1st CM Taib ,Now PM Najib…??

wong3The never ending SUPP crisis goes into overdrive with Wong’s faction making arrangements to meet the BN State Leader in CM Sarawak and after that they met PM Najib.

The groups faction said this,‘This is a challenging and crucial moment. We want to have a comprehensive and wholesome approach to the issue.

“We are not upset or emotional over what had happened. There is no point to rush into any decision. So we are seeking advice from BN top leaders,” SUPP Bengoh chairman Dr Jerip Susil

He further added that,”SUPP President Peter Chin by issuing show-cause letters to Wong and four other leaders aligned to him had done more harm to the party than good.

“At this time, we should bring people together. At the end of the day, what matters is the unity of the party. There is no point to exclude anyone or sack anyone.”

When we start to exclude, we will not be able to achieve the purpose of reconciliation and unity,” stressed Dr. Jerip

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