SUPP Presidents Right Hand Jabs at SWP..!!

SAMSUNG TECHWIN DIGIMAX-410SUPP President Peter Chin’s own words at SWP. It’s simple,clearcut and does not need a thinking brain to explain further. PRS a BN coalition have to thank SUPP their ally for landing a good right hand JAB to SWP at the most crucial time before the GE13.

“The Important thing here is that we have to understand SWP is a Sarawak-based party.If they are not in the state BN coalition,obviously they are in the opposition.It’s simple as that”

“How do we treat this? I can’t declare myself BN-friendly but yet fighting with Barisan candidates.The party can be likened to weeds,neither here nor there,swaying where the wind blows.Where is the principle.?

2 thoughts on “SUPP Presidents Right Hand Jabs at SWP..!!

  1. 2012 hope says:

    Semua rakyat sarawak tahu bahawa tujuan SWP ditubuhkan dengan pantas yang diterajui oleh Taib” Blue Eye Poster BOY ” Larry Sng ialah untuk menjaga dan memperhatikan pergerakan pemimpin2x yang semakin kuat serta popoular dalam arena politik Swak.

    Fikirlah sehingga hari ini,kenapa Taib belum keluarkan apa-apa komen dan kenyataan bercaci ataupun kebencian terhadap SWP yang bersifat mersa BN.

    Who are Peter Chin,Masing ,Mawan Jabu and even Najib now to Taib?.MACC is already Taib foot now .

    Strategic perjuangan politik Taib ialah ” Semua parti yang lain boleh jadi lemah dan dihancurkan kepada parti Nyamuk kecuali PBB.Ha ha

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