DAP Symbols Missing in GE13..??

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SAMSUNG TECHWIN DIGIMAX-410DAP to contest under PAS, PKR tickets

      Posted on 19 April 2013 – 12:58am

Alyaa Alhadjri, Michelle Chun and Dorothy Cheng

 KUALA LUMPUR (April 18, 2013): DAP will not be able to use its rocket symbol in the coming general election, following two letters issued by the Registrar of Societies (ROS) on Wednesday – just three days before nomination – which in effect render the party’s office-bearers impotent.

As a consequence, the DAP at an emergency meeting last night had decided it will contest under the PAS logo in the peninsula and the PKR logo in East Malaysia unless the Registrar of Societies (ROS) revokes its April 17 letter which de-recognised the party’s office-bearers by 3pm today.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng told an emotionally charged press conference after the central executive committee (CEC) meeting held at its headquarters that the ROS issuance of the letter is a politically motivated move intended at “sabotaging” DAP’s chance in the upcoming polls.

“By not recognising the CEC office-bearers elected on Dec 15 (2012), I have no power to issue authorisation letters to DAP candidates to use the rocket symbol, in my official capacity as secretary-general.

“There is no point in relying on assurances given by the Election Commission (EC) that DAP can still use our rocket symbol when it possesses a sad record of broken promises,” said an incensed Lim.

“We will not surrender … It is a battle of survival. How do we explain to the voters why we need to contest using another party’s logo?” said Lim who at one point was holding back tears.

Also present were DAP chairman Karpal Singh and party supremo Lim Kit Siang who both admitted to being deeply affected by the decision to not contest under the rocket symbol as they had done in past elections.

“It is a sad and traumatic (feeling) but we are being forced into this situation.

“The rocket is deeply entrenched in DAP’s psyche,” said Karpal.

Kit Siang also admitted to shedding tears over the possibility that the party may not be able to contest under its own banner for the first time in its 48-year history. He also described the decision as a “high-risk” move which the party is willing to take.

The ROS has informed the DAP that the official inquiry into complaints over its CEC, which was to be heard today, had been postponed to May 9.

This, in effect, leaves the DAP leadership issue in limbo until then.

Karpal had on Wednesday said the party’s election returning officer Pooi Weng Keong and election strategist Ong Kian Meng were to attend a hearing by ROS on the alleged irregularities yesterday.

ROS stated in its letter it could de-register DAP as a political party following official complaints that non-CEC members had attended a CEC meeting, and that 753 delegates had either not received their ballot papers at least 10 days in advance, or at all.

Lim said there should be no issue of de-registration, judgment or action before the ongoing probe and official inquiry are completed.

DAP’s Pakatan Rakyat partners immediately offered to assist the party.

“On behalf of PAS, I am ready to sign any letter needed by a DAP candidate,” said PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution echoed the support, saying PKR’s top leadership had no issue in helping DAP.

“PAS and PKR are our loyal partners and we really thank them for standing by us and helping us out in this time of crisis,” said Lim, adding if DAP candidates do not receive authorisation from another party to use its symbol, they would have to contest as independents, which the DAP will not accept.

On a news report yesterday that Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz had given the green light for DAP to contest under its own symbol, Kit Siang said it needs to be in black and white for the party to consider such a move.

“We will not take the risk of banking our entire election campaign on verbal promises by the EC, especially when we received the faxed letter less than 48 hours before nomination day.

“However, behind every crisis, there is an opportunity. We hope the people can see that dirty underhand tactics are being used.”

Meanwhile, CEC member Gobind Singh Deo pointed out that the CEC referred to by the ROS was appointed on Dec 15 last year, whereas a new CEC had, in fact, been appointed on Jan 4 this year after the party was contacted by the ROS.

“DAP has all this while been in communication with the ROS over the complaints raised, so the letter comes as a surprise.

ROS director-general Datuk Abdul Rahman Othma in a statement issued late Thursday evening said however that the party has not been de-registered and can still use its symbol for the general election.


Sarawak MP Lists

SAMSUNG TECHWIN DIGIMAX-410Berikut adalah nama calon-calon Parlimen Barisan Nasional Sarawak yang diumumkan oleh Pehin Sri Taib sebentar tadi.

Takniah & semoga berjaya kita ucapkan kpd semua Calon BN

P.192 Mas Gading – Nogeh Anak Ngombek -SPDP

P.193 Santubong – Datuk Dr Haji Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar -PBB

P.194 Petra Jaya – Datuk Haji Fadillah Yusof -PBB

P.195 Bandar Kuching – Tan Kai -SUPP

P.196 Stampin – Datuk Yong Khoon Seng -SUPP

P.197 Kota Samarahan – Rabiah bt Wang -PBB

P.198 Mambong – Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit -PBB

P.199 Serian – Datuk Richard Riot Jaem -SUPP

P.200 Batang Sadong – Nancy Binti Hj Shukri -PBB

P.201 Batang Lupar – Datuk Hajah Rohani Haji  Abdul Karim -PBB

P.202 Sri Aman -Masir Anak Kujat – PRS

P.203 Lubok Antu – William @Nyallau Anak Badak – PRS

P.204 Betong – Dauglas Unggah Embas -PBB

P.205 Saratok – William Mawan Ikom – SPDP

P.206 Tanjung Manis – Datuk Norah Abd Rahman -PBB

P.207 Igan – Datuk Wahab Haji Dollah -PBB

P.208 Sarikei – Ding Kuong Hing -SUPP

P.209 Julau – Joseph Salang Anak Gandum -PRS

P.210 Kanowit – Ago Anak Dagang – PRS

P.211 Lanang – Datuk Tiong Thai King -SUPP

P.212 Sibu – Vincent Lau Lee Ming -SUPP

P.213 Mukah – Datuk Seri Dr Muhd Leo Michael Toyad -PBB

P.214 Selangau – Joseph Entulu Anak Blaun -PRS

P.215 Kapit – Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi -PBB

P.216 Hulu Rajang – Ugak Anak Kumbong -PRS

P.217 Bintulu  – Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing -SPDP

P.218 Sibuti – Tuan Haji Ahmad Lai Bujang -PBB

P.219 Miri – Datuk Sebastian Ting -SUPP

P.220 Baram – Anyi Ngau – SPDP

P.221 Limbang – Hasbi Habibollah – PBB

P.222 Lawas – Henry Sum Agong- PBB

SUPP Presidents Right Hand Jabs at SWP..!!

SAMSUNG TECHWIN DIGIMAX-410SUPP President Peter Chin’s own words at SWP. It’s simple,clearcut and does not need a thinking brain to explain further. PRS a BN coalition have to thank SUPP their ally for landing a good right hand JAB to SWP at the most crucial time before the GE13.

“The Important thing here is that we have to understand SWP is a Sarawak-based party.If they are not in the state BN coalition,obviously they are in the opposition.It’s simple as that”

“How do we treat this? I can’t declare myself BN-friendly but yet fighting with Barisan candidates.The party can be likened to weeds,neither here nor there,swaying where the wind blows.Where is the principle.?

BN Battles to take back Sibu Seat…

SAMSUNG TECHWIN DIGIMAX-410We wrote earlier:-“Sibu:- In the by election DAP Wong Ho Leng won this seat. Wong would not defend this seat due to brain tumour and recoving from chemotheraphy. Temonggong Vincent Lau would bepitted against a new DAP candidate in Oscar Ling. Chances of wrestling the seat back from DAP looks very good as PBB ADUN Annuar has been working extra hard to win over the losts bumiputra votes during the byelections. They have both been seen working hand in hand and SUPP’s chances looks brighter eventhough this 95% urban seat. (Grey)

Today an internet portal has this to say which are more detailed as we only scratched the surface.

GE13 WATCH Given that incumbent Wong Ho Leng will not defend the Sibu parliamentary seat on grounds of illness, the DAP can expect an all-out fight from rivals in Sarawak.     The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) is expected to field a heavyweight – Vincent Lau, 65 – in its bid to reclaim the seat lost by a slim majority of 398 votes in the 2010 by-election.
Vincent will face Oscar Ling, a 36-year-old pharmacist and Wong’s special assistant, who was named last month as the DAP’s candidate.
There is little doubt that Vincent stands ahead of Ling in terms of personality as well as familiarity in the local community.
Vincent, while a newcomer to politics, is a prominent figure as he is second-in-command of the family-run business, KTS Group, in Sibu.

He is widely recognised for contributions to education and social work over the last two decades. This has earned him the honorific of ‘Temenggong’ from the Sarawak government.
Still, this could work against him because the political scene in Sibu had been dominated by rich and powerful business figures for two decades up to 2008, said Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen.

azlanThey have found involvement in politics to be beneficial to their family-run businesses, he claimed.
The two parliamentary seats of Sibu and Lanang have been dominated by such personalities in previous elections.
SUPP had fielded Robert Lau Hoi Chew for five terms. Upon his death in 2010 and in the resulting by-election, the party’s Robert Lau Hui Yew was defeated by the DAP’s Wong.
Four-term Lanang MP and Sibu mayor Tiong Thai King is a younger brother of Rimbunan Hijau Group boss and tycoon Tiong Hiew King.
While the BN has yet to announce its candidates for the 13th general election, Tiong and Vincent are on the list for Lanang and Sibu respectively.
Sibu SUPP chairperson Wong Soon Koh has reportedly described them as “the most winnable candidates”.

Another of Wong’s special aides, Alice Lau – 32 and also a pharmacist – will contest in Lanang. She was defeated in last state election in the Bawang Assan constituency by the SUPP’s Wong Soon Koh.
The DAP has claimed to see a decline in support for the BN in Lanang, an urban seat with 72 percent Chinese voters.
SUPP’s ‘convincing candidate’
A source close to the Lau family told Malaysiakini that the internal rift within SUPP has dampened support for the party, and this is why it has to field a convincing candidate in Sibu.
“By fielding Vincent, SUPP hopes the voters will choose his personality over the party – it hopes they will forget about the infighting and remember Lau’s contributions to the community,” the source said.

He also said Vincent has a good relationship with the Tiongs and that the two families have agreed to support each other in the election, even to the extent of persuading employees to vote for the respective candidates.
When contacted, Vincent urged voters not to label him as a “business tycoon candidate” and not to judge him based on his background, saying this would be unfair to him.
“I just happen to come from a business family and have a better financial position than others,” he said, also rejecting the notion that rich candidates would stoop to buying votes.

Asked if he will quit the family-run business to become a full-time politician should he win the Sibu seat, Vincent said he will be able to attend to both business and politics.
He is prepared for the duties that await an elected representative, including “visiting flooded areas and even check on street lighting if need be”.
Both the Lau and Tiong families have one thing in common – control over several newspapers and publications.
However, Vincent said he will not use these to promote himself, explaining that he wants the media to report fairly on the election campaign.
SUPP strategies have ‘failed twice’
The DAP’s Bukit Bendera MP and political strategist Liew Chin Tong is unfazed by SUPP’s strategy of fielding candidates from rich families.
He pointed out that these candidates had been defeated in the Sibu parliamentary by-election in 2010 and in the 2011 state election.
“When society is mature, (you) can’t buy votes, but if society is immature and poor, money will have its say,” he noted.

Liew said he sees GE13 as a battle based on political alliances and demand for change, rather than on the personality of candidates.
The DAP is more optimistic about winning Lanang than keeping Sibu, a SUPP fortress. Until the 2010 by-election, the party had lost the seat only once – by 141 votes in the 1982 general election.
Sibu has more that 64,000 voters, of whom 65 percent are Chinese and 25 percent are bumiputeras.

“Although it is named Sibu, the constituency is located on the outskirts of Sibu town and has a mix of urban and rural voters from the BN’s stronghold,” Liew said.
“We never dreamt we would defeated (Robert) in the by-election.”
The DAP had benefited from a large batch of voters returning home to vote in the by-election, which saw a 70 percent turn-out compared to 67 percent in 2008, he added.

Pakatan Sabah Spinning Out of Control..??

bugi wijayaThe News is Out..!! 2 times DAP candidate for N19 Kepayan State Seat Stephen Jimbangan has joined UPKO. Bugi Wijay has filed this report in and he says “it looks like Pakatan grip on Sabah is slowly spinning out of Control.

It is a known fact that Jimbangan is the clear favourite to be retained by PR to contest the state seat again but in a twist of manouvering DAP  circles have indicated to us that Dr.Edwin Bosi who was a former PKR member has joined DAP.

IT’S A REAL MERRY-GO-AROUND for PR candidates in Sabah says the source. Even PKR local candidates in Kepayan like Dr.Roland Chia a practising dentist was very unhappy with the current developments.

N19 which is part of P174 Penampang Parliament seat has been represented by 61 year old Khoo Keok Hai for the past two terms. The MP who is not internet savvy will need to rely heavily on ground sentiments to be retained. Many of his MP colleagues have advised him to use the FB,twitters,smses (all internet tools) to dispel negativeness on him as they enter the crucial part of campaign.

Will he listen or will he be caught offguard by PKR/DAP or SAPP?

The ground sources have speculated that this seat will see a three cornered fight between BN’s incumbent Edward Khoo,DAP or PKR candidate and SAPP information Chief Chong Pit Fah.

Who wins will determine how they embrace the social media and for the incumbent to just brush aside the importance of this media he better have answers when the final tally is counted.

Many are pushing Khoo not to use the same methods of campaigning as it will backfire.