Awang Tengah’s Men ” Oh My..Sarawak Report ..??”

AWANG TENGAH ALI HASSAN/ BATANG AIRThe blame game started as soon as our first article on the subject matter hit the cyberworld. It does seem now that there is something more sinister which we did not want to address as it concerns”Black Magic or Bomohism

There have been many phone calls plus some not so nice words exchanged to us. We were informed that the plot and evil plans have been in motion for sometime and it will surface soon. Awang Tengah’s men are now in denial and shifting gears to repair Collateral Damage. Little did they know this appeared today in the notoriously widely read and we extract the following for Awang Tengah’s men to ponder on.

By the way, we did not speak or call the portal sarawakreport. Awang Tengah’s men have a tendency to push the blame to others.

It’s high time they own up and pay for their over enthusiasm and instigating those around them.

The innocent must not take the fall for them no more as YAB Taib have been too kind to them and this is what they call GRATITUDE.

The extracted piece of the article:-

{  Which brings us back to the rivalries between the would-be successors to Taib himself. Currently, the man who is most feared and on the top of the heap is Awang Tengah, Assemblyman for Bukit Sari.

The old man had earlier rewarded Tengah’s apparent loyalty by giving him the position of Second Planning Minister, which has made the young minister astoundingly rich in a very short period.

To onlookers it seems that Taib no longer exerts any restraint over the greed of his family and followers. Such people are snatching what they can while they can, be it contracts, NCR land or remaining timber concessions.

Tengah is acknowledged to be one of the most rapacious of these operators and with wealth comes power.

Now members of Taib’s own inner circle are warning that Awang Tengah has bought control over enough of the Chief Minister’s followers to be in poll position to topple the old man and take power for himself:

Taib is realising what is actually happening. But, at this moment he cannot move Tengah because he already has less influence to get rid Tengah. This is because Tengah is getting stronger and even more stronger than Abang Jo and Adenan [Satem]. With his wealth, power and the big number of state assemblymen that he control, he can topple Taib anytime and be the next CM of Sarawak…. Tengah is actually a thug. I don’t want Sarawak in the situation of out from the tiger’s mouth, into the crocodile’s mouth” [insider speaking to Sarawak Report].

What is certain is that although Taib is clinging on to power, he will soon be gone. Both his sons, whom the old man had hoped would succeed him, have been ruled out of position (Abu Bekir because of his messy and scandalous divorce, which is still unresolved and Sulaiman because he has run away).

The situation leaves little comfort for the people of Sarawak unless they can rid themselves of BN and its in-fighting at the next election.

The Tiger was bad enough, but the Crocodile strikes fear even amongst the rich and powerful in Sarawak.}

It’s your call now Awang Tengah’s Men ..Crocodile Tengah Now…Hmmmm

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14 thoughts on “Awang Tengah’s Men ” Oh My..Sarawak Report ..??”

  1. matsarawak says:

    i agree with your analysis. Very well interpreted and covered in every angle. But i would like to add some more details in your analysis. From the beginning AT had mastermind the movement to remove Taib by introducing him his new wife using Taibs sister as their channel. They carefully planned the CM weddings by (you know who) so that Taib can be easily controlled by AT. When things are in plan, Awang Aspia would take over as TYT and AT would be the next CM. If this movement succeds the ibans will retaliate and topple the BN government because of what AT did to their land and rights. Enough is enough. AT is a rotten scumbag. If he thinks he can buy votes from the Iban community.. i challenge him to go and visit the people that he had cheated their lands off. Parai tatap Parai!

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