Awang Tengah’s Men “Act of Betrayal…??”


It is even worst when the trust and confidence was wholly given and a plot is seemingly hatched.

They are saying”It’s time for the King to step down and he has outlived his usage” Usually these words are used by the King to rid off those who at the material time does not serve any purpose. Awang Tengah’s men have even termed “Pek Moh” White Rajah” which are used by the opposition and calling him by the name KING.

The KING would serve their project of “act of betrayal” to put their rightful heir to the Chief Ministers Chair”They have ‘bisik bisik”{whispering campaign} 3 reasons which even the common people within the coalition parties will buy.

  1. He has promised to Step down within two years after the State Elections which is still used from 1990’s.Has He?
  2. Federal has seen him to be too powerful and need Internal State assistance to remove him.thats the truth they say..
  3. Time’s up for Melanau rule ever since 1970-2013 (43 years too long) they say..” We need someone else and boss Tengah is the rightful heir. Tengah is untouchable now with war chests full”

Awnag Tengah’s men know that the Federal Government is in favour of someone else instead of their mentor. They are sharpening and brandishing their weapons for the final countdown. The numbers are there as one needs to know only that 5BN club Ybs are his,PRS State YBs are edging closer to him,SUPP YB Dayaks too and a substantial number of PBB Aduns.

Just how many ADUNS are moving with him and being put together by his men is anyones guess.? Have you totalled them up? We got the numbers and who’s who but will not detail it here.WAIT LAH..

The plot hatched is enough to tell the Federal boys my man is good enough for the CM’s seat..

The horse is in his final run and its getting weaker and you need to saddle onto a stronger horse which are famously uttered by the Speaker of Sarawak State assembly Mohamad Asfia Awang Nasar. So is it an act of betrayal by him?

Asfia was acting Governor and many said he was relishing the posts and loved all the attention and pomp that comes with the office.In order to suvive in the political world one needs to sacrifice others for his own salvation.

Obviously one needs to SACRIFICE TO SURVIVE and hence the ACT OF BETRAYAL takes place. Is he very much part of this plot? 

{You of all people reading this should know more than me.}

The informer a former major who called us very early this Sunday morning said “the Mathematics adds up” and his men are on the ground whispering and talking to the soldiers now. They have already PUT THE GENERALS in place and its now a matter of timing.

Even amongst the top civil service Awang Tengah’s man are sitting in and stopping Taibs man at their tracks or being put in position to threatened their plot.

It does look like the top Federal leader and his “hatchet man”are not too happy with Taib but the second in command is protecting him to be removed sooner rather than later. As GE13 looms nearer and PBB elections in full swing the plot has to work in favour of Tengah’s man or else they will be detroned and have to live outside their comfort zones.

It is not for the faint hearted and the Trilogy which we wrote earlier is bearing fruit:-

PBB veteran leaders and those sitting in the MKT’s(supreme council)  will obviously harp the same tune” we are behind Taib and we need his wisdom and political knowledge to get BN through the GE.” Our common enemy is PAKATAN.

Very True, but the tune is not being played and accepted by the grassroots as they are facing the enemies headon which are calling for the END OF “PEK MOH” TAIBS RULE. They are all informing their YBs we need to move now or never.

Its a difficult situation for many loyalists to Taib but they too need to look after their ‘rice bowls”. It usually starts from the youth and divisional/branch members and if Taibs men doesn’t cut off the betrayers/traitors they themselves will fall the hardest.

Awang Tengah himself has subjected to learn and be Taibs trusted lieutenant and will always swear allegiance to him but deep down within his inner circles the truth is otherwise.

A person can take so much and if Mahathirs theory of turning the gun towards Anwar in 1998 failed a different “storyline” would have emerged.

Taib knows he has to train his guns at one of his own soon for his own survival likewise Awang’s men and they are rapidly spreading the word that Taib will not be there after PBB convention and earliest in April.

The switch is turned on and it will not STOP…until the next time my friends..BE PATIENT.

19 thoughts on “Awang Tengah’s Men “Act of Betrayal…??”

  1. dblazterpeace says:

    “Time’s up for Melanau rule ever since 1970-2013 (43 years too long) they say..” We need someone else and boss Tengah is the rightful heir. Tengah is untouchable now with war chests full”…….hmmm..i dont think so…..

  2. Please stop using black magic to harm people says:

    Is it true that awang tengah bomohs attacked YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu recently? Word has it that it hit a family member instead. If so then we pray for the recovery of YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu family member harmed by awang tengah’s bomohs.

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