DPM Is this Not Sabatoging?

They are In.No questions Asked.This is how it Works.

Lets look deeper and not just point the finger at the organisers and the Organising Chairman Abang Johari who seems to be getting the blame. He has no choice but its coined in such a way that his deputies in Rosey and Entri are calling the shots.

Why? They both are YBs who are in the northern part of Sarawak and they are both backed by hidden hands who are more powerful and their whispers are enough to send shivers down Abang Johari’s spine.

Moreover,Abang Johari outside Kuching is easily manipulated and many have even termed him as Tourism and Housing Minister for Kuching Division and not Sarawak. He did try to put his foot down and defuse the situation but ‘the internal infighting of PBB succession plan” is rearing its head (follow up indepth on this in the next article.soon)

SPDP and G5 are still locked in bitterness and going by what has happen it involves a very much bigger picture than what we can see openly says a senior PBB member. It does seem that there is a struggle to get ahead of each other and the tussle of the northern boss versus the southern boss is nearing its final stages.

Mawan looks to be being pushed to the limit and the partymachinery though very much with him is being attacked from outside forces who feels that YBs and MPs on their side will mean a stronger base for pushing ones candidacy to the top.

Eventhough DPM Muhyddin has strongly made his statements on sabotaging and Mawan also especially when he worded it as an “insult and ridicule” not only to SPDP but to Barisan Nasional as a whole with the participation of an “illegal entity in the TYTs parade in Miri. Mawan went on to say it is an”act of sabotage to the Barisan spirit of solidarity to happen is perplexing, very disturbing and intolerable.”

Najib and Muhyddin have too much on their plates and the MPs who will be standing in Ge13 is very much on their minds and SPDP having 4 seats will need to deliver if the party needs to survive after the GE13. The party needs to make a stand and Najib have to openly put a stop to this infighting or else what Azmin Ali Deputy President of PKR says will come true. If there are infighting the party will loose and its a fact.

CM Taib is watching with hawks eyes and call what you may “Act of sabotaging or indisciplined by G5” the fact remains if Sarawak BN delivers CM Taib will be rests assured that his time will not be up.

There have one too may calls for his tenure to come to an end says an Assistant Minister and its nothing new but the fact remains PBB delivers as one can see 36 out of 36 seats contested and if PBB delivers 14 out of 14  who says he is not needed.

Can one blame Abang Johari for having a part in in sabotaging Barisan National Unity and solidarity? Surely, you have looked at the crystal bowl and have seen the faces who are very much responsible. Will tell you more very soon….

For now lets see whether Najib or Muhyddin will say G5 is illegal or very much part of the system of being a BN friendly entity.

A word”STOP THIS G5” will be music to the ears of BN SPDP.


39 thoughts on “DPM Is this Not Sabatoging?

  1. ruthless says:

    Sarawak BN big brother, STOP BULLY others BN component parties!!!!!

    PM, always remembers Sarawak BN Big Brother has ONLY 17 parliamentary seats ???

    Don’t Pick and Choose the candidates as you like??

    It TIME to respect component parties choice.

    Before it is to late.

    • reader of the game says:

      Some people (sponsors) so eager to show off their talent early to the old guards that they too can play the weaken and rule dayak game to impress game master. but is the game necessary?

  2. sarawakiana says:

    Abang Johari must make his stand soon. He will be qualified as one who nearly made it if he doesnt. Tengah came out on top here. So sorry for Mawan. Caught in the game.

  3. ruthless says:

    It is TIME for party SUPP , party SPDP and party PRS to unite and STOP interfering by party PBB on candidates and party matters.

    Practicing divide and rule to control smaller Sarawak BN party, it is acceptable??.

    It is time for 3 smaller parties to review they STATUS with BN ???


    • 2012 hope says:

      Base on very reliable sources,they are cordially invited to take part in the parade.

      As it is TYT 91st Birthday with no political motive,whoever join the parade should be most welcome.

      SPDP should be able to take and contented to their supports and solidarity to the head of the state

      See nothing wrong in the eyes of public,why is SPDP so uneasy with them.

      • Sure win party one says:

        Then we should have allowed JPUNS and SWP to join too. Nothing wrong for all Anak Sarawak to join parade and nobody should feel uneasy if ‘funny people’ join the parade. kan, kan,, kan?

      • 2012 hope says:

        As loyal and responsible citizens,all Anak Sarawak should have equal right and chance to celebrate the grandest happiest birthday of the state together,why discriminate who and who.
        Poor or Rich young and old they are all human being like you.Security and enforcement officers are there to check the peaceful parade.

      • Ehentah Apanama says:

        The truth is all participants in the parade were screened by the Resident’s Office. Its not opened to “anybody” as claimed by Abang Jo. Restricted numbers as well. KBNS joint because Enteri is in the Organising Committee. What ever the reasons, The OC should have been sensitive to the feelings of others. Putting that aside, in future celebrations, anybody as Abang Jo said, i mean anybody without any restrictions at all can participate. That will be very interesting and a real 1 Malaysia. Lets wait and see….. whether Abang Jo is still around to admit or deny……very interesting

      • GN Club says:

        Our gay club also want to join the parade. We are also illegal like the other illegal club. We will not make them uneasy, jealaous as we are all the same mah.

      • ruthless says:

        Abang jo cakap saja. Dia mana boleh lawan cakap Tiab. Dia cuma ikut arahan dari Tiab saja. Don’t deny . People are not stupid. You are just following tiab instruction . If you dare to tell the true everyone is happy.

  4. phyllis says:

    BN Sarawak always want to divide and rule. This time after the GE13 they will be so divided as Pakatan will take over. G5 in SPDP. PRS under attack by SWP, Team A Wong v Teram B Peter Chin In SUPP. Its bye bye BN and Najib you better finish the term in 2013. If this nonsensical strategy by CM Taib goes on unchecked it will be capitalise by the Pakatan group.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Najib advises Sarawakians Jangan persoalkan Swak Autonomi, Swak Mederka,Swak Mundur and lain lain kononya swak dipinggirkan oleh Putrajaya

    • Reader of the Game says:

      Some people (sponsors) so eager to show off their talent early to the old guards that they too can play the weaken and rule dayak game to impress game master. but is the game necessary? The politics of Sarawak now is beyond SPDP and G5. Beyond PRS and SWP. It is now about two or three show offs in BN trying to play the game as if by weakening, dividing and ruling the Dayak will make anyone of them the best and next CM.

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Audie61 and team,your Boss finally understands and accepted the explanation from OC of TYT Birthday 91st celebration.
    Beggars on streets have their rights to participate too as loyal citizens
    There shouldn’t be selective only self Claimed Big Guns and Famous Public figures.

    Msia is too much in Protocolling yet wasting ” Obama greets the American with only 3 words” Yes We Can ” while Najib needs 3-5 minutes to his opening greeting speeches with a MUST uniform on for every function or celebration.

    Sources tell us that most political leaders of BN have not less 400 pieces of such shirts in their cabinets while The first lady is TOP of all requiring size of Metro Jaya Dept to store hers.

    Dont ever plant too much political hatred and ideas in your mind otherwise your effort to promote ur teams will be just a waste.

    It was really raining in Bintulu on 16.9 BUT tears of Rakyats falling like rain in Kuching.

  6. No Entri says:

    Reader of the game dun know anything. We are strong Taib supporters. who cares about Mawan and his group. They are nothing now only mosquitoes left. Ya we know mosquito also deadly but in politics its numbers game. We want our man to be CM. Anyone out there can deny us this? We are comfortable as assistant ministers for now. Mawan will be gone soon..
    ruthless its acceptABLE DIVIDE AND RULE. y noT?
    2012 HOPE. Nothing wrong with uniforms. Its called Organising events. Y dun you asks Anwar and his team to just wear white singlets at every function and use it till they get to Putrajaya. Gandhi did it with his white robe. Anwar and team wear singlets. Why complain when some people are trying to make some $ from uniforms?
    Lesser of two evils dont make a right.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Someone is like Katak dibawah Tempurung supporting cronies enriching way of business.

      It doesn’t what do ones wear as long as they are there with sincerity and feel of hearts.

      Working attires and function attires are totally different,U can use ur own sport attire for POCOCO lah,u wont dance better with common standard wear provided.

      Hundreds of millions had been wasted for self praised yet successful programs and activities, WOrld Bank Reports.

      K-POP costs 2 million during Jutaan Youths Week is also ur and poor rakyat money.

      Keep on with that Kampung culture and see when is Msia be partner of Greece.

      Such huge sum wasted could have helped millions of poor who are even without enough food on tables.

      • 2012 hope says:

        BN under Boros Najib UMNO leadership apparently had finished their ” Bullets and Bombs ” prior to GE 13.Perhaps have to print some more money else where.

        He splashed millions here and there in Peninsula during his recent political tour leaving peanut for Sabah and Swak,

        Swak<Sibu just receives 1 million from him during his two days visit.

    • ruthless says:

      The opposition parties in Sarawak is too WEAK. Tiab and PBB can control others BN component parties in Sarawak by Remote Control or by Master and Slave principle. The only time when Tiab can fall is when sleeping lion wake up. WHEN??? I don’t know.The best part is Tiab got little Lion Spy to help him to divide and rule. You know who this Lion i refer too??? Jabu lah.

    • BN Night Club says:

      why the hell this guy so mad at spdp and mawan?
      i think mawan did fuck his mother or sister la , last time…
      what everybody knows is spdp and mawan is very strong and very helpful party.
      those who are bising in other party is just plain jealous of what spdp and mawan had..
      even the opposition like spdp… hahahaha
      those g5 only got paid by some babi in politic to betray the bos… can you trust this kind of people? omg

  7. Observer says:

    This is politics. Do what I said. Do not follow what I do.
    Should SPDP lost all four seats in the coming erection.

    Then we what.

    • 2012 hope says:

      Dari Perlis sampai ke Sabah,millions of innocent and poor rakyat are supressed and oppressed bu irresponsible ” Political Lanun and Penyamun ” who have more personal agendas than public interests.

      Always remember,what comes around goes around.

      Fame is vapour,riches take wings and popularity by accident.

      Nobody can endure except character.

  8. No Entri says:

    Aiya u all cannot see meh> We are for Tengah while Johari is just a southern boy. He come to Miri to please his master Taib only. So our master still very strong and Tengah is justs watching what Johari cannot do. hahahahaha Kesian Mawan tak nampak,lu bising gua tak duli

    • Reader of the Game says:

      If you read earlier comments of your frens here, All can see this. But Taib can surprise you with things you cannot see. Your eyes, our eyes can decieve you, us. Probe deeper No Entri. See beyond the crystal bowl.

  9. 2012 hope says:

    Points to share on 49th Malaysia Day;

    Sarawak’s Dreams turned into Nightmares.Putrajaya arrogantly ignored and didn’t honoured 18-point agreements of Sarawak in the formation of Malaysia.

    Your comments

  10. No Entri says:

    Reader of the Game. My Big Master Taib is there to stay until his days are ended. Thats why the divide and rule is still enforced. Mawan justs another pawn. Now he bising next mnute agree. What lah no balls kah.?

    • Reader of the Game says:

      That’s what we call matured politics. Sometimes we had to be confrontational and sometimes diplomatic. The balls politics that you championed will kill us. Look at Tajem, James Wong, Patau. Why is Mawan still there, Senior minister some more. R us sure he is not somebody’s weapon?

  11. tindin says:

    Wah, BN very strong! Very maju!

    Apa anambiak buat di kampung rumahpanjai? Tengok Astro ah? Good lah!

    Happy happy tengok Astro. Bagi tanah saja sama Jabu, Taib.

    Sudah kenyang tengok Astro apa susah.

    Nyak ya! Agi idup agik ngelaban!

  12. No Entri says:

    Reader of the Game he is a selfish leader think for himself while the rest in the group suffer. Very soon he will be disowned too by his party boys. Tajem and Leo fought for his people in PBDS so did James wong in SNAP.
    This is different times lah and Taib already on way out. Soon Mawan too…

      • Reader of the Game says:

        We wll see. If that should happened, then that would be an interesting development in Sarawak politics and probably national.

  13. Observer says:

    No yb no talk.
    1 yb how to talk.
    Life as a Politican is tough these days for mawan.

    Work harder to retain the 4 mp sets left otherwise kaput.

    Good luck all politicians.

    Looking after number one is the name of the game.

  14. Political Observer says:

    Malaysia has just celebrated its 49 years anniversary. The only govt that the people ever known and experience is BN. Power is like opium, if not managed properly, the people in power will suffer the after effect- delusion. BN leaders are currently at such states. They think they are indispensable, even after the 2008 political tsunami, they think they will make it through G13. As a result, instead of doing soul searching and doing the much needed house cleaning, they make
    irrational upon irrational, mind bongling strange decisions. Its obvious many of the YBs has overstayed their usefulness and effectiveness, yet the leaders said “give them another term”.

    Should BN lost Putrajaya,( the chances is higher than 2008), than BN has themselves to blame, its not necessary because PR is popular, but because BN has been shooting itself on the foot, or on the head for which case it could be fatal.

    In West Malaysia the sign is very clear- the mood of the people is to change. The latest resignations by some key leaders in Sabah from BN should not be taken likely- the late James Wong said, SNAP trouble is only a storm in a tea cup- in the end it was the end of SNAP and the beginning of SPDP.

    Never has BN faced such a critical and uncertain time as this. Logically and naturally to survive G13, BN like any football team should be at it best, with the best players. Coach Najib knows this that why he said, “Don’t put up your favorite candidates that can make you popular within the party, but put up winnable candidates to make sure we will continue to be the government”.

    Unfortunately BN is at one of its lowest point. In Sarawak all the 4 components are having chronic internal problems. SUPP is in self destruct mode. Come G13 supp could be wipe out. In the town area the mode has swift to PR esp DAP. In the past just put anybody for BN the person will win, now in town area its the reverse. A little better than SUPP is SPDP, a party that starts well, but through over politicising by its leaders, this party has degraded from a mosquito party to a sand fly party. Left with one ADUN, Mawan and 3MPs, the party has lost 80% of its strength. Again as I have written before one of the biggest weakness of SPDP is it have devoid itself from capable and credible leaders. Politic is a game of numbers- whether you like it of not to BN- G5 have the numbers at least before the next general election. The signs is clear that BN top leaders seems to have “soft spot” for G5. For G13 Mawan has to make a stand and he cannot effort to make mistake with regards to his candidates. If all the incumbents are put up, the risk of losing two seats Baram and Saratok is very high. Bintulu chances have also dropped, it will depend on the Bumiputra. There is also a chance SPDP may even lost Bintulu. If such scenario happen, SPDP will be considered irrelevant. BN may be forced to bring G5 and Mawan may lost even his ministership.

    Next come PRS, a party filled with big egos leaders. President Masing insistent of putting up all the incumbent except for Billy shows the leaders are very inward looking and selfish. In Hulu Rejang, the Orang Ulu in the Belaga and Sg. Asap area will likely be supporting the opposition not only because of their dissatisfaction with compensation but in protest that their seat has been taken away from them. If SWP is serious in posing a challenge to PRS than we will see some fierce battle. With the current uncharted political climate I would not be surprise if both SPDP and PRS will aslo be wipe out.

    As for PBB, it had been a known fact that there are a lot of infighting. Some top leaders have been seen jostling and positioning themselves for the throne when taib eventually called it the day. Should taib decided to stay longer than April 2013, he may end up being a liability for BN come this G13. Last state elections BN leaders were at their wit end how to counter PR allegation against Pek Moh. With the latest allegation and so called new exposure in the alternatives media will surely make G13 the most interesting general election yet. The stack is very high. Should PR take over Putrajaya, it could be the end of some of the BN component parties and eventual the collapse of the Sarawak BN state government.

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