1 of 222 Malaysian Members of Parliament….


Over the long Gawai weekend it was not only a time of celebration,exchanging pleasantries but also many political gossips especially from the grassroot and voters from the constituencies. One particular area which is basically a semi rural seat where the local flavour/winnable,humble and acceptable candidate is very much the order of day is none other than Mas Gading 192 Parliamentary seat. 

Its also an understanding between the Jagoi/Singai group that in 1996 they drew out an agreement that one of the clauses stated that when the MP is from the Jagoi community then the assemblyman has to be from the Singai group.

One voter even said,” you just look at the list which is being drawn up by the holding party SPDP here Rayan Narong, Anthony Nogeh, William Jinep, Henry Jinep and Ik Pahon Joyik. After much 
politiking it is now SPDP’s choice which is Salcra deputy general manager Anthony Nogeh as their pick for Mas Gading in the coming 13th general election.

OK they say to keep the peace as per agreement,Henry Jinep will have to contain with a state seat in the next elections replacing Tasik Biru incumbent Peter Nansian while Nogeh will be the replacement for Tiki Laffe.
Its not about the state elections now this is about the Parliamentary seat where DAP/PKR are in direct tussle,STAR and other independants are also eyeing this seat.

But to the many who were randomly asked and spoken to many still feel “Tiki is very much still the man to beat. He is HARMLESS as he doesn’t care too much about politiking but still does his job efficently especially though in the lasts 6 months.(hehehe)

He does however look arrogant but in actual fact he is approachable and has a listening ear to his constituents. Many feels that the Federal leaders are still very much in favour of Tiki as they have extended his tenure as NSTC(national service training camp) Chairman.

Brother they said,”Isn’t it better to know the devil who you are familiar with than to know a Saint who will turn out to be worst than you can imagine..?.” 

SPDP will have their hands full this time round unless Tiki tells us otherwise.

Parliament of Malaysia: Mas Gading, Sarawak[5]
Year   Barisan Nasional Votes Pct   Opposition Votes Pct  
1999   Tiki Lafe (SPDP) 10,684 60%   Patau Rubis (STAR) 6,664 25%  
2004   Tiki Lafe (SPDP) 10,579 56%   Patau Rubis (SNAP) 7,867 42%  
2008   Tiki Lafe (SPDP) 8,551 58%   Patau Rubis (SNAP) 4,250 29%

We came across this statement from an internet portal and this bests describe what we meant by picking 1 is difficult whatmore 222 candidates for Malaysia Parliament.

Malaysians should choose their leaders without fear or favour and support those who can deliver the goods. Candidates with tainted background should be removed. Only those willing to sacrifice and serve the people should command the respect and recognition of Malaysians to safeguard and strengthen the future of the nation.


26 thoughts on “1 of 222 Malaysian Members of Parliament….

  1. iBan says:

    What is BN5 logical! my foot.

    Seems the illogical is logical. In politics only the voters matters or so the politician want us to belief.

    That is what SWP is saying and there is truth to it.

    The definition for BN-friendly means no friend with pRs but friend with PBB, SUPP and SPDP.

    Illogical but logically. Tiki no friend with SPDP but friend with PBB, SUPP, PRS.

    The combination are endless. Interesting time ahead.

  2. PRS 30 says:

    Agree..its ok if Tiki is the devil like you say but he is harmless. Logic he should still be chosen to stand as winnable yet humble MP according to your survey. SPDP should be worried and even if its Tiongs money thrown in the Bidayuhs are not so easily taken in by the colour of money. Our friend Tiki is BN’s choice.

    • iBan says:

      PRS 30 did you read these..
      “Malaysians should choose their leaders without fear or favour and support those who can deliver the goods. Candidates with tainted background should be removed. Only those willing to sacrifice and serve the people should command the respect and recognition of Malaysians to safeguard and strengthen the future of the nation.”

      Logically all PRS candidate does not Qualify to be supported. They can stand that is not the issue, But logically they cannot be supported for what they have done and not done.

      correct, correct, correct/

      • PRS 30 says:

        But logically they cannot be supported for what they have done and not done.
        I stand to be corrected..Did not Dtk Salang do anything?

  3. ruthless says:

    Analyse from the above statements, BN is going to WIN Mas Gading in respectable who the candidates is.

    For SNAP/STAR, the party is slowly fade by itself. Sooner or later it become negligible I won’t be surprised if they just manage to get back there deposit?

    PR only chance to Win, if the following even factors happen
    BN vs SNAP/STAR, G5 vs PR or
    BN vs PR vs G5 or
    BN vs PR with G5 member members supporting PR

    If every things go smoothly , it is easy win for BN but with smaller majority? HA HA

  4. PRS Hulu Rajang says:

    Dont think so that Donald going to fight BN/PRS? What will happen to Snowdon the lamborgini boy?

    • ruthless says:

      That arrogant Snowdon , he is not PRS members, he belong to Jabu (PBB). If you don’t believe in me, go and ask him? Dia itu spy Jabu (PBB). Donald lawan PRS, nanti menang , kerusi taken by PBB? Donald itu PBB member?? Faham.

    • iBan says:

      The subject of interest is Donald Lawan going to lawan PRS, we all know Donald is BN friendly. BN= Business Nothingelse. Donald is following SNG style of politics. I bet is instruction from above.

      Masing is nervous now from his reaction in BP Seems PBB, SUPP, SPDP only 100% supporting prs. But they all 105% supporting SWP. That is for me to know and for you to find out. Just follow the money trail.

  5. observer says:

    KUCHING: Sri Aman incumbent MP Masir Kujat said former Bukit Begunan assemblyman Donald Lawan was most welcome if he wished to face him in the coming general election.
    “Well, this is a democratic country where people are free to contest and we cannot stop anyone from contesting if they want to. So if he (Donald) intends to stand in Sri Aman let it be. The more the merrier,” he said.
    However, he said, Donald had to bear in mind that his son Snowdan Lawan is the BN assemblyman in Balai Ringin and the conflict of interest between the father and son may not be good for them.
    Masir, who is Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) vice-president, said this when asked to comment on news report that Donald, an entrepreneur, was interested to contest in Sri Aman in the coming election most likely on the opposition ticket but BN-friendly.
    “I heard that he plans to challenge me in the next polls for reasons best known to himself. As for me I never have any personal grudges against him,” he said.
    He revealed that they were good friends and admitted that it was Donald who helped him lobby for the seat as BN candidate in the 2008 general election.
    “Yes, I don’t deny that he was the lobbyist but if now he so decides to challenge me, then he is most welcomed.
    “As far as I am concerned, I think I am fully prepared to face anyone in delivering the seat for BN,” he said.
    In the last parliamentary election, Masir won the Iban majority Sri Aman seat, beating independent candidate Cobbold John Lusoi in a straight fight.
    He polled 9,700 votes compared to the 5,448 collected by his sole opponent.

    Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/06/06/masir-unfazed-by-donalds-possible-challenge/#ixzz1wyJPdCR5

    By the the statement coming out of PRS tawkey they are worried. Had they must had done something that upset someone. Seems a lot of BN friendly are after PRS. I predicted that PRS will be clean of its bad politicians.

  6. 2012 hope says:

    Great plan by SWP,s prime mover Dato Sng on eve of the hottest GE ever.

    In the case 50/50 situation by BN or PR to form the GOVT ,SWP will become the main focus and their minor wins may turns significance to both sides of political divide

    Under such scenario,when the supports of SWP becomes the decision of forming GOVT,all SWP winners will be laughing all the way to the banks with promised lucrative projects ,monetary rewards or ministerial posts if they promise to side them.

    Most political analysts are of the opinions that Dato Sng is playing a waiting and opportunistic political game which had never happened in Malaysia.

    There is a possibility that he might strike rightly and scores this time under the uncertain current political condition in the country.

    How do all rate this predication ?

    • 2012 hope says:

      Investing tens of millions to hook for Thousands of millions,something worst trying,political observers says.

      Dato,Sng’s ” Billionaire Dream Results ” in PRU 13, BN=110,PR=110,SWP=2,

      Putra Jaya my decision,where should i cling to depend on who offer best conditions.haha.my dream come true ..

    • iBan says:

      maybe we all should invest in this SWP member has rewards not like PRS where they kick ass only. any idea where to apply. or it is for PRS 6 area voters only.

      Maybe that is why Donald want to lawan tawkey now. Maybe bring his Snowden too.

  7. 2012 hope says:

    Liow Tong Lai, minister of Health and MCA deputy president is higher than Agong and Sultan in porition.

    He got his WWW 15 for free from JPJ,whereas Agong’s WWW 5 and Sultan WWW 1 have to pay with bidding costs of RM 220000 and RM 520000 respectively.

    Very soon he will be named as Liar Liow T L.killing himself silently.

  8. ruthless says:

    Today newspaper Borneo Post Headline : Donald to MP : “Don’t be sure of yourself”
    Donald and Mesir was BEST friend at one time
    Donald has confirmed contesting in Sri Aman as am independent candidate.
    Donald said, Masir should not be so sure to be picked again to contest?
    Donald would like Masir to recall how he was nominated to be a BN candidate during the last GE 12???
    yesterday BP, Mesir had said to Donald, REMEMBER you son Snoldon is the BN assemblyman in Balai Ringin.

    Is this just mind games play by Donald to help his weak friend Mesir or he really got the gage to challenge BN candidates???

  9. iBan says:

    Want to know who recommend Donald, Mong in the first place? they both turn rouge.

    We are seeing the wild wild wild days of Sarawak politics at its best. They is a place for Independent candidate. If you got the cash make a roll may the wise voter decide.

  10. 2012 hope says:

    Majulah Sukan untuk Negara;

    Harimau Malaya lose another tooth to 154 from 153 in latest FIFA world ranking.

    It is now on par with BANGLADESH=152, war-Torn palestine=153,Msia=154,Caledonia=155 and Samoa=156 that lacked even sporting facilities,let alone full time highly paid coach and 80000 to 100000 capacity stadiums.

    No wonder both houses,Dewan Rakyat and Negara advised FAM to bust up

  11. ruthless says:

    Today newspapers has a conflicting statements from SPDP president and his vice president:
    It does like this;
    BP, Wong Judat Statement:
    SPDP vice president ready to sever ties with BN and side with the opposition?
    STAR ,President Mawang statement
    Dispute not a big deal

    Do you realize that President and vice statement give conflicting statements ??? Are they talking to each others before making a statement or Mawang has no control over his vice president??


  12. ruthless says:

    Today BP headline: SUPP to win Sibu and Lanang “at all cost” – soon koh
    I as a observer, by his statements, do you believe SUPP can win sibu & Lanang constituency at GE13?? Sorry to say, Jangan Harap , Sudah terlambat Unless you has some new tricks which we are not aware off??? or in your sweet dreams ???

    I would like to know what he means by winning at all cost????

  13. Mike says:

    As long as the “White Elephant” still in power, Sarawakia will be in trouble. Better do something to change your future in GE 13.

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