“Transform or Be Irrelevant…!”

All the Political Parties in Sarawak be it BN or Pakatan are ready to do Battle in the 31 Parliamentary Constituencies. In the urban areas SUPP will likely face up with their nemesis and the battlecry will be between Transform or Ubah.

In our previous article we wrote:-Sarawak BN a Time Bomb which is actually telling a Reminder to us all that we must not be COMPLACENT AND DO NOTHING. If we leave all the dirty linens hanging on the verandahs it will not be cleaned. Cleansing from within is the only alternative the State BN has left to ensure that it stays in power for the new term.

We have heard the Pakatan leaders drumming up support and giving fiery speeches but their main pointers remains in all ceramahs “ARE YOU READY FOR PUTRAJAYA?” Are you ALL with us ? ARE YOU? ARE YOU? We can say we want to stop them from getting there but when our party boys are still so engrossed in infighting and not in togetherness the opportunity presents itself for the enemy to attack us.

It does send a shiver down the spines when the clapping amongst the people who are at their ceramahs do come  without fear or careas they loudly acclaim most of the points. Of course the key is still the Malay dominated UMNO areas where UMNO needs to ensure they maintain the stranglehold.

Sarawak and Sabah as some of the alternative news media is potraying is very much for grabs. The infighting have reached such a feverish high that incurable is not the word. People who are jeorpadising the transformation processes needs to be shifted away from the main operational machinery works of the party involved in the parliamentary seats. This is REAL and if PM Najib still thinks he has it easy he better be prepared for the worse.

His winnable candidates needs to work extra hard and get down to the nitty gritty works of mainatining the momentum of ensuring Putrajaya is not won by defections or trojan horses who seeks to see an end of BN rule.

BN needs to really TRANFORM or it will be overtaken by the Cries of Change from the people power which is very significant now. The opposition are all cashing in and if parliament is not dissolved soon more dirt will be BLOWN UP and the numbers in ceramahs up and down the country will make even the staunches BN member grasping for air.

The game plan changes when the results are announced on the night of polling and PM Najib must take into account not only the strategies which is being used to tackle the mindset off the voters but how the party machineries are moving.

Even at one of our courtesy visit to a Minister he said,‘We must not Syiok Sendiri. We must Transform and there musts be continuity in our programmes to reachout and touch the nerve points of the voters in question.

WE need to go to the lists of voters in the constituency and look at each constituency,evaluate the voters needs ,wants and ensure they vote for your MAN OR WOMAN. That counts and PERCEPTION will still play a very important role in any elections.


PM Najib needs all the 222 BN candidates to sing the same song with him and also to ensure that Anwars rendition of Its’ Now or Never will stay as just another failed effort in this GE13.



8 thoughts on ““Transform or Be Irrelevant…!”

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Malaysia memang terkemuka dan terkenal dengan slogan-slogan yang tak berhabisan sejak dulu lagi.

    Dari Bapa – Bapa,then PMs Kemederkaan,Perpaduan,Pembangunan,Pemodenan,Islam Hadari hingga sekarang Najib 1 Malaysia dan tak lama akan digelar Bapa Tranformasi bila tamat jadi PM.

  2. iban says:

    Looks like old politicians are looking for the golden handshake.
    The most obvious one is PRS Billy the kid.
    With such people in politics on wonder the voters are angry.

    We need new blood politician that really serve the voters.

  3. 2012 hope says:

    No corruptions,why are all politicians so rich ?. Almost all are either billionaires or millionaires.

    Politics mean Powers ,powers mean Prosperity which everybody is aiming for it.

  4. iban says:

    Shouldn’t they be in jail.
    Maybe not in this world but after.
    Looks like the politician practising taukey politics and the voters generally are sucker to the propaganda.

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Janji Kosing atau Janji Ditepati ?????????????????????.

    42 yeras ago,Tun Razak visited Kapit and promised Tun Jugah to build a road from Kapit to Sibu in honour of Sarawakians loyalty to Federal Govt.

    Today,Najib promised the same promises as his father did to MP of Kapit, Alex Nanta Linggi,grandson of Tun Jugah.

    Unfortunately,that road remains as ” Rajang River ” for all Kapitians till today

    Taib lame excuses for not supporting the road being built are no economic values,too expensive and difficult to build,rugged terrains with low populations.

    To all Ibans living in Kapit remember to VOTE Taib who had brought so much developments to your areas since his era,31 yrs.

    Compare Kapit 40 years old as division,since 1973 to Mukah 10 years,since old,since 2002 then you will know where you are ?

    Kapit has none to those below except more gambling dents, cockfighting arena and karaoke and pubs.

    Mukah latest developments since it interception as division,MRSM, UiTM, Politehnik, PPKS, Unimas Research centre,Score head quarter and recently approved 600 million international Airport.

    Remember Mukah has only Sago Logs whereas Kapit has Timber logs which makes RH,Rimbunan Hijau,so called Sir Tiong as 10th richest man in Malaysia.

    Lastly always remember your famous slogan whenever and wherever you vote ” Anang Ngelaban Perintah “

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