Anwars “10 Majority Seat to Putrajaya”

Oooops! Whats Happening.!

A Pakatan Sarawak YB sounded so upbeat and said “We are on the way to Putrajaya and my boss has targetted 10 seats majority)

 The Political Perception is in contrast to what Najib is doing postponing a mandate and he is so afraid and others will have to go with him too.”

Our  Pakatan machinery is so vibrant says the YB and BN is insecure even trying to use whatever ways to entice the voters back to them and there is also talk of BR1M a second time round by DPM Muhyddin.  One after another of the YBs in Pakatan (from  Mujahid Yusof Rawa to Lim Kit Siang) are coming out to attack BN and it seems Najib is pushing the election dates further down the line.

Even in the FB (Facebook) we came across this picture which is being circulated round which does not help the ruling coalition. Very soon mosts of the BN YBs would be on hypertension pills( Diltizem,Perinace or Co-Diovan) if the dates are prolonged further. Its very taxing and involves a lot of man hours to be a politician and many of them are already carrying pills of some sort.(yeah,mosts of them say its supplement..hahaha)

Najib as the head of the ruling coalition will not want to have the honours of losing the GE after BN has ruled for the lasts 55 years. The opposition parties have got nothing to loose as they will use Political Perception,dessiminating information and bringing out the BN wrongs or misdeeds to ensure the people will vote for them.

Najib knows very well and he will need all the assurances from the ground and least political risk to ensure that BN maintains the control of Putrajaya. 

Eventhough Pakatan havepainted the overall BAD PICTURE OF BN Losses in the next GE13 Najib will wield his MAGIC WAND and reverse the trend.