Political Power…Any Shortcut..?

President of SPDP( Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party) William Mawan says there is no Winnability without Loyalty.

4 thoughts on “Political Power…Any Shortcut..?

  1. Ordinary Rakyat says:

    Please forward this where RAKYAT could access to this comment. Thank you for your kind help.

    Rakyat’s Expectation to Govt ?

    POLITICIANS, Govt or oppostions the obj is power,persoanl gain? Cronysim & Nepotism? RAKYAT pays the price!
    Today most of RAKAT hardly fullfill their monthly needs! WHAT need another 55 yrs to soundle RAKYAT’S money !.
    The income gap is from hunders to hunderds of thousands of ringgit a month !


    Tak habis2 isu agama,propaganda2,ceremah2politik,perhimpuanan2, guna nama parti, nama pemimpin utk mempolitikan agenda masing2, mempermainkan & memperbodohkan rakyat BAHAN POLITIK SEJAK 55 THN, menghasut pemikiran stp rakyat, guna taktik NORTH KOREA, pemimpin, menteri2, & ahli2 politik, nampaknya berjaya mempengaruhi RAKYAT! Rakyat spt budak2 beri gula spt kali bersuara! stp kali meningati RAKYAT BAHAWA KERAJAAN TELAH BANYAK MEMBANTU RAKYAT, MAJUKAN NEGARA, ini dah jadi TUGAS KERAJAAN , it’s Govt responsiblity to do so, every govt around the world does that! The MEDIA (Crony) is the govt BRAINWASHING MACHINE for the past 22 yrs.

    PENTING SELESAIKAN MASALAH RAKYAT DULU, Poverty,Economic Decline, Employment, Corruption, Healthcare, Crime, Inflation, Labour issues, Enviroment, & many more. JANGAN jadikan isu2 lain utk tarik perhatian RAKYAT, KHAZANAH NASIONAL,sumber utama kewangan Kerajaan & GLC’S pd 80 an, MANA PERGI KEUNTUNGAN? est Hundreds of Billions of ringgit.KESEDARAAN RAKYAT? It shows perception of RAKYAT towards Govt, ” BUKALAH MINDA ” ! TEPUK DADA TANYA SELERA !

    PERSONAL POLITICAL AGENDA? (Cronyism & Nepotism) High Political Politics Propaganda!

    WhyNEP? PREVILIGES? WhyPRIVATIZATION? WhyPNB? WhyASB? Why GLC? Why Mega Projects? Why few is multimillionaires & rest still remain poor? Why few selected ones? Why benefits few Malays,Chinese,Indians,Others? Why the rest remain same for past 22yrs? High Div% Mutual Fund = High Inflation, EPF a good retirement plan for RAKYAT? it’s enough? Please no hard feelings, straight to the point! The few enjoys high quality & luxuries life, the rest enjoy What? What it is stated in Mysia Constitution regarding who will enjoy & who don’t? RAKYAT RENUNGKAN, Always Ask Why, ” TEPUK DADA TANYA SELERA” !

    Mysia economy growth5%,6%,7%,8%…., to impress RAKYAT that mysia is better than any other nation? Never trust BNM,MOF.

    The Political Agenda is The Most Intellectual Politics to Convince RAKYAT. Knowldege Most Powefull Weapon for RAKYAT. Again I stress out,the NEEDS, PROBLEM & ISU faced by RAKYAT. RAKYAT is Asset! ” More Public AWARNESS” ! RAKYAT AWARNESS! Don’t be slave to the System ! Terima Buta2 tanpa fikir, the hidden Agenda ! As ordinary rakyat I am doing my part same goes to RAKYAT


  2. alan newman, new zealand says:

    Pandelela should ask Mr CM Taib:” Why was Bruno murdered after he came all the way from Switzerland to help natives against your destruction of forest? Why was your US Aide Boyert tortured till he died with a plastic bag around his head when he didn’t show total obedience? You are Chief Ministr, Finance Ministr & Planning & Resources Ministr for 31 years and yr Uncle some 20 yrs before you. You control all aspects of economic activities from timber to shipping to land development to hydro; contracts awarded without tender, your cronies live in palaces while there’s no decent trunk road from Sematan to Limbang, while natives lack electricity and drinking water. How much have you, yr Uncle and cronies taken from Sarawak? Foreign analysts estimated not less than RM25billion = RM25,000 million. Your daughter in law’s divorce claim alone is RM400mil. Have you not indirectly or directly destroyed Sarawak? Foreigners in bersih, democratic countries like NZ rate you as a murderer, lower than the lowest animals and criminals.They are shocked you have the cheek to still show your face.”

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