PBB “All for BN/SPDP Nogeh”

PBB-SPDP-300x202Tiki’s days are numbered. Of course, he is still the incumbent MP but he has been sacked from the party SPDP. 

By virtue of the Sarawak BN coalition understanding the party SPDP will lay claim to the seat. The MP/YB can leave or be sacked by the party but the seat remains the party’s. This was reemphasised to me by a strong supporter of BN/SPDP whose family are mostly voters for the constituency.

Moreover, he said Tiki is still going round telling everyone practically he will still be the BN Chosen candidate. This voter even said this,” The newspapers should limit his coverage/publication of Tiki’s news and by doing so his wings will be clipped.”

This morning’s article where PBB branches in MAS GADING are throwing their weight behind Nogeh and headlines”Shot in the arm for Nogeh”is sending the CLEAREST SIGNAL to Tiki. (see below the article). Earlier articles written on Anthony Nogeh P192 :-

Extracted Article:-

BAU: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB)  branches in Mas Gading have cast doubts over the winning chances of incumbent  member of parliament Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe if he were to defend his seat in the  coming general election.

The chairmen of the party’s Opar and Tasik Biru branches Datuk Peter Minos  and John Nyigor respectively said Dr Tiki would find it very difficult to win  again following political events affecting him.

They believed the new face recommended by Sarawak Progressive Democratic  Party (SPDP) namely Anthony Nogeh Gumbek was the best person to represent  Barisan Nasional (BN) to defend the Mas Gading seat in the coming general  election.

They stated their stand in response to the reluctance by Prime Minister and  BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to rule out the possibility of fielding  direct BN candidates in the general election when asked by reporters during his  recent visit to the state.

Minos, who is also PBB deputy information chief, said there is no doubt that  Nogeh would be the BN candidate if the BN principle and constitution are adhered  to.

To our BN friends in Mas Gading, do not worry about PBB. We will help each  other to ensure victory,” he said, adding both PBB Opar and PBB Tasik Biru have  set up operations rooms at Kampung Stuum Muda and Bau town respectively to  assist SPDP.

Minos added that the chances of Dr Tiki winning was dented after being  dropped from the federal deputy minister’s post in 2008 and his sacking from  SPDP in 2011.

“He has been going around saying he is still winnable candidate. That is just  his propaganda.

“Just think of the reasons why he was dropped from the federal cabinet and  why he was sacked from his own party. Do you still think he is winnable? He is  not,” he told a gathering at the house of SPDP Tasik Biru vice chairman Majen  Minos at Kampung Grogo near here, last Saturday night.

‘Dr Tiki not appreciative, reciprocal to support given’

John who also spoke disputed Dr Tiki’s claim that he is winnable candidate,  pointing out that the candidate representing BN must have support of all the  four BN components in Mas Gading.

He claimed that Dr Tiki had not been appreciative and reciprocal to the  support rendered by PBB in assisting him in the past three elections.

“If he thinks he is winnable, why not stand as independent to prove it? As  far as PBB Tasik Biru is concerned, we respect SPDP’s decision to field Anthony  Nogeh as the candidate and we will help him to win by big majority,” he  said.

Also present at the gathering were SPDP vice president Rayan Narong, SPDP  supreme council member Michael Sitien and Nogeh himself.

Nogeh, who is the Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority  (Salcra) deputy general manager, thanked those who assisted him in the past one  year covering the ground and pledged to do his best for the constituency.

10 thoughts on “PBB “All for BN/SPDP Nogeh”

  1. phyllis says:

    I know Tiki too well. He will brag and boast and he will also not give up. He will fight and ensure SPDP does not win. He will then say you see without me BN kalah.

  2. 2012 hope says:

    Penyokong PBB dan SPDP fail to understand what does Najib ” Door ajar or partially opened for BN directed candidates in PRU 13.

    These small and little mosquitoes which bite here and there are NOT better and above their leaders or PM.really Pathetic.

    Candidacies lie in the hand of PM NOT parties leaders.

    Billy who stood as independent BN candidate and won in 1995 case will likely repeat.

    Tee Kiat,Billy and Tiki all see the lights at the end of the tunnel after Najib’s statement in Kuching days ago.

    • Tom Dick Ak Harry says:

      Tiki is party less. Ong and Billy are party members of MCA and PRS. Even if PM loves and adores Tiki, PM could only tell Tiki to become independent and assure Tiki that PM will support him from behind the scene. As for Ong and Billy, all PM has to do is to endorse them as MCA BN or PRS BN candidate since they are still members of BN component parties. Qn is why is PM risking the deterioration of BN principles and common understanding just for the sake of man Tiki. Why is Tiki so indispensable? Is he demi-God or proxy of a demi-God?

  3. Tidak Gila Kuasa says:

    Obviously this shows that Dr Tiki is more concerned for his own self rather than that of the BN spirit. Having served 3 terms is already good enough.
    Just because he thinks that the natives there are staunch BN supporters thus it will be an easy win for BN and so he claims that he is a winnable candidate.

    Shame on you Tiki. Good luck SPDP

  4. 2012 hope says:

    Mawan receives another slap in his face by saying that BN direct candidate must be a new face.

    Wonder whose days are numbered,Ngoeh or Tiki ?,Audie 61 knows better .

    • Tom Dick Ak Harry says:

      If like that, then BN days are numbered as the very fabrics that bind them together i.e the fundamental principles of consultation and consensus among BN components are going to be destroyed by PM himself just for the sake of seeing adorable Tiki becoming BN candidate. So PR have no fear..

  5. 2012 hope says:

    Ayam sabong Masing dan Mawan,Ugak dan Nogeh mula bergentar dan menghadapi Sleepless Nights selapas Najib putuskan dan pilih Tee Keat sebagai BN direct candidate in Pandan.

  6. SPDP Insider says:

    Mawan recent comment with regards to candidates for SPDP in G13 raise eye brows amongst political observers. Except for Bintulu, there are possibilities for surprises in Mas Gading, Baram and Saratok. SNAP and SPDP history have proven over and over again that often in SPDP “its not who do the sowing that enjoy the harvest, its SOME SOWED THE SEED, SOMEBODY ELSE ENJOY THE HARVEST”.

    Jacob Dungau was an assistant director of agric, not SNAP member, more aligned to PBB, was picked up to stand for BN 20 years ago. Sylvester Entri, Paulus, Nansian and Rosey, all aligned to PBB was picked to become SNAP/SPDP candidates by-passing loyal party members who sacrifice their time, money and family. SPDP leadership are aware of this, that why it was well known at one time, that the current SPDP dep president, Tiong King Sing, curse tengah and jabu for this. To many SPDP members displeasure, even smaller appointment like councillors goes to “helicopters members”.

    This time round there is a big possibility this pattern will repeat itself. Jacob and Jelaing will be replaced by totally new candidates, through the power play of PBB, notably tengah with collaboration of G5. Jelaing has a number of possible replacement where else, according to reliable source, in Baram, mawan drinking buddy, ex marudi DO, Anyi Ngau, will take over Jacob. While Mawan in public declare that Jacob will still defense the seat, behind closed, he knows that CM, Tengah and Asfia is pushing for Anyi Ngau. Infact when cornered Jacob acknowledge this possibility and commented that “Anyi Ngau is SPDP 5/Entri candidates”. We receive feedback that Anyi Ngau who is now the Deputy Resident of Limbang, upon instructions from CM and tengah had start going to the ground. Anyi himself told his supporters that CM, Tengah and Asfia has met and interviewed him on a number of occassions. And last week Anyi had a meeting with Mawan himself. There are a number of indicators that seem to give credence to this theory. Anyi was recorded to have commented, “SPDP proposed Jacob, CM, Tengah and Asfia proposed Anyi”. AGAIN IF ANYI NGAU IS THE BN CANDIDATE FOR BARAM THIS G13, HE IS not an SPDP MEMBER and HENCE HE WLD BE ANOTHER “PARACHUTE CUM PBB CANDIDATE”.

    IT will be interesting to see how Tiong King Sing and Co, and those so called SPDP members response to such development. its seem that Mawan loyalist always blame the spdp 5, being parachuted/PBB candidates and hence no loyalty to spdp for the current split in spdp, give their full support to Anyi?. Would Jacob swallow his pride, and give his full support to Anyi knowing Anyi is being planted by Entri (tengah) and his Gang of 5. Whatever its is whether it Jacob or Anyi, it would be a tough battle against Roland Engan (Anyi cousin), the PKR candidates for Baram. One clue though, Jacob rubbish had been publicly displayed, Anyi rubbish is still in the closet for now. However once he is confirm as the BN candidate for Baram, only god knows what is being kept in those closet. We are in uncharted waters, let watch the show!

    • Tom Dick Ak Harry says:

      At the end of it all and after the hoo hah, Tiong, Sagan, Jelaing and Nogeh will represent BN in all four SPDP BN seats. They may win big or scrap through because all state BN components work together to ensure victory. The negative politics of the glaring saboteurs and opposition will just be things of the past after GE13. Hidup BN..

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