Time Bomb..!!”

Everyone have their own opinion and mosts of us in the political circles are just keeping a watching brief while the top leaders are moving the chessboard which will suit their long term agendas. Sarawak BN no matter what happens is a coalition and an alliance of four(4) parties in PBB,SUPP.PRS and SPDP.

After the GE13 the whole political scenario will be colourful to say the least as the jostling of the REAL political powers will emerge and the bargaining of political positions in the State and Federal Cabinet will intensify.

Sarawak will very much be status quo as what the Chief Minister of Sarawak Pehin Sri whispered to Michael Manyin not too long ago where we were told by our informer

CM to Michael”We might be BN State but Federal might be Pakatan government. ” It shook and send shivers to Manyin and he had to disclose it to his close aides.

We might not have a cannon to fire at some people for their ignorance and arrogance but if we are to see the news everyday it seems the problems in BN Sarawak are a plenty with Assemblyman “here and there“having a go at their parties except PBB.

The little “Napoleans” in the branches and divisions are having a jolly good time condemning their parties,leaders and making the wrong noises. Is this the way forward for BN Sarawak? The extracted statement below from Malaysiakini  is the very reason why we are writing this article.

Can we have more good news than all the flip-flops and unwanted news of BN leaders having a go at each other.? The Pakatan boys are laughing all the way to the banks and the rakyat has had enough of the infighting of BN component parties. This has got to STOP.

(will we be surprised again that some PBB YBs would say”audie61 published this about our party and we need to gag the blogsite up. Are we sweeping it under the carpet or shall we just try to put the wrongs right before it blows up right in our faces? We need to….



Extracted comments:-The end of BN in Sarawak is coming soon. The time bomb in SUPP (Peter Chin’s group vs Wong Soon Koh’s group), the BN5 Club (supported by PBB) vs SPDP, PRS vs SWP and Melanau PBB vs Malay PBB are all set to explode in the face of the BN any time soon.

Except for the open tussle and mudslinging between SWP vs PRS, the others have been told by Najib to at least keep quite and postpone their fight till after the coming 13th General Election.

For SPDP, PRS, SUPP and SWP, its all in their long term interest, if only they know, that they all should make sure PBB loses as many seats as possible in the coming election. PBB, once weakened, will make every BN parties in Sarawak having equal strength, no one party, like PBB now, can bully other parties. SUPP, SPDP and PRS, please learn how to play politic!

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BN”Reach Out to the Grassroots .. “

You must know your Constituency Wants and Needs. You must REACH OUT TO THE GRASSROOTS and only then the voters will know whether you are sincere and can be trusted. The times are changing and one should be equip with all the knowhows , wheeling and dealing in the economic field too. We should also not Preempt anything but work towards achieving it . 

Minister of Housing and Tourism Abang Johari telling audie61 at the sidelines of the Press conference who were with the visiting delegation of SPDP and SUPP members at a courtesy visit to his office.

Step up cooperation, BN components told

Posted on August 7, 2012, Tuesday


WORKING TOGETHER: SPDP vice-president Captain Zainuddin Hamdan (seated third right), SPDP Pending chief Audie Chua (seated second left) and SUPP Youth chief Tan Kai (seated second right) showing the logo of the charity show to Abang Johari (third left) after their courtesy call.

KUCHING: All BN component parties in the state must step up their cooperation to improve communication between the people and the leaders.

PBB deputy president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg said this culture of working together had always been there from the start and was pleased to see young leaders continue the efforts.

“Such cooperation has existed since many years ago and I personally had experiences working with other component parties.

“The political landscape nowadays has changed. There is need to explore new directions in order to improve communication between the people and the leaders,” the Housing Minister said yesterday.

He was speaking to reporters after receiving a courtesy call from the organising committee of ‘1 night with P195 and P196 Friends Charity Movie Show’ at his office.

He pointed out that the contribution from young leaders was important, especially in the present challenging political environment.

“It is important to work together to provide the best service to the people.

“We have all the basic ingredients so we need the best chef to prepare the right food.

“The best chef is always the most experienced and in BN, we provide the chef because we have the experience,” he said.

He commended the programme as a very good initiative by young BN leaders that would enable BN to get back the Bandar Kuching parliamentary seat and defend the Stampin seat.

The charity show is an initiative to strengthen solidarity and unity among BN component parties and will be shown at The Spring’s MBO on Aug 29.


Sarawak BN Wanita Chief Speaks Her Mind…

“We have come a long way ever since we have been together and todays BN Sarawak in PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP are 1United force and 1BN when we go to the elections eventhough there are a number of petty differences here and there” says Empiang to audie61 at the sidelines after the Press Conference..

She continued”I can see clearly in the youths today who are transforming to be better politicians as nowadays the technological advances means the young politicians have to be on their toes and move with the times. The elderly or veteran politicians are always willing to lend their ears and offer to give assistance when required and we will not interfere unless they step out of line

1BN believes in collective decisions and thats why we are very much intact.”

PM Najib “Well Done…!!”

Lajim you should know this…..

In running a country a leader needs to ensure that rules and policies are being followed. If not the whole country will be ruled by Jungle Law. What PM Najib has done to remove Lajim which of course is his prerogative “was in accordance with clause (3) Article 43A, which was read together with clause (5) Article 43 of the Federal Constitution.”

Lajim thinks as an UMNO Sabah warlord he can bring the party down on its knees and his bargaining power is so strong that he will not be removed as a Deputy Minister. There are times when you can play hardball and this time Lajim played wrongly his cards.


It will not be too long that his followers will leave him as they too will feel that their positions and livelihood are being compromised.

Najib has now come hard on those who threaten UMNO and his Cabinet and very soon this message will have a POSITIVE ROLLER BALL EFFECT on the rest of the component parties in BN.

Najib needs to make a stand and he will not let the warlords have too much say or freedom. He listens ,watches ,compromised but will not succumb to overzealous politics of confrontation. It’s never too late to make a decision and Najib has wielded his sword and the STATEMENT IS LOUD AND CLEAR.

Lajim had his Day and Now Najib will end it for him.