“Cheap Politiking -SPDP President’

The Wong -Salang spat takes precedence as far as SPDP president Mawan is concerned. He has already taken the initiative to sit down with PRS but his first requests was not entertained. This weekend he will be going to Julau to meet with PRS leaders to solve the personal confusion in the personal vendetta between the two leaders.”

The President mentioned to audie61 that this “cheap politiking” should stop. He said we musts ensure that our members are told and this was exactly what was sent out in smses and in the social media by the SPDP/UMB team (unit media baru),”SWP is not BN and PRS/SPDP are to work together.If PRS under attack we attack be it SWP,PKR,DAP or SNAP. There should not be cheap politiking and as far for JUDAT party will talk to him and receive his report.Pls forward to others.”

The President is serious and he does not want SPDP to be dragged in the SWP/PRS “internal revenge” He even mentioned that our enemies are outside and not within BN and we musts set aside differences for the better good of BN as we prepare for GE13.

30 thoughts on ““Cheap Politiking -SPDP President’

  1. PRS Tamin says:

    Well since President of SPDP says he is trying to find a solution we justs watch and see. Surely,SWP is not BN and if they fight PRS whi is BN component SPDP,SUPP and PBB members will help.If not they will be in breach of discipline. Hopefully the truce is maintained. Hidup 1Barisan

  2. ruthless says:

    Today Borneo Post headline: BN should come in to discipline SPDP say Richard Wil
    This PRS actor, Wilfred and Richard like to “main wayang kulit” with SPDP. Like what i said yesterday he attended G5 function and on the other side he asked BN to discipline party SPDP? How do he think he is ?? People already know your want to be a hero but you heart really has a bad intention to your BN component partner? Do you trust him??

    • iBan says:

      PRS you will be eating SPDP the way it is going.
      it is now G5 and PRS having SPDP for breakfast, dinner and lunch.

      Ho Ho Ho.

  3. PRS 30 says:

    yeap he is our Hero. U jealous kah ruthless? Cease-fire time between PRS and SPDP now. U can woof woof here woof woof there we dont care.

    • ruthless says:

      You must be dreaming, your PS Richard wil is asking BN to take action against SPDP. Like i say PRS is good at playing “wayang kullit”. Like our friend iBan said, Sooner or later PRS is going to eats SPDP clean??

  4. Bloggers Unite says:

    Dont start a fire which u cannot extinguish ruthless. This is serious matter and even if you are paid by SWP dont play “gutter” politiking. PRS SWP spat is between SNg and Masing and SPDP should not be brought into their ugly infighting. Its like a KAPIT battle.

    • ruthless says:

      Read borneo post today, page 12, i said the true but you cannot accept the true?? so how??? Please read the newspaper than reply??Habislah blogger macam ini??

    • Ruthless says:

      As i said what is PS richard doing with G5 in Ulu Teru yesterday paper?? Is richard, masing man???What business he got with G5 ?? It you want to play smart , use your brain and not try to be a hero and appear in the photo. habislah mawan , you being play out by PRS again??

  5. SPDP Muara Tuang says:

    We together with our Deputy information Chief Churchill really angy with the PRS boys who only know how to hit SPDP below the belts. Hit our President too and saying we are with SWP when the fight is only between PRS and SWP. We do not want to be involved in you quarrels nor we want to get into a real go ahead with like you all say PRS 30 say ruthless is SWP. Maybe he is palnted or bought by Tan Sri james to hit at us too.
    Wake up lah PRS we are both being played by outside forces!

    • Ruthless says:

      You must be good with churchil, than he can write good report on Borneo post about you. On PRS , habislah you know Churchil sure write bias against PRS. Don’t worry PRS is going to employ Laster , ex sarawak tribium editor?

  6. SPDP Muara Tuang says:

    Wah also hit us and now enjoy in Sibu says ruthless. That means you all are celebrating. Mawan will go to Julau tomorrow according to Tan Sris office.

  7. Bloggers Unite says:

    Wah ! Thats where all the PRS boys hiding. Already celebrating a victory. Muara Tuang SPDP thanks for coming out to teach ruthless a thing or two. He too much.

  8. DAP Rocket says:

    Hahahahahaha .Go on fighting BN. Soon we take over Putrajaya and some of you will JUMP like Frogs too. hahahahaha

  9. SPDP Muara Tuang says:

    Churchill is SPDP Deputy Information Chief you know trusted by the party. Lester the one rejected we heard from you ruthless by Sarawak report and also now say without him in the market there is no SWP. He is Sngs man right.
    Even we are Spdp am sure PRS will not have Lester lah!
    Churchill is our man, the man and the right man.

    • Ruthless says:

      Sometimes if you want good publicity ,you need a free senior reporter inside your office bearer. That is what spdp has done , smart move. That is why PRS need the service of Laster, cause he is most senior reporter on the market that is available at the moment? insider source told me he still waiting for masing call ??

  10. Ruthless says:

    From tweeting world

    SPDP President will be in Julau Tomorrow 5th May 2012 by 1.30pm. To visit PRS members on the ground and inform PRS tat SPDP is with

    Always remember lot of julau voters has join SWP? It is a concern to salang. Like judat says salang is not a winnable candidate. Now is a time to proof judat wrong?

    How to trust PRS when they planted they man in Baram to contest against Jacob sigan?? No matters

  11. 2012 hope says:

    BN in total disarray as polls draw near, political pundits are of the views that it is going to lose more seats this time.

  12. Julau Kid says:

    Ya u musts have your sources ruthless. u sure SWP. But i wake up early so i see this blog. Me copy this for you,”SWP is not BN and PRS/SPDP are to work together.If PRS under attack we attack be it SWP,PKR,DAP or SNAP.”
    I think that is what it means…Comprehend kah tidak?

    • iBan says:

      PRS is sucking SPDP dry.

      Poor Mawan will be eaten alive by the tauke by the looks of things.

      Wanton aquisition acoording to Mawan in the BP today.

      Heard some one bought in Phd by the the name of will.
      Oh my oh my

      • 2012 hope says:

        PHD-Permanent Head Damage have been mushrooming in recent years, how many are really genuine with substances ?.

        There are lots of such highly praised and well regarded public figures but cant even speak proper English,let alone writing or producing credible journals.

        Most would agree that Msia universities akin factory have been producing substandard graduates who are either unemployable or not marketable co lack critical thinking and poor in English.

  13. 2012 hope says:

    Mawan most likely to take bold move and unpopular decision by dropping 3 incumbents,Dr Tiki,Jelaing Mersat and Jacob Dungau Sagan except Bintutlu Tiong King Sing.

    This is the latest and new strategy for SPDP to move forward with new bloods.

  14. SPDP Muara Tuang says:

    This appeared in Borneo Posts page 4 today

    “Please do not drag SPDP into Salang-Wong personal problem. PRS and SPDP are BN partners while SWP is not. Therefore it would not be conducive for BN, if PRS and SPDP are offending and insulting each other. Moreover trading barbs in the press just to satisfy one’s fat ego would make the situation in Julau even worse”

    ruthless enough of trying to pick a fight between PRS/SPDP so that SWP is in your eyes RELEVANT. we dont think so!!

  15. Apai says:

    I wonder what politial observer had to say about this twist. So far he seem to be the expert. His prediction seem to be pretty accurate.

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