Awang Tengah’s Men “Falling Short..Bomohism Needed..??”

tt“Precious” is associated with Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The 22nd Floor”Chair” is very much associated with the seat of the Chief Minister of Sarawak. The PBB convention this year 2013 depending on when the GE13 will be held will very much see an emergence of a “new and younger force of new leaders” if the overall plan succeeds. 

The Awang Tengah’s Men have been brainwashed and this is how the INCEPTION works in the mind handed down to the young youthful recruits.It’s a Diversion which is seen getting ready for the crowning  of the 22nd Floor Chair.

I will assist you in your actions everyway I can but for the people who get in the WAY OF THE BOSS GREAT plan,we will not forgive them.

No matter who they are,you will remember that won’t you?

If the little ones are not sacrificed,the major ones can’t be completed.This is the LAW OF NATURE taking its course in politics.

( By the way,do not attempt to translate into Bahasa Sarawak or Bahasa Malaysia. Then it will be OH MY ENGLISH AGAIN)

The ground movements did not start just last year. The pieces have been put together ever since the 1990’s when CM hinted that he will step down to make way for his successor. A lot of manoueverings and unfulfilled political ambitions has flowed down the bridge and many have been washed out into the sea and into the abyss. There have been too many names of past PBB leaders to mention here. They know too well.

Awang Tengahs men have seen it happened and they do not wished to be part of this FLUSHING SYSTEM. They have all and tried “carefully” to move their strategies ahead and they see a 78th Year old CM who will not have his ‘midas” touch left as one after another his trusted hands are being brought down.

We covered it by mentioning ” sinister and outside forcesbut the internet portal blew the lid wide open with the following which we extract “Many believe that he had heart disease because of natural sickness. But, in reality he was actually got serious illness because of xxxxxxx xxxxxxx’s magic. Many people in Sarawak know about it actually

Is there a necessity for Awang Tengah’s men to follow through? Surely by ousting Adenan Satem the next person who will incur the wrath will be Abang Johari. The succession and the 22nd Floor Chair have indeed turned them into unknown”faceless enemies” and their determination to fulfill and see an end to ‘melanau rule” is overwhelming.


We covered this subject in 2009

 imagesCALKM0MLToday Awang Tengah’s Men are falling short because the evil plan has been hatched and the “BOMOH” ritual which was suppposedly to do healing has been used to move a darker,sinister,shadowy and occult like plot.

According to wikipedia the defination of “The bomoh’s original role was that of a healer[1] and their expertise was first and foremost an in-depth knowledge of medicinal herbs and tajul muluk or Malay geomancy.

However some use to summon spirits[ Spirits are said to be able to heal the sick, seek missing persons or even investigate reasons for bad luck. Spirits can also be used to attack people, cause sickness and misery and many other bad things.]

Has this been Used? Awang Tengah’s men knows better…

Awang Tengah’s men only cares about their BOSS rising to ther top.Usually its using the intentions of those around him. In the end,the ones that are sacrificed are the ones that is in the day.

Even their next rivals i.e. Abang Johari’s  men {ADUNS} are being approached with good intentions but when further pressed its a hint to move them towards their fold and to WEAKEN the association and to in doing so betraying. Two or more of the rivals ADUNS (names withheld for now) are being put through the process with the same modus operandi: and same script-

  1. He has promised to Step down within two years after the State Elections which is still used from 1990′s.Has He?
  2. Federal has seen him to be too powerful and need Internal State assistance to remove him.thats the truth they say..
  3. Time’s up for Melanau rule ever since 1970-2013 (43 years too long) they say..” We need someone else and boss Tengah is the rightful heir. Tengah is untouchable now with war chests full”

Earlier even amongst the majority Chinese based party SUPP there were pressured calls of CM relinquishing his posts before GE13 as the voters in the urban areas have blamed “PEK MOH” or “Pak Uban” for their losses. SUPP has 7 seats and two(2) are in DAP’s hands. They fear a whitewash and there musts be a sacrificial lamb. Its justs too easy to blame PEK MOH says a veteran SUPP Member who was jailed in the 70’s for his beliefs in SUPP.

He said” We should not blame CM Taib. He has done much for the State for nearly 40++ years. Has the Chinese been persecuted he said in terms of religion,education and economic wellbeing? Why should we use this for winning votes instead of getting on at the head of Barisan Nasional Sarawak who is the CM Taib.”

There will also be calls by some Awang Tengah’s men to have a rally blaming others for exposing them and they will use slogans”HIDUP TAIB” “KITA SOKONG CM TAIB” and the lists might go on. This will be the diversion which might justs be a little too late when all words spoken cannot be retrieved. Politics they say there are always room for forgiveness but the scar and hurt has been done.

CM has been reading a different book from Awang Tengah’s men and they are falling short because his eyes are watching and his ears are on the ground. The MIDAS Touch though slackening but the MOLES and BETRAYERS have better watch their backs. The leakages in the State administration is not something which musts be taken lightly says the inner circles to CM Taib.

Awang Tengah’s men might have been checked sooner rather than later but they are not about to give in so easily. They will use ways to cheat,allege and defame others but PBB will take care of their own. 

Awang Tengah’s men knows that the OPPORTUNITIES are there eventhough DANGER lurks. Now with the Adenan Equation taken out slowly but surely so they think the attention is on Abang Johari.

 The message is very Clear as the PBB AGM approaches. Their next enemy is the obvious and Abang Johari is keeping a watching brief says a close aide.

 Abang Johari might be smiling says former group english newsmedia editor that its no more a three horse race but knowing Awang Tengah’s men they will only feel satisfied with their BOSS as the sole and rightful heir to the PRECIOUS CHAIR.

Falling way for Awang Tengah’s men even with CM having his eyes open and ears on the ground . They will Kill rather than to be Killed.

SAY THIS WITH FULL VENOM “PRECIOUS“[ horrible swallowing noise like Gollum in his throat“. 

AND YOU KNOW WHAT’S IN AWANG TENGAH’S MEN MINDS…Abang Johari  we are coming after you..

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19 thoughts on “Awang Tengah’s Men “Falling Short..Bomohism Needed..??”

  1. Black magic is power and power will giveth whatever one desires says:

    Adenan satem is too scientific and naive. A high ranking civil servant supporter of awang tengah (awang tengah buys civil servants as well as ybs in his power grab to become cm soon) said to people that awang tengah employs no less than 6 bomohs full time to ‘further’ his political career. They can attack anyone anytime upon instruction. The sihir will cause ‘anxiety attacks’ on the intended victim so the target can’t breathe and have sleepless nights. That of course will cause extended physical stress and lead to heart problems on any human being.

    Now that adenan satem is near death the focus of the bomohs can easily be trained on abg johari or alfred jabu. They are both older than awang tengah and anything untimely happens to them can easily be ‘blamed on’ ill health or old age.

  2. Richie Tan says:

    Abang Johari must be really worried or is he? Does he have protection against the black arts or occult? Surely,his cronies or aides knows what going on and they are also protecting their boss. Don’t be overly confident Awang Tengah’s men whoever you are.

  3. Puli Siqueen George says:

    There are truths in the writeup. PBB is going through a process of denial. Soon when “pek moh’ is no more it will be blown wide open. Macam orang cakap”meletup” Someone is stopping it to happen.

  4. Christina kerin says:

    Rather have anyone else than this guy “Pencuri Tanah” to be the CM of Sarawak. Anyone but him and we mean it not Awang Tengah!

  5. Fiery_Fury says:

    Only cowards use black magic to gain “leverage”. Even if they win this fight, something worst will befall them later when the “helping” black spirits demands payment. Those who play with black fire will be consumed by the same fire.

  6. Super 8 says:

    heard Awang Tengah has 6 Bomoh’s. So strong meh? Abang Johari better be careful. Heard that Awang Tengahs bomohs can fly like Superman. Time for Abang Johari to bring in Thor…hehehe

  7. Yein J says:

    The articles have intriques the general public. Heard many YBs are looking over their shoulders. Some say that They have been approached with many “goodies” The YBs must know that by now that Awang Tengah’s men has also been using dirty ways to enrich themselves. Now with Bomohism making an appearance this spells many more will fall victims to their plot. CM Sarawak Awang Tengah. Soon it will be Hidup Tengah no more Hidup Taib.

  8. matsarawak says:

    For your information, Awang Tengah is using bomohs from Limbang and Indonesia. He has the money to do that but keep in mind, bad things comes to those who worship the devil. I believe that god eventually will punish him or his family. He can run and hide with his money but he cannot escape from gods punishment. (HUKUM KARMA). Truthfully saying black magic in Sabah & Sarawak is true. For example “minyak…..”( i cannot say) turns your whole body yellow and the doctors will never trace your symptoms unless you seek traditional healing.So my peace of advice for you is becareful and don’t offend people when you are there.

  9. K.Ing says:

    Awang Tengah has moved his people to the top posts in major establishments to make sure his dream of being the CM is fulfilled.

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