Awang Tengah’s Men “14 PBB ADUN’s,1SUPP DCM in our Bag..?”

0000000171Servant Boy/Errand Boy about to turn the tables on his Master The KING.

Two earlier articles on this subject plus the trilogy is being served up and the main dish is close at hand.1. 2. 3.

The title of Errand boy was used by many within the inner circles of the King and the Servant boys men have had enough of delivering whatever/swallowing whatever that comes their way. Their boss pride is so dented that they have been telling him”What has happened to your Maruah (Pride)? 

The past few months have seen the group criss/crossing Sarawak on  arranged programmes but with the intention of bisik,bisik {whispering campaign} which we have earlier written. Now it’s clear that even an SUPP Chinese YB is being touted to be given the DCM post. The 14 ADUNS have been also been roped in and with that of course the “goodies, appointments and elevation of office” which comes along when the PRIZED CHAIR is taken over.

Errand boy is still smiling and understandly so as he is seen as the close shadow of the King and will not let him out of reach. Forces close to the King are working out ways to diffuse the situation but it seems they are faced with Forces( …you should know??) .which are beyond them.

Federal leaders are watching closely and do not want the situation to engulf in flames before the GE13. On one hand they know that the Sarawak situation is delicate as the opposition have made substantial inroads in the Chinese areas and semi/urban constituencies too. 31 Parliamentary seats are up for grabs and two(2 are with DAP) while BN holds 29 others.

PBB will contest 14 seats,SUPP 7 PRS 6 and SPDP 4 in the coming GE. BN cannot afford to have infighting or wrestling of power as PBB will have elections after the GE. Whoever commands the majority will have major share in the destination of the CM’s chair. Unless there are serious challenges which there is a need to move the agenda forward the KING will have to play wait and see.

Awang Tengah’s men have 14 in the bag and 1 DCM ready. Are they patient enough..???

We are and will let you in for more soon..

14 thoughts on “Awang Tengah’s Men “14 PBB ADUN’s,1SUPP DCM in our Bag..?”

  1. sarawakiana says:

    This time its not Ming court or courts mammoth Az Ballia.. Its the Awangs versus the Abangs. Maybe Baru Bian want to get involve too or the Chongs..

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